African- American women suffer from the duel oppressions: sexism and racism. The area of womanist theology arose in the 1980s as more Black American women joined the clergy and began to question whether Black male theologians adequately and fairly addressed the unique life experiences of Black women in American society. Alice Walker during "The Color Purple" Broadway opening night curtain call on December 10, 2015 in New York City. Men and women are labeled in society. You know, the things that we are learning through Buddhist teachings, just about how to work with the human heart, with human emotions. And you’ll notice too that there’s a kind of repetitiveness – like it’s being constantly reinforced that you are not feminine, you are something else. MS: I also recently interviewed Gloria Steinem, who I know is a friend of yours. And you hang out with the cat and you live with the cat, and finally it really dawns on you that basically you and the cat like the same things! It actually means womanism – I mean, it’s French in its essence – la femme, so feminism would be womanism, actually. And then it’s an instinct - they have an instinct for thriving and continuing. But you know you have your chicken farms and your hog farms and your geese farms, and your cattle places. MS: The subtitle of your book is was “Inner Light in a Time of Darkness.” Is this where the real change that is needed in the outer world begins, in our own individual inner worlds, first? And live that and live that fully. And that’s a good place for Tonglen practice. And I think I probably chose my words wrong, because I definitely did not mean to imply that you “scream” – I guess I meant more that part of your calling seems to bring light to the truth - that is probably the better way to say what I was trying to say. | about us Her works focus on the role of women of color in culture and history. A black feminist perspective values and focuses African-American women’s experiences and empowers African- American women with the light to interpret their reality and define their objectives. The Color Purple establishes an identity for Celie as a writer, the creator of her text through her language. She shows places to resist dominant ideologies the see African-American women as “”others”” that is critical for the novel’s black female characters’ own self-definition. That people no longer notice the seasons, really. In creating a four-part definition of womanism and womanist theology, Alice Walker cites the need for “radical subjectivity, traditional communalism, redemptive self-love, and critical engagement.”, While womanism incorporates elements of feminism, the two ideologies differ. The last chapter, “”Struggle for Self-Liberation”” is discussion or interpretation of the study and lists major findings of the project. Women can construct their identity through appropriation of language. Envy. | anti-violence And the reason that’s true is that you always can work with yourself. 11 Black Scholars and Intellectuals Who Influenced Sociology. It’s going to be less and less a group thing, because we’re all taking from various traditions, and we’re all also open to divinity just as who we are! You know, like the teachings of Jesus I really love, and I love the Gnostic Gospels and the Nag Hammadi scrolls, sermons, or whatever you call them, parables I guess. Likewise, women are also victimized by racial oppression. And I think the war has called out many of the people into that role, who otherwise might not have gotten there. And in general I find that the practices like Native American drumming, for instance, which I also do, chanting, sweats – all of these things really help us. Alice Walker’s novel The Color Purple dramatize Black women’s resistance to such oppressions and explores the search for the self and liberation through the acquisition of individual voice as well as through integration into community. MS: I’ve been thinking that maybe things needed to get so blatantly off-course so that we can actually see the state of humanity in order to realize the urgent change that’s needed. MS: You write and talk a lot about the role of personal transformation. Celie uses her black vernacular as an act of protest against the patriarchal discourse. It is the most sensible thing. So by the time whatever I’m offering gets out into the world, it may sound quite loud, maybe, but that’s only I think to people who are not used to being in quiet and silence. Alice Malsenior Walker is an African-American author and feminist. Women are exploited as they perform their gender based upon patriarchal hegemony. And then this man - Lovelock - I think it was, found the Greek word Gaia for the Earth Mother/Goddess mother, and was just astonished that you know, hey – it’s alive. Now we can see that. She also used examples from current activism and thought, including Black writers bell hooks (Gloria Jean Watkins) and Audre Lorde, as models of womanism. So I think consciousness is very poor, actually. We love her partly because she’s powerful. As a result, it largely ignored the socioeconomic discrimination and racism still being suffered especially by Black women despite the passage of the Civil Rights Act. By one company – Smithfield Foods, I think, or something like that. It was just a complete oneness – that sense of oneness and the ego goes somewhere else temporarily. It represents and associates with racial discrimination. Females are deprived of their basic human rights for no other reasons than their gender. I have felt deeply blessed to have the vehicle of words, of voice. I mean when you have religions that don’t like other religions and ‘my God is better than your God’ and ‘your God is actually wrong.’ And then the foundation of so much of the patriarchal religion is the destruction of the goddess worship that was before it, and the destruction of the feminine. AW: I think it is because the feminine has to rise in order for there to be any hope of continuation of the species. How does Celie, eventually liberate herself from patriarchal domination to establish her independence and self-autonomy? Patriarchy is a social structural phenomenon in which women have been dominated and considered as the oppressed class. But you have to have a circle, a group of people, women - smart, wise, can-do women - who are in the world doing their work, and you need to meet with them as often as you can, so that they can see what you’re doing, and who you are, and you can see the same. So it would make a lot more sense to say that, actually, you know what - you cannot have $50 billion dollars. AW: I always liked hippies. AW: I think it’s because Buddhism makes so much sense. I mean, it’s just almost unbelievable. It’s a shame though, because if we could develop in ourselves a lot of compassion for other beings, we wouldn’t have to watch their destruction and humiliation and terrorizing of them in order for us to be moved, to be fearful of what could happen to us. Hopefully, the human mother and then of course the Earth Mother. And we had a great time and they all seem so feminist, so alive, so alert, so into whatever they are doing. But I do really believe that is where we’re headed – that if we do survive as a species, we will get it. A womanist is a Black feminist or feminist of color. Home Girls: A Black Feminist Anthology, 1998, 5 Important Books About African American Feminism, 27 Black American Women Writers You Should Know, Biography of Angela Davis, Political Activist and Academic, Black Women Who Have Run for President of the United States, Top 20 Influential Modern Feminist Theorists. Celie gains linguistic competence by participating in the oral culture the Black to resist the dominant positions over blacks and written discourse over oral expression. This female community is a woman centered space where black women resist patriarchal discourse that defines them. And not only that we do carry an inner light, an inner compass and the reason we don’t know we carry it is because we’ve been distracted. So, females have been prevented from enjoying their basic rights and are totally excluded from the social, political and economic life. Which would have to mean, not a good future for them, for the patriarchal religions in the long run, I mean the very long run as it’s turned out. And do you think part of humanity’s problem is a growing disconnect with nature – that we need to be more in tune with nature for a healthy body, soul and mind? Just be what it is that you are – and that is just fine. It is crucial for our psychological health and our spiritual growth – it’s essential. I mean, that’s about what I would say – that it very well could, and why not? They have been historically subjected to patriarchal dominance and they are struggling to liberate themselves from male domination and establish their identity. Wells to the Black woman member of Congress, Shirley Chisholm, Giddings tells the inspiring stories of Black women who overcame the dual discrimination of race and gender. Superiority of any kind. MS: Do you see humanity as evolving? As a daughter of a farm worker, to feel just how much they take for granted, the people who are buying their food without thinking about the people who produce it. I just love it. We must begin seeing other creatures as equal. Women in our society, face great challenge to establish their identity outside patriarchal definition. And so that became the foundation of how I could move through the world, do my work, balance raising a child, and being on the road a lot - out of necessity, really making a living – teaching. She has AW: Well, it’s one of the hardest things to do but it’s really necessary. In fact, first chapter, the researcher introduces the writer, elaborates the hypothesis and quotes different critics view regarding to the text with the title “”Alice Walker: A Feminist””. And since that’s what’s happening, what do you do with it? Black women share with each other forming a black community is very meaningful as the power and influence emanating from the African-American women aren’t meant to provide a respite from the oppression of any individual alone, but to nuture the individual black women in order to confront multiple oppressions. That is the common mother. But my sense is that she is living a very large life, of her own design. So that’s a good example of how consciousness changes, and if people can get it that they come from the Earth Mother, then they one day will understand that they also come from a human mother, the same mother, and she is due immense respect and love and appreciation. And we have been taught to be so different and separate. The letters Celie receives from Nettie widens the perspective of Celie’s Africa. MS: In the world today, there is a growing awareness and more and more people wanting to contribute to change in the world, but not even knowing where to start. And so I think it’s a wonderful thing. What is so striking about the photographs that accompany the article in Rolling Stone about the factory farming of pigs - and this is a must read for humanity - in which we see the human look of fear and suffering on the faces of the pigs about to be slaughtered, juxtaposed with the face of the man who is responsible (along with the blissfully ignorant public) for their mistreatment, and, physically, they resemble each other so much! So I think the people who are in solitude in the mountains, or who live in temples or are contemplatives, the people you never hear from, you never know are there, somewhere in some deep, dark cave, meditating – I think those people are basically responsible for a lot of the sanity that we do have. Therefore, black women’s works and their contribution to cultural context assume importance as thy have been previously marginalized by the patriarchal society.

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