For Offset, it’s First One Free. I’m JP Kellams (@synaesthesiajp), producer on Madden’s brand-new mode, Superstar KO. Player B scores a touchdown. You must stick with the guys you bring on the field in Superstar KO. Bruce Arians’ entry into Superstar KO is about a balanced approach that keeps all your options open. Jake’s Notes: Producer, Superstar KO You can play 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3. 100% Upvoted. Picking teams in KO is like picking your character in a fighting game. You’ll wish this play or that play was in the playbook, but they aren’t there for a reason. “What if Madden had a battle royale mode?” Now, obviously, that would never work, but the motivations around ever-evolving, accessible gameplay are something we value. You get to pick three Superstar X-Factor players from the jump, though. Even rarer are Icons. With these rules, lots of situations can end the game: I think you get the idea. Oh no! Vick is crazy fast rn. The goal with the Record Breakers is to get into that endzone every chance you get, using plays the other team can’t stop. Defensively they only have sub packages and coverage defenses. The tricks aren’t easy, but in the Magicians dazzling uniforms, sponsored by Twitch Prime, the victories are amazing. Player B wins. With each team, comes different styles of play and different options for superstar players. , Barry Sanders, and Lamar Jackson. hide. Player A scores and converts two-pointer. When you play Superstar KO, you will always receive XP that contributes to your KO level. Superstar KO really is almost like a fighting game. They have an X-Factor and even more abilities that can change the game. 0 comments. Football is meant to be fun. Tier 1 cornerback superstar abilities unlock at 70 overall. Consider it a reward for taking that ball back. With a defensive roster built around Power and Speed Rushers, this blitz-heavy powerhouse of a team is a force to be reckoned with. Jake’s Notes: The defensive playbook is also very balanced and able to match up versus almost any offense. The Record Breakers are unique in that they have twice as many offensive plays (48) than any other team in Superstar KO. An interception will end the game for the team that’s ahead, though. Player A scores touchdown by does not convert. Jake’s Notes: The base roster is built to match this team’s identity which is throwing the ball on every down. Strategies that work in other modes, like who to user control, will change each game based on who is on the field and what abilities they have. Wonder is Jackson will be faster, You’re right. Bruce Arians’ entry into Superstar KO is about a balanced approach that keeps all your options open. The rest of your team will be filled out with average NFL players. Not legends: Lamar Jackson Nick Bosa Devin McCourty Chandler Jones Jamal Adams Amari Cooper, Legends: Ed “Too Tall” Jones Brain Urlacher Andre Reed Randall Cunningham. GNP, also known as Ground and Pound. Hard-nosed football that wins championships. Nothing bad happened to you. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Once you’ve got your team locked in, it is time to draft three Superstars and get started. These NFL superfans tend to be coaches, but sometimes they will suit up and don a helmet, becoming key players in your quest to become Undefeated Champs. The Backyard Heroes playbook is also full of the big moment plays that memories of made of: Long passes, quick feet, and impact plays that give you all the bragging rights. They provide the most flexibility and different ways to attack defenses. This blog is a super deep dive, and there is a ton to say and learn, but if you stick with me, you will be an expert at Superstar KO before you know it. Jake’s Notes: These Superstars will be random offensive or defensive players. For centuries, wise men have extolled that balance is the key to life. The Snappers are a balanced attack with an equal amount of runs and passes available to choose from. Legends are the best players of NFL lore, but they don’t get into the game very often. Defensively, you’ll find some balance with players that are on average able to defend the run and pass. When it comes to defense, you’re only going to find players who are better skilled to play the pass. WAR. Just don’t expect these Snappers to turtle up, once this team is locked in, they don’t let go of the lead. Stay tuned to Gridiron Notes for future details on Title Updates, Gameplay Tuning and things coming to Madden Ultimate Team. With the latest update, hip-hop group Migos and rapper Joey Bada$$ have become new options for Superstar KO teams’ offense and defense. Player A does not score. Illusions are hard to create, but in the hands of a master magician, they fool everyone. Close. Defensively it’s a bit of a balanced approach with an emphasis on man-to-man plays. There are no special teams in Superstar KO, so there are no kickoffs, punts, or field goals, just 75 yards in front of you. If you can score a touchdown, you must go for two. Superstar KO is still 11v11 football. Is something overpowered? You won your first game of Superstar KO? You’ll have to be lucky to see them stand up and appear in your draft. Jake’s Notes: This is the only roster in Superstar KO that has equal OVRs across all the starting players. If they match your score, we go to a tiebreaker. For the hardcore Madden players who read this blog, your first few games could be a shock to your system. JP Kellams (@synaesthesiajp) During playtesting, we added some “legitimate” pass plays that can get the ball down the field when you find yourself in long down and distance situations. Get more of the latest Madden 20 news here. For the first time in Madden history, a woman is on the sidelines leading a team, and Dr. Jennifer Welter has absolutely no intentions of giving anyone an inch. Free Agents are only shown if you have a spot on your roster for them, so if you already have chosen a Superstar QB, you won’t see another one in future rounds. For solos, just click the play button. The base roster is above average and ready to dominate at all defensive positions, but as you can imagine, the offense is going to need some Superstar X-Factors added if you have any shot of moving the ball. share. more, but best of all, the X-Factors are active from the very first play. Slot: Medium Route KO, One Step Ahead Visit EA’s official Madden website for more details about Superstar KO. But we couldn’t just do that in MUT or Franchise without disrupting the ways people love to play those experiences. At the end of the day, all that matters is the win, and the only way to win is to have the most points at the end. Sad thing you can only get 3 offensive players, Bruh straight up. From a playbook standpoint, the offense is almost all RPO plays out of different formations. How high can you push that number!? As you learn how different the game can be, don’t get discouraged! save. Once one team scores, the other has to match it. There are four new playable character options in Madden 20 Superstar KO. Your team choice won’t give you the path to victory, just tools to win and weaknesses that could make you lose. So now you know how things can end in Superstar OT, but what happens if you are tied at the end of the drives? Like a fighting game, you must learn your character, and like a battle royale,your weapons, the X-Factors, are the key to victory. They are joined by Legends and Icons. I'm writing to introduce you to the newest way to play Madden NFL 20, and surprise ... You can go play this TODAY! They are here to shut down the competition. On the offensive side, nothing stands out, so making sure you learn your offensive plays and pick Superstars that make your plays a winner is a key strategy. Part of the fun of Superstar KO is trying out different teams, learning which playbook gels with your play style, and developing a draft strategy. GNP may play a simple game, but if you can’t stop them, you won’t beat them. What is Superstar KO mode? If you’ve wanted to see the full power of the NFL’s best, Superstar KO is the place. You will be given a few to start, as well as the chance to earn (or steal!) DJ Khaled has built a base team around putting pressure on the backfield and taking down the QB. But don’t worry! Get back in there! For the defense, there’s Joey Bada$$ who they’ve named Bad Mon in the game. You will be very susceptible when matching up against a team with any kind of running attack. Picking your players. Yet, when these backyard heroes hit the big time, there aren’t as many opportunities to play for the love of the game. The openness of the Backyard Heroes playbook means that any Superstar can fit right into the fun. To win the first game. Man to Man: Return Man. We are launching Superstar KO as a beta for the first season. Congratulations! Each team has unique strengths and weakness that you will have to learn. These rounds will be random, just like earlier, until you fill out three players on offense and three on defense, except this time you might notice the “Free Agent” tag. Standing five yards back and letting it fly is a time-honored tradition, so when Odell Beckham Jr. heard about the Superstar KO tournament, he knew his team was going to be all about the dots.

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