THANKS FOR THE CONTINUED SUPPORT. Of course, it was nothing but an unsustainable Ponzi Scheme. In what appears to be the tip of the iceberg, the pilgrims fund was revealed to have been engaged in, Apparently, Tabung Haji’s “hibah (dividends)” distribution from 2013 to 2017 ranged from, Overstated profits, under-stated value of assets, an unbalanced profile of depositors and, Tabung Haji was actually sitting on up to RM10.2 billion in losses of its domestic and international equities as of October this year and its liabilities outstripped assets by RM9 billion. PETALING JAYA― The granddaughter of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Ally Mukhriz married fiancé Ezran Daud Cheah at an akad nikah ceremony held in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.Ally, who is the eldest child of Kedah Mentri Besar and Dr Mahathir’s third son Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir and his wife Tok Puan Norzieta Zakaria, posted two behind-the-scenes snapshots of the happy couple on their big day. by. Thanks to the crooks and thieves of UMNO, the taxpayers’ money will be used to, Clare Petrus Edwin - Kotobian Tadau Christmas. Consider admission to residential schools on case-... Najib and Rosmah apply to strike out Deepak's suit. The assumption of such, Fortunately to Tabung Haji depositors, but unfortunately for taxpayers, the fund is guaranteed by the government. It’s not easy always being in the spotlight as all of your mistakes are amplified tenfold, but remember, no one is above the law! Exemption of RPGT, Service Tax from Jan 1, 2019. August 27, 2020. Note: Only a member of this blog may post a comment. This is inline as the main object is people, …, Accountability is associated with fulfilling the obligation of the rulers to provide reasons for responsibilities and authority granted. ANWAR WARNS OF ‘TOUGH’ ECONOMIC CHALLENGES IN 2019... FROM ONE CORRUPTION HOTPOT TO ANOTHER – BERSATU MA... BOMBSHELL – BONJOUR NAJIB! Yesterday, two Umno-Baru controlled newspapers, Mingguan Malaysia, which is the Sunday edition of Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian, launched an attack on Meera Alyana Mukhriz. KUALA LUMPUR – The granddaughter of former Malaysian premier Mahathir Mohamad has been drawn into the political fray after two newspapers controlled by ruling party Umno splashed photographs of her alleged lavish lifestyle in their pages. The unbelievable dividend returns from Tabung Haji, supposedly set up to help Muslims fulfil their hajj, were so attractive that a single depositor had invested more than RM190 million in the fund. News. After the mismanagement and plundering at MARA and Felda, the latest scandal that should have shocked the Malay Muslims, but didn’t for weird reasons, is none other than the Tabung Haji (pilgrims fund) scandal. But it also means Bank Negara will provide a temporary short-term borrowing of RM10 billion to improve the liquidity position of Tabung Haji. THANKS JULY 16, 2011 after 1 year, 1 month & 1 day. The post includes several photographs taken from Meera's Instagram account (which has since been made private), showing her relaxing on a luxury yacht, skiing, and shopping in … smn dki (johor) dk (kedah) dkns dk (perlis) duk sumw dunm dupn spdk sbs spmj dp ssdk spns ssap spcm ssmt pis mp We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. As such, three research priorities …, Indian shares decline for second day as investors take profit. REACHED 7 MILLION HITS TODAY (29 JANUARY 2013). Dr M downplays demands for contracts, assures wron... Mahathir lauds freedom of speech in Bersatu. Preacher Wan Ji expects Azmin to 'slaughter' Anwar... HADI WILL BE FURIOUS! TUN DR M STAY ON PM UNTIL GE15 - "MELAYU MUDAH LUP... WARTS & ALL – LONG LIVE TUN! REACHED 11 MILLION HITS TODAY (27 SEPT. 2013) REACHED 12 MILLION HITS TODAY (11.12.2013) ...TODAY (15 SEPTEMBER 2017) WE SECURED 32 MILLION HITS.TODAY (16 DECEMBER 2017) WE SECURED 34 MILLION PAGEVIEWS. Mahathir mohamad with his two year old granddaughter ineza roussille. A report says – “The gap between the assets and liabilities is RM9 billion. Mahathir’s Granddaughter Issues Public Apology For Breaking RMCO. Ally, who is the eldest child of Kedah Mentri Besar and Dr Mahathir’s third son Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir and his wife Tok Puan Norzieta Zakaria, posted two behind-the-scenes snapshots of the happy couple on their big day. It’s not easy always being in the spotlight as all of your mistakes are amplified tenfold, but remember, no one is above the law! Outgoing Immigration chief to lead new financial c... Xavier lauds Dr M's commitment to hand over power ... Smokers club members file judicial review to chall... Guan Eng: fuel price reduction delayed to end of week, The policies that will start and end in 2019. Value creation is the main concept of business activities. The Malays’ ignorance and stupidity were so glaringly visible that even PM Mahathir’s granddaughter, Melia Serena Mukhriz, had no choice but took to Instagram to express her disgust over Malay and Muslim protestors at the anti-ICERD rally. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. 9.9K. Amazingly, instead of condemning the rape at the institution, PAS Islamist party, a supposedly “Islam defender”, has instead chosen to continue mislead and scam gullible and ignorant Malays that the new government could be “playing with figures”. Was there a single ethnic Chinese or Indian? If the, In fact, the pilgrim’s fund had been illegally distributing “hibah, An independent report entitled “Financial Position Review of TH” by PwC showed that the troubled pilgrims fund made a gain of RM553 million from the disposal of the Bank Islam shares in 2017 and subsequently, But since the so-called RM553 million gains were, The scam would have continued had the old regime won the May 9th general election.

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