b. Many teachers use differentiated instruction strategies as a way to reach all learners and accommodate each student’s learning style. hތV�n7ͧ���K8�����M�Aq�NU�>���� �ݕ�ޕ6W�o��I��V���*��SLk�8xE:*�"��j|'R��=��vd���%�\X��c�@��[Y� In this study, students were either in a control secondary science classroom or a classroom in which instruction was tiered. ����_�4Z>!D#q��Z��zy �p�Hz� "X �R���J���0� P������(N-,�|ᢀ�k+2J:Ȅ)HP^1;�2(6��%/Yc!A��`��D.H�I_�x��+Q���FŨ�#�^j� �9�d�D9�=�3" Read Going West (stop at the bookmark). TIERED ASSIGNMENTS A Foundational Approach Kristina Doubet Doubet@virginia.edu. Tier 2 • Is NOT the only kind %PDF-1.6 %���� �(���c���{&+� Rb8Ѷƒ�p�b��A� Effective Tier 2 instruction matches instruction to the need of the students in the group and provides multiple opportunities to practice the skill and receive feedback. Learn about the size of a covered wagon and figure out how many people and supplies it would hold. One very helpful tactic to employ differentiated instruction is called tiered assignments—a technique often used within flexible groups. evidence of progress toward core expectations. It allows students to work in their own Zones of Proximal Development. Based upon data indicating a poor response to Tier 1 (core instruction), the SBLT determined that instruction was not matched to the student’s learning needs and that more focused instruction (Tier 2 supports) was necessary. The tiered instruction was designed to matched to high, middle, or low levels of background knowledge Rather, they differentiate instruction, providing instruction designed to meet the specific needs of students in the class.” ���˾�. 257 0 obj <>stream Tiered instruction is a form of differentiation which allows each student to excel at their own level of complexity while focusing on the same essential understandings. �@�J�?������?T�R���=cS���~SO>}����*>N��?A�&�~[}��:��a2��^£Gx|�1���yXg���0“�`�yn擛[�_�8�*+p�1��밦���ؖ׏b�Q>9�1@nҺ��Z��yc4UQ��I���v��:�,VK'�8��`�_/woo֫�z�{Y,�����������}�U��ٛw`�'�5��=�l��=��J��g�ӮS���&�#�ݥ��_E�'���{��������=�7�O���zթ1� ��T�V�~|�6�I�Wy5� �>Q[c9=d�)S�Bs��� Also use the encyclopedia, CD-ROM and books in the exploration center to a. Professional Development for Differentiating Instruction Part 3: Tools for Teachers Section 4: Designing Respectful Differentiation Planning a Tiered Activity Activity Step 1: Devise KUD goals (what you want students to know, understand, and be able to do as a result of the lesson or activity). Tiering •I s a form of differentiation • Is differentiation according to readiness • Uses groups based upon students’ readiness for a particular task • Is driven by pre-assessment. The additional time allotted is in addition to core instruction… Instruction 2nd Grade Tiered Lesson Pioneers Trailblazer Group (Work alone or in groups of 2 or 3) 1. Tiered instruction is grouping students for instruction based on their prior background knowledge in a given subject area.

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