Several small villages surrounding the coastal town of Bandol make these wines. Where the authorized yield is 40 hectolitres per hectare, the wine growers do their best to control the productivity of Mourvèdre and keep it within lower yields (25 to 30 hl), so as to express its essence. Design: HeyDay Creative. The wines have gotten better and better with each vintage. We have a few more bottles so we will wait a while before opening the next. Thank You! Bandol region. Mixed with 10% of Grenache, this late-ripening, rich and strong grape variety gives a unique aromatic taste and offers ecxceptionnal ageing potential. He named the domaine after his father, Big Honore ('Nore is short for Honore). Mourvèdre has one of the longest growing cycles of any wine grape, so while it is ideally suited to the region’s sunny, evenly warm climate, it requires a great deal of patience. For red as for rosé, the wines are produced by mixing at least two authorized grape varieties, at least one … It’s common to see Mourvèdre comprising 90 to 95% of the wine. A big mouthful of grapey and chewy primary fruit with a bit of meatiness and a chunky tannic finish. Bandol is hot. • Value: ★★★★ 1/2 My interests tend to veer away from bold, aggressive red wines, but in only a handful of cases — such as Nebbiolo and Syrah — they can be among my absolute favorite. It held together well for several hours. And because it has an exceedingly high amount of tannin, maturation in large oak casks is preferred — no need to impart even more tannin than it already has with small oak casks. At its worst, unripe Mourvedre can produce Bandol wines which are hard and aggressively tannic with an astringent feel. Minor grape varieties They are Carignan and Syrah for the red wines of Bandol. What is typical of Bandol wines. There is good reason for this — it is a difficult grape to grow and vinify, and only in Bandol does it produce results exquisite enough to warrant the effort. It has big tannins now but they are soft and dusty, not astringent. Got a snap of the label. This Bandol estate has produced an attractive blend of Mourvèdre and Cinsault. An overview of the Bandol appellation. Si vous continuez à utiliser ce site, nous supposerons que vous en êtes satisfait. It is best known for its serious, ageworthy wines made mostly from Mourvedre. My first taste of it offered a glimpse of what I’m always seeking: a singular identity. A Beginner’s Guide to Bandol Rosé Rosé wines from a French sister city pair wonderfully with our seafood (and our climate). This Burgundy Village Is Not Glamorous. Welcome to! Bandol vine growers give preference to “gobelet” pruning in order to reduce the amount of foliage and help the low-producing vine to bear triangular bunches with small, tight, dark grapes. All red wines must include at least 50% of this grape. Whether you call these wines “starter wines” or “entry-level,” they give a good enough first impression to let you know whether the wine should be pursued deeper. They make several bottlings. The Bandol wine is alone in having this grape as the main ingredient. Born of the passion and respect of the Appellation and the terroir, Bandol wines bear the character of the wine grower who produced it . You can also contact us if you would like us to review samples, participate in a press trip or review a sponsorship opportunity. The Land of Rosé Says “I Can Do a Powerful Red, Too.”. Wine. At its best it can be a rich, meaty wine with layers of complexity, a velvety texture and decades of potential longevity. Mourvèdre is a late-season grape variety that keeps the wine grower waiting until it reaches its full potential. The proportion by grape variety (specified below) refers to the percentage of the total area of the vineyard that must to be planted with a specific variety (referred to as encépagement). Below are grape varieties that conform to AOP Bandol classification. Roaming Dog 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé (Columbia Valley (WA)). Crisp, ripe red fruits sing from this attractive wine. The area has a long history of wine production and, ever since the Phylloxera epidemic in the 18th century, has focused its efforts on Mourvèdre. It still needs more time but if the tannins soften out some this could be quite velvety. Interested in educational wine tastings in Colorado?

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