The dehumidifier manufacturer claims that the Eva-Dry Renewable Mini Dehumidifier has a silica gel canister that can reach a moisture removal capacity of 4 to 5 ounces after about 2-4 weeks of use, depending on the environmental conditions. It provides between 100-500 cubic feet of dehumidifying efficiency. Thankfully, there’s a simple little device that can help you keep track of just how humid the air inside your safe is. At the top spot for our best gun safe dehumidifiers list lies the Goldenrod Original Dehumidifier. If you plan to mount the dehumidifier, it is recommended that you do so on the floor of a storage container as the warm air will rise on top of the container and cooler air circulates to prevent condensation. Since they do not require electricity to operate, you can easily place silica gel dehumidifiers in a safe without needing to drill a hole for cabling. This is a strategy that many gun owners opt for–particularly in more humid places. Considering that this unit requires a constant power source, you may need to drill your safe for it to work. Because hot air rises, the ideal place in your safe for these would be at the bottom. Simply plug the unit into the wall as per instruction, and wait for the crystal color to return to normal. It is best to either handle it with oven mitts on or wait for it to cool down first. Eva-Dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier, 4. While the electric dehumidifier can reach a maximum surface temperature of just below 150°F/65°C, it can still be a little uncomfortable to handle with our bare hands but still not hot enough to cause any ignition with your common household material. Next, is your safe located near an electrical outlet? They’ll actually prevent degradation of your guns’ parts and save you money in the long run. Anything above that, your guns are going to start to rust and corrode. First on our list for the best gun safe dehumidifier is the E-333 from Eva-Dry. The unit itself features a heated rod that is designed to provide safe use in gun safes at home. Just as a disclaimer, I’ll be using Amazon Associate links inside this article. But which ones are the best for you? Like the Goldenrod, this works by heating the air around it ever so slightly to ensure a circulation of warm air throughout your gun safe. If you’re based out of New Mexico or Arizona, you’re going to need substantially less drying power than those of you in the Florida Panhandle. We just wish it came with more sizes like our top choice. It’s because the color-changing dessicant crystals are less pronounced on the Lockdown. We think it looks nice and sleek. So if you have to finagle a rod type all sorts of ways… Stick with dessicant. They seem to work just right on the Eva Dry. Failure to check the humidity levels in your gun safe can be rather disastrous to the integrity of your weapon. This is why it is important for a gun owner to find the best … However, since they rely on electricity to work, you will need to plug it into a power source the whole time. Hornady Rechargable Gun Safe Dehumidifier, Hornady Rechargeable Gun Safe Dehumidifier, Moist and humid environments spell trouble when storing your guns, cyclic air helps to prevent condensation buildup, Some safes come equipped with special ports, 5 Best AK-47 Rifles Under $800 [Budget AK-47 2020], How to Get a Class 3 Firearms License [2020], Glock 43X Review [2020 + Video] 9mm Single Stack CCW. Not only are they ideal for small spaces, but they are also non-toxic to make it safe for pets and children at home. And that means your basement safe would require a more powerful gun safe dehumidifier. You want a reliable product. Be sure to choose the right option based on the size of your safe. With a 500-mL tank, this mini humidifier can be left in the safe for a couple of days before you will need to remove and dispose of the water. You want something that works quickly. High levels of humidity can reduce or even stop the performance of bullets. Isn’t having a safe good enough? 1. Although the safe dehumidifier requires an electrical outlet to operate, once it’s plugged in, the rod is able to put out enough heat to ensure the air inside the safe is at least 5 degrees higher than the air outside to prevent condensation from forming in the interior. The compact electric dehumidifier uses orange silica gels that gradually turn green when they’re full of moisture. Here comes the famous mini Dehumidifier with amazing user-friendly features. You want a reliable dehumidifier. The dehumidifier unit lets you control the relative humidity in the safe at 40-50% to protect your guns. Best Pistol Caliber Carbine [2020]: Ultimate Buyer’s Guide, PCC vs Roni: Which Platform is Best?

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