What appears to be another simple solution is nothing of the sort. An acoustic guitar multi-effects processor/preamp combines these into one convenient unit, so you can put your thoughts and energy into making music. I'd say the main thing you want is a well-built chassis, solid like a tank, because there's no pedal you'll step on more than a looper. Sometimes you want a full fledged loop station in a normal pedal size, and that's what the Boss RC-3 Loop Station brings to the table. You want to feed your final signal, after you've tweaked it with all the effects you want, into your looper. Portability is a key advantage that multi-effects pedals provide over traditional stompboxes. You can do everything, building luscious layers live on stage or to practice at home. Get all the preamp, EQ, and effects you need for your acoustic rig with the Fishman ToneDEQ acoustic instrument preamp. While the Line 6 POD HD500X specializes on modeled amp-like tones, this guitar processor is sought after for the quality of the pedal/rack type effects that it carries. Whether you want to expand your tone options, or looking to replace your bulky pedalboards, these top rated multi-effects units will get the job done. You can visit Fractal Audio for further details. And like its predecessor, the widely successful and popular POD HD series, Helix has quickly gained traction in the market, receiving favorable reviews and recommendations from artists, experts and users alike. This is a great choice for the guitarist or bassist on a budget trying to stretch every dollar.

As far as standard sized looper pedals go, you'll not find a more fully featured one than this. Lines and paragraphs break automatically. But despite that, I don't think you'll find a better cheap option. Although a lot of the effects names used in each case may look the same — compressor, EQ, delay, modulation, etc.

Landing somewhere between simplistic and complex, this EHX pedal is the best of both worlds with above average recording & playback quality. Many guitarists and other musicians think of Boss when someone mentions effects pedals, and for a good reason.

The DigiTech JamMan Express XT has some seriously heavy-hitting features hidden inside it. I had to include the Zoom G1on because it not only is a high quality station, but is a very affordable one at that. You still get all of the functionality you'd expect, like Record, Undo & Redo, Stop, and Erase. There is a lot to be said for a simple loop pedal. Everything you love about Sweetwater in the palm of your hand. Although you can find a looper embedded into a microphone or keyboard, nobody has really embraced this technology like the modern guitarist. But those are real features you can look out for and may end up with by pure virtue of buying the best option on the market. Since the FX8 is true to its multi-effects label, it is a meant to provide stompbox modeling to guitarists who want to switch out their analog pedals while retaining their preferred amplifier. With its great balance of price, quality, versatility and reliability, the Line 6 Helix is highly recommended. You also get unlimited overdubs on each loop, but you will lose the overdubs when you delete the loop, as expected. You can export these loops and even import WAV files if you create some loops at home first.

As the name implies, the M9 Stompbox Modeler is a guitar processor that specializes in providing realistic stompbox emulation along with true-to-form traditional controls. Tech 21’s SansAmp has been a guitar staple for decades, and their Fly Rig pedalboards — including the Acoustic Fly Rig — combine natural-sounding tones and great effects in the smallest format I’ve seen, especially considering that you have discrete, knob-based control over everything. The best looper pedal you can buy under $200. If you are hunting for one like this, watch out for how much memory it has and how long of loops it can remember and recall. Trace Elliot put a lot of consideration into this pedal, so there are many EQ and routing options to accommodate your live setup. It sounds real cool, but it's a tweaker/ code writer EFX unit. I'm of the opinion that the second type are overkill. Record up to 99 audio phrases with 3 hours of internal memory. The FX8 allows you to run up eight effects simultaneously, with a long list of effects to choose from. Other features that are bundled with the GT-1 include a 32 second looper, built-in USB recording capability and it comes with its own expression pedal. The effects footswitches even have color-coded lights! You can get the latest Zoom MS-50G MultiStomp price and customer reviews at Sweetwater.com. The Auto Recording function is nice, which detects when you start playing or gives you a one bar count-in. Some include prebuilt drum loops to help you stay in time as well.

It's more like a recording studio in a box that can have your back whether you're on stage creating an entire ten track composition on the fly or sitting at home building backing tracks to practice your improvised solos over. Being a fan and owner of a POD HD unit, I was skeptical at how much the quality would improve, but the general consensus is that helix is a big upgrade in terms of sound, dynamics and most notably, it is easier to setup and make adjustments. You won't find a more fully featured option with such an easy to use interface, which is the crux of the matter. Regardless if you get a simple pedal or a full blown loopstation, the construction is super important. With electric guitar, the amplifier and effects are an integral part of creating the sound, whereas the main goal with acoustic guitar is to reinforce the basic sound of the guitar and make it louder — two separate goals, two separate sets of tools. You can plug in any instrument you want through the TRS jacks and even an XLR input with phantom power for vocalists, violinists, drummers or percussionists, and beatboxers. This company is known for making some of the best-selling pedals for quite some time, and their RC-3 Loop Station is no exception. He acts as owner, editor, lead author, and web designer of LedgerNote, as well as co-author on all articles.

All guitarists would serve themselves well to be familiar with and capable of using a looper pedal, because when the opportunity arises, there's no better way to woo the crowd on stage or practice their craft at home. Even in the face of critics, they have continually improved to the point that they've simply become the standard by which other DSP gear makers are measured - in terms of balancing quality and value for money. There are really two types of loopers out there. Housed in a rugged metal chassis, this pedal is totally road approved. With the money to buy two or three single effect pedals, you can actually get over 100 effects and amp models if you pick the compact yet featured packed Boss GT-1. If you're looking for premium quality multi-effects to support your favorite amp and overdrive pedal, then do check this one out. But what's nice is the loops are retained in the internal memory even after you unplug the power or turn it off. Allowed HTML tags:


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