Your email address will not be published. And in this apples-to-apples comparison, Shopify wins again. 32%. We’ll cover what you get for your money in the next section, but Bigcommerce does have some standout features that you won’t get with Shopify’s Plan. On top of that, search engines like Google give preference to fast loading websites when it comes to search engine rankings. (2020), Received the highest score for features and customer satisfaction, Brilliant inventory system to help you manage your store, Sell across multiple channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and eBay, The only platform to enforce its own transaction fee, unless you use Shopify Payments, Content doesn’t automatically reformat when you switch themes, Apps can quickly add up as you add extra features to your store. However, you need to emphasize on the quality of content, properly optimize it for the SEO, and promote it extensively on different channels. And if you happen to need some of the standout features that Bigcommerce offers, it’s worthwhile to get to know how to use this platform. To deliver high-quality customer support, both BigCommerce and Shopify offer multiple customer support options, including: BigCommerce provides 24/7 support via phone, live chat, and email. When it’s time to choose an eCommerce platform, beginners in the online retail world are faced with a common dilemma: should we use Shopify or Bigcommerce? I have to tell you. You also have to show a cookie banner to derive users’ consent for cookie use. Both the ecommerce platforms integrate with the following standard payment gateways: Shopify, however, offers integration with over 100 payment gateways in comparison to 45 by BigCommerce. But it acts counterproductive in most of the cases. I’m going to explain why in a minute. However, the software listed here is most effective for businesses to launch and run an online storefront. When you look at the chart below, it should be no surprise that Shopify is the winner of this throwdown. You can edit your titles, add in descriptions, use 301 redirects, and generate your sitemap. But in reality, it’s Shopify’s extensive sales features that propel it to the top of this list. First, this platform uses its own proprietary template language called Liquid. It’s an embedded widget like PayPal’s Buy Now button that you can use for trading products online through an already existing website. Revenue. I’ve been in this game for about a decade. Shopify’s load time is a little bit faster than BigCommerce. These custom reports are similar to your regular Shopify reports, but provide filter options to help you access the precise data you need. Moreover, it has a team of over 700 employees constantly working to make ecommerce an open partner ecosystem. However, the Lite plan doesn’t come with all the features of a fully-functional ecommerce store. Overall Features of Bigcommerce and Shopify, Conclusion: How to Choose Between Bigcommerce vs Shopify in 2019. Small merchants, dropshippers, and people just starting out are best suited to choose Shopify, which offers user-friendly features and ease of use at a bargain. Once you upgrade to the pricier plans, you get some additional perks but they’re not entirely essential to run your business. And as we all know, that can get pricey. With heaps of data emanating from multiple touchpoints, it’s crucial for ecommerce businesses to handle and understand their customer data. Powerful inventory management – Bigcommerce and Shopify both make it easy to add and manage products and inventory across all channels. However, with zero transaction fees and custom shipping quotes from BigCommerce, their platform is best for larger merchants that need more native functionality and use third-party payment gateways. When we’re looking at sales features between the two platforms, Shopify edges its way to the top. However, it’s also essential to gauge both the price as well as hidden fees based on your sales volume. Both ecommerce solutions offer a pretty basic blog. Other pros overlap with Shopify’s pros, like multichannel selling and great SEO. You can also give them options to choose which cookies they want you to use. Otherwise, you may have to face severe lawsuits and hefty fines. So if Bigcommerce has more standard features and more templates than Shopify…. This means that all the templates get automatically resized to fit the mobile device and its screen. In addition to the Shopify basic plans, it also offers two custom plans: You can test out your Shopify store with a 14-day free trial (and no credit card is required.). YOY Change. On the other hand, the majority of BigCommerce’s templates differ only on the basis of color schemes. Thanks for the easy-to-follow breakdown. Both Shopify and BigCommerce come with a capable set of reporting tools to deliver in-depth analytics. It significantly reduces the bounce rate and also offers SEO benefits to help pages rank better in the Google search pages. Let’s see which platform offers better customization. Standard plans offer more native features than Shopify equivalent plans. They use more complex terms and have a no so user friendly interface. Leverage its Stencil theme to easily localize the website and sell your products in multiple countries. However, to meet the last regulation, you would have to consult a good lawyer to create relevant notifications and customized data capture forms to make a bullet-proof GDPR compliant website. Their themes are also modern and appealing to the eyes, saving you from the hassle of having to make too many changes to your website’s look. However, because of the clean URL structure and Google AMP, BigCommerce wins here. Both platforms have a built-in blog feature as well, allowing you to create content that would rank well in searches. The increase in cost does pay off, however, because using these apps will allow you to create a store that’s completely tailored to your needs. The BigCommerce vs Shopify price comparison at first seems like a wash. Its abandoned cart recovery feature is available at a lower price than BigCommerce. How to start an online store in 12 Easy Steps (KILLER Guide – 2020), 89 Ecommerce Mistakes You NEED to Know About (2020), Bigcommerce vs Shopify: Who Wins the Battle and Why? Many of the templates appear to be similar with just different color schemes aesthetics. Here is one category where the two platforms are very similar. Therefore, you’re likely to achieve higher customer satisfaction and reach new customers organically through a faster loading website. Dynamic analytics capabilities can help you make data-driven decisions, increase conversions, and maximize revenue. Shopify has three plans, namely Basic Shopify ($29/month), Shopify ($79/month), and Advanced Shopify ($299/month). Providing straightforward web hosting, internet marketing and educational software advice since 2007. It’s easier to meet GDPR compliance in Shopify through third-party applications, Offers robust integration with point of sale with a fully functional dedicated mobile app, Shopify’s blogging tool comes equipped with an RSS feed. The list of themes on BigCommerce is also as extensive as on Shopify. Shopify’s massive app store is a pro, but when you start adding the cost of multiple apps, it can be a con. $69.5 million. There are several reasons that make users abandon the cart. © 2020 Adam Enfroy Ventures LLC • All Rights Reserved, Last Updated on October 18, 2020 by Adam Enfroy. If you’re sold on trying Bigcommerce, there’s some good news. And both BigCommerce and Shopify offer several free and paid templates for different industries to help you build your own ecommerce store. These are two of the most popular eCommerce platforms; however, they are aimed at different businesses. Here’s a breakdown of the pricing plans of both BigCommerce and Shopify: BigCommerce comes with four pricing plans: You also get a 15-day free trial to try out any BigCommerce pricing plan and see whether it aligns with your requirements or not. So there’s no reason not to use it. Moreover, many of the BigCommerce templates come enabled with AMP right from the beginning. Both the Basic Shopify plan and BigCommerce’s Standard plan will give you roughly the same set of features that are enough to meet your business’s most essential needs. For such a painless set-up process, you’re able to gain access to very powerful e-commerce tools that will help you manage your inventory, track your orders, and successfully run your business. If so, why? On the other hand, BigCommerce has a larger list of numbers for different countries and has also categorically mentioned a separate number under ‘any other country’ option. The bottom line here is that both platforms offer a capable set of free templates to make a professional shopping website. Not only does Shopify offer more free templates (10 versus Bigcommerce’s 7), but Shopify’s templates are all multipurpose. It’s a much easier platform to learn than Bigcommerce (and most other ecommerce platforms). To address this issue, Shopify created Shopify Payments and BigCommerce has PayPal Powered by Braintree. They’re priced at almost the same monthly rates and are both known to be reliable platforms, so there really isn’t a wrong choice. This is where the magic of SEO comes in. You will be glad to know that Shopify vs BigCommerce website builder duel is a tough one because both platforms have excellent website builders.. Shopify’s website builder has a clean interface that feels similar to WordPress. All the 64 templates offer a much more distinct difference between each other. If you’re in a hurry, then you can conveniently skip this step and contact the support executive right away for a quick resolution of your issue. If you’re just starting out, it’s cheaper to start selling products online with Shopify compared to BigCommerce. You can filter out the themes (by industry, layout style, and more) to find the most suitable one easily. On top of that, Shopify also allows you to leverage automatic currency selector by tracking the IP of the visitor to display product prices in the relevant currency. You can take this ecommerce platform for a risk-free test drive. In contrast, BigCommerce is nearly one-tenth of the size, with approximately 500 employees. Unfortunately, there is no such app in the BigCommerce app store. Both platforms also allow you to easily import your posts from the existing blog through BigCommerce’s Blog Sync and Shopify’s Blogfeeder applications.

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