Cannot install AWS extension using composer, Visual editor not working in sub-pages in MediaWiki 1.35, Can't connect to external mysql db that requires ssl.

Before extending this image, please note there are certain configuration settings you can modify using the original image: Settings that can be adapted using environment variables.

Below are configuration recipes that can be used with MediaWiki core's Docker development environment. Remove the currently running container by executing the following command: Update the image tag in docker-compose.yml and re-create your container with the new image: The Bitnami MediaWiki Docker image is designed to be extended so it can be used as the base image for your custom web applications.

The Bitnami MediaWiki Docker image is designed to be extended so it can be used as the base image for your custom web applications. Have a question about this project? Docker is one way to deploy and run MediaWiki.. Additionally you should mount a volume for persistence of the MariaDB data. All Bitnami images available in Docker Hub are signed with. Applications are complex collections of code and configuration that have a lot of nuance to how they are installed. To backup your data, configuration and logs, follow these simple steps: We need to mount two volumes in a container we will use to create the backup: a directory on your host to store the backup in, and the volumes from the container we just stopped so we can access the data. Bitnami Docker Image for MediaWiki. to your account. Follow the steps in, This image has been adapted so it's easier to customize. Learn more, We use analytics cookies to understand how you use our websites so we can make them better, e.g. Learn more, curl -sSL, --env MARIADB_DATABASE=bitnami_mediawiki \, docker volume create --name mediawiki_data, --env MEDIAWIKI_DATABASE_USER=bn_mediawiki \, --env MEDIAWIKI_DATABASE_PASSWORD=bitnami \, --env MEDIAWIKI_DATABASE_NAME=bitnami_mediawiki \, --volume mediawiki_data:/bitnami/mediawiki \, --volume /path/to/mariadb-persistence:/bitnami/mariadb \, --volume /path/to/mediawiki-persistence:/bitnami/mediawiki \, docker run -d --name mediawiki -p 80:8080 -p 443:8443 \, --volume /path/to/mediawiki-persistence:/bitnami \, MEDIAWIKI_DATABASE_NAME=bitnami_mediawiki, --env MEDIAWIKI_SMTP_HOST=tls:// \, --env \, --env \, --env MEDIAWIKI_SMTP_PASSWORD=your_password \, docker build -t bitnami/mediawiki:imagemagick, nami INFO mediawiki successfully initialized, gunzip -c ./backup-mediawiki-database.sql.gz, docker run --rm -v /path/to/mediawiki-backups:/backups --volumes-from mediawiki busybox \, 's/#LoadModule ratelimit_module/LoadModule ratelimit_module/'. Bitnami images are built on CircleCI and automatically pushed to the Docker Hub. Learn more. docker wiki mediawiki containers docker-image bitnami non-root Updated Aug 11, 2020; Shell; bitnami / bitnami-docker-airflow Star 61 Code Issues Pull requests Bitnami Docker Image for Apache Airflow.

On OS X VMs, the installation directory is /opt/bitnami and OS X VM users can click the “Open Terminal” … When you start the mediawiki image, you can adjust the configuration of the instance by passing one or more environment variables either on the docker-compose file or on the docker run command line.

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