These include: Companies now make special anti-slip products that you can cut to any size or shape and place under any doormat or rug to make it slip-resistant and safe. Many interior doormats are also weather-resistant, but this is not nearly as important of a feature as it is in mats that remain outdoors all year around. The doormat has a dense high pile with heavy duty backing so it does not move when I step on it. Most doormats are rectangular in shape, but there are companies that make specialty, shaped mats for your convenience and satisfaction. Be sure the indoor flooring surface is compatible with the doormat backings so no scratches or long-term discolorations occur. Outdoor mats can be decorative as well, and many businesses use them to keep their stores clean and keep them safer, but also to show off a logo or company name to increase the visibility of the business. Wood Joinery Methods, Half-circle mats: these can be either indoor or for outside use, and they can be made of any of the other materials that doormats are usually made of, Animal shapes: these include bear rugs and rugs shaped like other animals, including zebras, dogs, cats, birds, and many others, Logo shapes: these mats are designed for specific companies that have logo designs they wish to share with their customers, Spelled-out words or phrases: you can get, Cartoon character shapes: these include bats, spider characters, or any number of other specialized cartoon characters that both children and adults love. Drainage mats are made of heavy-duty rubber and have holes that are the right size and spaced far enough apart to allow the food to go right through them. Even if your shift requires you to work while standing in the same position for eight hours instead of being able to walk around some, anti-fatigue mats will help ensure the amount of pain or stiffness you feel in your lower extremities is either greatly reduced or eliminated altogether. These mats are usually made of a flexible foam that allows some “give” and provides greater comfort while you’re working, as well as extra thicknesses that usually include up to 5/8” in height. The Body Pad is a versatile comfort solution and the ultimate back and knee saver. Interior mats are made specifically for the indoors, which means they often come with various colors and designs on them since there is no need to worry about fading from the sun or damage from other elements. In Hindu countries, the main component of a doormat can be straw, dwarf palm, coconut palm or screw pine. My front door doormat is attractive, easy to maintain, absorbs water and dirt while keeping me safe from trips and slips. They are both attractive and highly functional, offering the best of both worlds when you need a safe and durable outdoor mat for your facility. The 2020s and Art Deco Tiles Coming Back with a Vengeance, Mood House by GOKOSTUDIO, Architecture and Interior Design, What is a Dowel Joint? They are made out of very tough materials, including PVC, coir, and vinyl, to name a few, and they are slow to fade and made to stand up to the elements. A monogram or family name on a doormat makes a wonderful housewarming or wedding gift. The doormat outside the door needs to be able to take the brunt of family life. Keep reading to find out more. As the name implies, these mats can be placed on the inside or the outside of your home or office, so their materials are sturdy and endure regardless of the weather or the elements.

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