Reading your natural gas bill. 06890795 registered in England and Wales, VAT No. This knowledge will help you to reduce the amount of energy you use. so i went online to see about changing back to a pay monthly scheme when looking at my account online it said £712.96CR what does this mean? If you think you are owed money from an account closed some time ago, contact your old energy supplier with the details of that account. View a sample bill that explains the different items that could appear on the natural gas or propane bill for your home or business. What’s the best job for a 22 year old like me? To claim back money you think you’re owed, contact your supplier. A reminder for customers who haven’t yet got smart meters. Credit can also build up if you don’t give your supplier regular meter readings. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. If you’re on our Greener plan, you may be puzzled that the list seems to show that you’re only getting a percentage of your energy, rather than 100%, from renewable sources. In those situations you will end up paying for your energy before you’ve actually used it. When switching supplier, have a copy of a recent bill to hand, so you can give them accurate consumption information on which to base your estimated bills and direct debit payments. so If I'm in credit can I just ask my supplier for it back?? However, while the above trend remains the same, whether your own account balance is in credit or debit will also be affected by when you signed your contract with your energy supplier. Honda has sold more than 500,000 CR-Vs in the U.S. with that engine in those two model years. This is standard information letting you know where you can get independent advice about your rights as an energy customer and how to save money on your energy bills. Although credit balances may build up for the reasons above, we’d expect them to peak at the end of the summer and fall at the end of the winter. If you’re concerned about the size of your balance, you can ask your energy supplier to refund it to you. Check your supplier’s policy on how to request a refund and/or contact them directly if you need further information. How do you think about the answers? Like to be in control? You can sign in to vote the answer. Live account balances rise for four main reasons: When you open an account with your supplier, they will estimate your annual energy consumption. Providing regular readings will also help reduce the risk of an unexpected bill if suppliers have underestimated your usage and you end up using more energy than your direct debit payments. The first part of your bill shows our contact details, your name and address, your OVO account number, your My OVO ID, your statement number and your statement date. It explains what we believe your gas and electricity will cost over the year of your contract with OVO – this is known as your ‘future annual cost’.

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