I'm sorry but that's not a response. Tropical cyclones have a warm core containing a narrow belt of extreme winds surrounding a small eye where the winds are much lighter and the skies may be clear. For the coming season, the risk for an ex-tropical cyclone affecting New Zealand is considered above normal. March 28 - 31, 1943 - A possible tropical cyclone existed to the west of New Caledonia and was moving towards New Zealand. 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What I want to say is that we all know what happens when a cyclone hits yachts in an anchorage that is not a cyclone refuge. Even if they stay over the ocean, they change their structure from that of a tropical cyclone to that of a mid-latitude depression due to cooler sea surface temperatures diminishing the input of heat and moisture. It is a revolving storm, about half the size of a mid-latitude depression of the sort we experience in New Zealand, but with a pressure gradient about ten times stronger. The OCC initially wrote to the Health Minister in April and again more recently has written to the Minister and Prime Minister. That's not something we, or anybody wants to do and New Zealand should not condone. "We were told by letter the end of June that there would be an exemption process on a compelling and humanitarian need. For island nations with fragile economies and limited resources, this is gloomy news indeed. We waited until the end of July for the forms and the availability to be filled out for that. "So, we have been pushing and trying to get that recognised. Picking the time and place of this change of direction is a major fore­casting challenge. In some coastal areas the sea was driven up on to the land by a combination of the extreme winds and the intensity of the low pres­sure, which was estimated to be 935hPa at the cyclone centre. New Zealand should realise that leaving these boats in areas where there's potentially a cyclone is inappropriate. ", 'Lives in danger': Urgent plea for NZ to shelter 'distraught' yachties trapped in Pacific, NZ 'missing out on millions' by banning wealthy superyacht owners from entering, Copyright © 2020 MediaWorks TV - All Rights Reserved, By subscribing you agree to our Terms of Access and Privacy Policy. But they can only do this in an environment where a change in latitude corre­sponds to a significant change in distance from the Earth’s axis of rotation. It is a revolving storm, about half the size of a mid-latitude depression of the sort we experience in New Zealand, but with a pressure gradient about ten times stronger. In exceptional circumstances the Director-General of Health may grant foreign vessels permission to enter New Zealand, but they need to demonstrate a humanitarian reason or a compelling need for the ship to be delivered here for business. There are some yachts that did have the ability to leave their boat in a marina or boat yard and fly home over the last few months. However, the marinas and the boat yards are now full. These are places where the trade winds converge, and these winds also help to provide some of the spin or vorticity needed for tropical cyclone growth. On average, at least one ex-tropical cyclone passes within 550km of New Zealand each year. "What we've been told by the Director-General of Health, very upsettingly in the most recent letter, is that yachts can come when there's a cyclone. “At least three severe cyclones reaching category three or higher might occur anywhere across the region so communities should remain prepared,” he said. New Zealand should realise that leaving these boats in areas where there's potentially a cyclone is inappropriate. December 15 – 18, 1943 – A tropical cyclone impacted the Cook Islands. We shouldn't fixate on the insurance… these are people with their homes with smart families, couples who need somewhere to go. If you drew the isobars around a tropical cyclone on a normal map they would be so close together near the centre that they would touch, leaving just a blob of black ink on the page. We have developed quarantine aboard protocols which have proven to work in places like the Azores and Grenada, which have provided refuge and let boats go through or have cyclone refuge. This outflow shows up on satellite pictures as an immense arc of cloud stretching thousands of kilometres away from the cyclone. The island had not fully recov­ered when cyclone Val struck in December last year, killing 12 people and causing damage estimated at $535 million. The average is about nine per season, but there have been as many as 16. Fearful for their lives, people smashed their way into concrete water tanks to find shelter. It's putting pressure on these small island nations that shouldn't have to put up with it. "Boats cannot turn around [from the mid-Pacific], they can't sail home to Germany from French Polynesia. When asked about providing cyclone season refuge for cruising yachts in COVID-limbo in the South Pacific, two weeks ago the Prime Minister said on live television that she would speak with the Health Minister about taking into account seasonal … And then on the website it said cyclone refuge is not a compelling reason. Ask your librarian to subscribe to this service next year. Please create one below, or sign in if you already have one. "What we hope is that if anything good comes of this situation of one boat pushing the boundaries is, let's realise that this is a serious issue of the cyclone season, and the cyclones are coming and boats need to have safe refuge," Chester said.

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