Hi. My name is Mariko and I live in Japan. Thankfully, Oh My Japan is a social network designed specifically to help connect English speakers with Japanese people. For example, Shunsuke becomes Shunsuke-san. I enjoy karaoke and hiking. I like music, movies, having nice meals with wine, reading, playing the piano, swimming, pilates, travel, being lazy at home, etc. Meet beautiful Japanese singles to make your Japanese bride here today. One of the easiest ways to make people feel special is to use their name. Sapporo, Japan Female, 35 Hi all!I'm a friendly, open minded type of woman with a good (sometimes bad) sense of humour!I'm hoping to meet a long-term friend male or female! Although I’ve been studying Russian for a year, I’m still a beginner. Also, Japanese people tend to use Japanese social networking sites rather than international sites like Facebook; for cultural reasons, many Japanese demand stronger privacy controls than most U.S. sites offer. I mean ... Everyone, nice to meet you. I have worked here for 4 years. I came from New Zealand 4 years ago and currently residing in Tokyo. Bonjour! As far as calling Japanese people by their names, once you have practiced spelling/pronouncing their name (which you should do immediately! Vous pouvez également parler de sous-cultures telles que l'animation japonaise et les mangas. insert foreign accented characters with a simple click! Also, Japanese people tend to use Japanese social networking sites rather than international sites like Facebook; for cultural reasons, many Japanese demand stronger privacy controls than most U.S. sites offer. Absolutely different culture I experienced there. Looking to make new friends and learn Japanese. If he or she adds san to your name, do the same for him or her. Dank e ;). I want to improve poor English . I... Hi, my name is Tamiko,a Japanese female. Je suis Japonais. are flagged. I search new friends from France especially, a person who speaks/writes Japanese or English. If your friend is much older than you, however, I think it best to ask the person how he or she would prefer to be called-- first names may be ok, or they may prefer that you refer to them by their family name. My name is Yuta Noda. But no have a plan n..... Hi I am Ryo from Japan. I have lots of hobbies, for example, tra... hello my name is min ji matsudaira.. im half japanese and half philippina.. Of course, if your Japanese friend is dropping an f-bomb every third word, feel free to mix it up a little. If you don't spell correctly, your friend can't even look up the words! I would like to have many friends who have interested in japanese . He hopes to make OMJ the best site on the Internet for English and Japanese speakers to connect with one another. Many Japanese people have actually sent me e-mails thanking me, saying that I was the first American they had corresponded with who wrote in a way that they could easily understand. I'm a student majoring in engineering in Japan. It sounds lame but it will make you much easier to understand for non-native speakers. I live in KL, Malaysia. Comme je suis originaire de Kyoto, je peux ..... hi. And If you sent a message that is returned, Use convenient machine translators to translate I am interested to exchange different culture, manner and lifestyle. I think the best way to handle this is to pay attention to the idioms you use-- try to listen to yourself as you speak, and if you catch yourself using a lot of idioms, make sure your Japanese friend understands what you are saying.

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