WELCOME TO HANCOCK PROSPECTING One of Australia’s most successful, privately-owned companies that has a long and important association with the Pilbara, West Australia and the iron ore and agriculture sectors. Hancock Prospecting is a leading Australian owned mining and agricultural business run by Executive Chairman Gina Rinehart and CEO Garry Korte. Previously CFO of subsidiary company Roy Hill Holdings, from 2013 to 2016, responsible for leading US$7.2billion project financing for construction of the Roy Hill project. Incident management team members from across the state began arriving on Wednesday, June 19, to coordinate the effort. Mrs Rinehart’s vision to grow and value-add Australian food exports has been the basis for significant investments, including the acquisition of the iconic S. Kidman and Co pastoral company. Hancock Prospecting continues to explore for iron ore deposits and grow its mineral resource inventory though a number of exploration tenements in the Pilbara. Mrs Rinehart gave a speech today at the seventh pink truck ceremony in support of breast cancer sufferers. Finally, Roy Hill is without a doubt an iron ore industry leader and trailblazer, having been presented with numerous industry awards including: Hope Downs iron ore (HDIO), a subsidiary of HPPL and part of the Hancock Group, secured a State Agreement for the Hope Downs temporary tenements in December 1992, (nine months after the passing of Hancock Prospecting founder, Lang Hancock). A fourth mine, Baby Hope became active in October of 2018. About the Hancock Prospecting Group Built on a long and special history of investing and risk taking in Australia, Hancock Prospecting Pty Ltd (HPPL) is an independent, privately owned Australian company that has a proud history with the Pilbara and the iron ore sector, and is one of the longest continuous owners of cattle stations in Australia. After a successful arbitration, and government imposed difficulties with accessing Port Hedland (the then selected port for Hope Downs), on 1 July 2005 Kumba /Anglo was replaced by Rio Tinto Iron Ore when the company announced an agreement to enter into the Hope Downs Joint Venture (HDJV), a 50 / 50 joint venture between Hope Downs Iron Ore (HDIO) and Rio Tinto iron ore. Mrs Rinehart’s achievements include the development of the mega Roy Hill project, the exploration and then development of four major iron ore mines at Hope Downs, (the latter more recently with joint-venture partner Rio Tinto Iron Ore, ) and the considerable expansion of Hancock’s agricultural business, now the second-largest producer of cattle in Australia and one of Australia’s largest landowners. Fifty years’ total experience in both open cut and underground mining, encompassing mining operations, mine planning, feasibility studies, project financial evaluation, negotiations with government and non-government organizations, business development, joint venture participation, project commissioning, exploration management, audits and other related activities. She is also a leading figure in Australias Olympics efforts, (being patron of 4 teams and the largest single non-government contributor to the Olympic effort in Australia’s history ), and has received the rare honour of an order of merit from the Australian Olympic organisation for her contribution. When people think of Gina Rinehart and they see the pictures in the book – it is a magnificent book – I’ll come to that in a […], As is tradition several times each year at Roy Hill, we have a special occasion to honour, and in support of breast cancer survivors and female employees of Roy Hill and Hancock Prospecting. This project will deliver a new and natural product which fits with Hancock’s long-term investment in agriculture and will provide a product of value to many Australian farmers. This caused a problem for the Hope Downs project, including its title continuing, as the state agreement included that the Hope Downs project must submit a timely financeable development proposal or be in breach of the state agreement and subject to default and loss. Local DNR staff began assessing trail damage soon after the rain event on Sunday afternoon. EXECUTIVE GENERAL MANAGER, FINANCE / COMPANY SECRETARY. These tenements cover large areas of highly prospective geological formations including the Marra Mamba Iron Formation which hosts the low phosphorous iron ore also found at Roy Hill. In addition to these awards referred to below, she has received more awards for Roy Hill, where she is Executive Chairman, and Atlas, a subsidiary of Hancock Prospecting where she is Executive Chairman, and Bannister Downs, a joint venture company which has won hundreds of awards for its fine dairy produce. Hope Downs currently has total production capacity of approximately 47Mtpa and represents one of Australia’s largest and most successful iron ore projects in the lower cost quartile. Minerals Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hancock Prospecting and is focused on active exploration for copper and gold in NSW as well as oil and gas exploration in the highly prospective Beetaloo Basin, Northern Territory. Some of these operate some of the largest equipment in the worlds mining industry, another first. Chartered Accountant admitted to the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia in 1988. Copyright Hancock Prospecting 2020. Copyright Hancock Prospecting 2020. Hope Downs was named in honour of Hope Hancock (née Nicholas). […]. One of Australia’s most successful, privately-owned companies that has a long and important association with the Pilbara, West Australia and the iron ore and agriculture sectors. Roy Hill also marked the largest ever-commercial deal between Australia and South Korea entered into in history. The risks that needed to be overcome - the efforts, focus, hard work, persistence and investment by HPPL and its subsidiary over many years - plus the additional risks, endeavours and expense to achieve the myriad of thousands of government approvals, permits and licences, plus the many years of defending and paying for Porteous litigation so financing for Hope Downs was possible - built a foundation for such successful projects and should enable the Hancock Prospecting Group to continue to contribute to the growth of the Pilbara region, West Australia and the nation for decades to come. Your browser either doesn't support Javascript or you have it turned off. EXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN HANCOCK PROSPECTING GROUP ROY HILL S. KIDMAN & CO. Gina Rinehart is a leading figure in the mining and agricultural industries in Australia. Maintaining these high standards and reliability for its customers are key areas of management focus. Since becoming Executive Chairman of the Hancock Prospecting Group in 1992, Mrs Rinehart has transformed the Group from one that was in difficulties and financially troubled to a very successful industry-leading innovator. Experience gained includes as a minority shareholder of a mining and construction business over 8 years. To her credit, she forged ahead with her dream to build, own and operate a first-class major iron ore mine in one of the world’s premier iron ore provinces, the Pilbara, creating jobs both directly and indirectly for thousands of people. Anglo had committed to different development priorities during its approval for takeover process. This involved an enormous approval process and extensive high-risk expenditure both for exploration and studies, then raising money to develop these major mines and related facilities. Career began with PriceWaterhouseCoopers before working with Credit Suisse First Boston and later Brambles Industrial Services. Copyright Hancock Prospecting 2020. HANCOCK PROSPECTING MANAGEMENT APPOINTMENTS TO SUPPORT A GROWING BUSINESS INTO THE FUTURE. Hope Downs North and Hope Downs South are both primarily Marra Mamba deposits and are distinct deposits that form part of Hope 1. This flagship project is majority owned by Hancock Prospecting (70 per cent) with minority partners Marubeni Corporation (15 per cent), POSCO (12.5 per cent) and China Steel Corporation (2.5 per cent).

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