Best Economy Bedside Gun Safe: Stack-On PDS-500 ($40.00) Best Nightstand Drawer Gun Safe: Sentry Safe Quick Access Safe ($96.37) Best Overall Quick Access Bedside Gun Safe: Fort Knox FTK-PB ($215.00) Best Quick Draw Gun Safe: GunVault Minivault ($106.49) Best Luxury Bedside Gun Safe: Vaultek VT20i ($249.00) The more familiar you are with the safe, the faster and easier it is to open when needed. And because of the speed of access with the biometric lock, most users are using this QAP1BE as a permanent fixture in their vehicle. First off, the interior of this Vaultek VT20i are compact but not constraining for a full size 1911, and even have space for three magazines. The tactical black powder coat on the body surface helps to protect the safe from both scratches and rust. Your email address will not be published. Quick access shotgun safes come with different locking mechanisms depending on user preference.

But it was suggested by some users to avoid the biometric model if you have kids around. Required fields are marked *. But don’t worry you can mute it easily after you are done with programming the security code. Alternatively, you can use the security cable included in the package to prevent it from being taken away.

The sound the lock makes when unlocking is clearly audible. And of course, you want the best one, and it has to be well within your budget too. The interior of this SentrySafe model measures 2.2 (H) X 6.6 (D) X 9.7 (W) inches, and this makes the safe suitable for most of the conventional handgun models. Gun safety in the home is of a higher priority than the actual protection that a firearm provides with or without a quick access gun safe. Yes, you read right, that’s four buttons no fluff. The same was not true for this review. There are no electronics on this V-Line Brute 1394-S FBLK gun safe. Available in both an electronic and biometric version, the GunVault SpeedVault is the original quick access handgun safe.

Plus, the door hinge is hidden, and that eliminates the possibility of any breach from the outside.

And the almost half an inch thick 2-piece steel door with high strength locking latch is so reassuring from the look of it.

So under any situation, whichever sides you are with the safe, either hand is free to do the unlocking.
Protect Yourself Legally by Purchasing a Gun Safe. If you must trust at least one biometric safe, regardless of the cost, look no further than Verifi. With a weight of 21 lbs (9.5 kg), this Brute 1394-S is not your typical pistol safe you would like to carry around. This way will make it impossible to remove without tremendous force. And if you need some lighting to operate this safe in the dark, you will have to diy to include lighting to the interior. If you need something that’s reassuring even by just the feel and looks, and of course, you don’t believe in the erratic fingerprint scanner, then don’t rule out this V-Line Brute 1394-S gun safe. This Verifi Smart.Safe.

This feature will enable another family member to have access to the handgun in case you aren’t home. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. And you should be able to insert the tubular key and open the safe without any fumbling. When the door unlocks and drops down, a red interior light is activated so you can see and have a better sense of your guns position in the safe. The 4mm door that holds the lock mechanism and two 20mm locking bolts are no easy pry target. And more important are those features that reflect their understanding of how users interact with their safes. And it will give a warning beep if the door is left unlocked for over 1 minute. A quick access gun safe is designed precisely to protect and provide quick access to your guns. This high-resolution scanner is precisely why this Viking VS-25BL is so reliable compared to most biometric safes in the same class.

On a positive note, at least it raises your consciousness when safety and security are concerned. But what about the hardware side of their safes? You can choose either the biometric lock version or the 4 buttons combination locking system. The exterior dimension is 3.5 (W) x 6.5 (D) x 13 (H) inches. This Stealth Handgun Hanger safe measures 7-3/4″ (H) x 8-1/2″ (W) x 11″ (D). The cool part is you can use in combination with the button and the biometric to open the safe. You can minimize any awkward and time-wasting movements in the face of danger. But then your security is priceless. And that is the little disclaimer in the owner’s manual that says; “Not recommended for age group 55 and above. To be precise, you’ve three pistols hanging at the ready to draw position, and two guns place flat on the safe floor. This is what got this website started to review quick access gun safes. You can check by holding down 2 buttons on the keypad, and either a red or green light will appear to show whether tampering has been detected or not.

And the hard-to-crack 6 digits combination code is the best security to keep your firearms away from your curious little rascals. And it is certified to the California DOJ requirements, which only means you can buy guns with the required ownership of a DOJ approved gun safe (Firearm Safety Device). is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to When you are keeping firearms for protection, you will want it to be as close to you as possible and be able to access it without wasting a second. This safe is designed by a company who knows the importance of sensor reliability and the bad experiences associated with biometric locking systems in general. It's California DOJ approved as a firearm security container and is extremely affordable for what you get. This hanger design can take up to 5 handguns and still offers the convenience of quick drawing of your firearms. You can then lift up the door, even with your pinky, easily. Obviously, if you use these, it is no longer a quick-access safe. This means ten hands that could potentially gain access to our firearm if left unsecured. However, one question is still looming among those who are contemplating to acquire this excellent product. This GunVault SV500 SpeedVault safe is just like a gun holder, once unlocked you can do a quick draw, point, and shoot. No matter where you live, homes are at risk to get broken into and a firearm will not be passed over if found by a home invader. Top Home Defense Weapons: Remington 870 & Mossberg 500, (Biometric, Push Button, Smart Key, Wifi), Top Home Defense Weapons: AR-15 (Carbine & Pistol Variants), Our Showroom Is Open To The Public! Here’s what John Russell, Zvetco’s VP of Product Development explained in plain simple English about the sensor reliability on Amazon; You want to be able to access to your guns in times of needs every single time. Our top choice for quick access handgun safes is the Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe. The original quick access handgun safe, the GunVault Speedvault is what the Vaultek Slider, Snapsafe Drop Box and other quick access safes were designed after. If you like the fail-safe fingerprint scanner already, then here are more features you are going to love. As with all things mechanical, the noise of pushing mechanical buttons and knob turning is hard to muffle. You want your safe to work when you need it to. Check out what level of customer support users are getting from the manufacturer on Amazon. Read more reviews on Amazon and find out what a user did to work around the short battery life and how he mounts the safe on the wall and have it working just fine.

This interior lighting can help you get to your firearm quick without rummaging through the content. Pry attack is always a last resort when hacking attempts at the lock fails. (Model S4000 and S5000 are also on the list).

The other disadvantage is the top opening door which limits your access options.

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