The armed raiders who would rather steal your DOG than your jewellery thanks to a terrifying new crime wave... What's the infection rate in YOUR town? Kio.” “So you’d never met Nas X before?” “Never. His awards will be on display at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum starting in March. "Who'd seen or heard anything quite like that at the time?" And then I was like, hold on. I think it was a girl who sent me a meme, and she was like, hey, I heard you’re producer tag.” “Kio. “Hey. Most people would say that Billy Ray Cyrus has been lucky to keep finding himself in the middle of massive pop culture moments over this three-decade long career in music and television. 'Old Town Road,' by Lil Nas X has forced Billboard — and country music — to reckon with its roots. I had to learn how to use it, you know, in my own way.” “I saw you made that post on Reddit where you were, like, what’s that song that goes, I’m gonna take my horse to the old town road?” “Yeah, I did that. As they boarded the vehicle, Cyrus said, 'Woah, we may not come back, man! It really just hits me. Because I knew that’s what people were gonna search. Don Von Tress, the songwriter behind "Achy Breaky Heart," didn't meet him until after Cyrus had decided to record the song for his debut album "Some Gave All," which would go on to be certified platinum nine times by the Recording Industry Association of America. Let’s hear ‘Old Town Road’ by Lil Nas X. Got the boots that’s black to match. I have a hard time explaining it to anyone that’s like, so you make money how? Tress said that Cyrus' success came with baggage, whether it was "Achy Breaky Heart" or playing the lovable dad to Miley on screen. 'Hip-hop is not just about making music but it's about using technology and making something out of nothing and I feel like that's exactly what Lil Nas did with this song.'. Winning pair: The catchy single from the duo has topped the Billboard Hot 100 charts for seven weeks, On the way: The rapper, whose full name is Montero Lamar Hill, took to social media as he prepared to present the red sports car, Focused: The young artist headed up to the LA home of Billy Ray, Billy Ray shared a shot of himself and Lil Nas X posed with one another in front of the sports car, writing, 'Driving down Rodeo in MY Maserati sports car! The catchy single has topped the Billboard Hot 100 charts for seven weeks and become a pop culture phenomenon, having been streamed more than 75 million times on YouTube as of Tuesday. And he said, hey, we’ve got this thing, we’d love for your husband to hear it. I got the horses in the back. Horse tack is attached. I stood up and go, God, I love that. Yeah, I’m gonna take my horse —” “Do you have plans to come to the U.S.?” “Yeah. Like, I was pushing my music through the internet, like, full time. 1 single in the 61-year history of Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. "In the summer of 2019, the world needed a song that everybody could sing together," Cyrus said.

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