They will not deny that. And it hasn't changed in Taiwan.So what did I say that was false about Taiwan? But she doesn’t tell you the deeper or negative aspects of it, since her job is to promote Taiwan tourism, not that of … Many people disagree with you. George and I are also going to come out with a book relating all the stories from that crazy, 45-day adventure of a lifetime.”, “In 2000, I was stuck at a bus station in Brazil, not knowing how to get to an island where my friends were waiting for me. It's part of Taiwanese immigrant culture to aspire to be a doctor.Frankly, I do not see a doctor as the most prestigious thing in the world like Taiwanese culture puts it.Lots of automatons get good grades. The happy-go-lucky world that Janet Hsieh represents is an illusion and facade for those who wish to deny reality. How pitiful.I agree very much with what the Man on the Couch said. She does NOTHING to help end suffering in the world.She's just an attractive entertainer that nerdy ABC's drool over. Maybe.But look at the book she wrote and her blog. And so the whole time she was thinking – ‘Wait, they exist, the Mandrakes exist?’  When we finally arrived there, we realised what she had meant. Now, society says she is smart and beautiful. And for those who are trying to point out her MIT degree, it is SPANISH, and last that I heard, she can't ever utter enough Spanish words to her Spanish speaking friends. Any intellectual who is aware and liberated from the media knows that. Sorry but Taiwan isn't even a country. Chatting them up simply DOES NOT flow or feel natural or smooth. After graduation from college, Hsieh spent time in Jamshedpur as a community outreach volunteer. Plus, it’s just respectful of the culture, which you’re trying to learn more about, and there’s no harm in you doing it.”, “Our Airbnb accommodations got robbed while we were filming in Texas and we lost a lot of personal possessions like jewelry, cash and all of our computers — four MacBooks — and it sucked big time. People here are indeed geared (automoton is a little harsh, but almost spot on!) Janet Hsieh, Actress: Home. She is simply media hyped and pampered, overinflated and overrated. (So imagine the shock she must have felt when she suddenly saw two blogs appear that were put up to bash her. Ask most TW couples and they will tell you that they met through school, work and friends. To see my anti Janet Hsieh blogs, visit the links below: © 2020 by Tango Media Corporation All Rights Reserved. Especially during the car rides, I wish we had a camera in the car. I asked and got directed to a local fisherman, who happily agreed to take me and another foreigner who was also stuck and needed a ride. Published: December 10, 2015. An ABC girl wrote me this about Janet. Face the fact that Janet is out of your league. Janet Hsieh was born on January 20, 1980 in Houston, Texas, USA. I ended up becoming a vegetarian for half a year, loved the country (I’ve been back four or five times since), and ended up staying in Asia after that trip. Her infectious personality and willingness to learn about the world can be often misconstrued when audience members like you are die hard Russia fans. I'm just saying that she's nothing special. Has it ever occurred to you that you are the problem? Regardless of your probable smart alleck remarks, the facts are the facts.If I'm wrong, then you will show me some hard proof. for example, and you'll see that Winston truly does have something to GENUINELY rail about: the other hand, Taiwan doesn't have much culture. I actually agree with you. JH: There were plenty! You're an expat, what kind of real say do you have on the way their culture is shaped? It will take a while though.But nothing will change the Confucian conservatism of the ladies and our dating etiquette. lol Have a look: must say I'm quite surprised. And you know it! She is an actress and producer, known for Home (2018), Fun Taiwan (2006) and The Ghost Bride (2020). A true intellect does not go around making generalisations abt an entire country and its people, certainly not with your fleeting experience of Taiwan. She also worked in India in the city of Jamshedpur for Tata Steel Kudos to the crew and cast for trying to spice up a small island which has little to offer in the way of packaged tourism. But I'm not impressed by that, unlike you. I don't mean to be trite, but most of them look like prostitutes. And isn't that the most important thing?Furthermore, Taiwanese are on a different wavelength than the rest of the world. Am I jealous of Janet Hsieh? Or perhaps the Taiwanese girls that you met just didn't like you? Now move onto something with more workable material. Words of advice Winston...Janet is outwardly passionate about what she does. You can find such thing in any country and culture. Look up the high suicide rates in Taiwan. The problem is her act is not justified. A few waterfalls, green mountains, trails and food choices are nothing to rail about. JH:  As of late, social media has been doing very well and has been an important aspect in our lives. What I've said may be taboo and politically incorrect, but it's the TRUTH. Written by Charmaine Baylon. Why should she be? I think the point of reviews and quotes is that they come from an authentic and reliable source. It's a horrible existence. I don't watch her shows anymore, they are boring, she is trying to make Taiwan look like Wonderland. Taiwanese people have a guilt complex passed from generation to generation that encourages them to feel miserable and in a state of suffering. That's why the women here spend so much $$$ on beauty products, beauty is the only thing that can keep the job (or husband)from getting to someone else, younger and sexier. They have one child. However, there is no need for personal attacks since you may not know her personally.The show is very generic, and average. hehehe) So why not balance the scales a little and get some publicity from it at the same time, thus hitting two birds with one stone? There's no genuine feeling, passion or fire in her. There's nothing unique about her either. Try and fit into the culture as much as possible, This error message is only visible to WordPress admins. But the funniest moment would probably during an episode where we had to visit a mangrove. Taiwan is not CLOSED. She is nothing but a drone.My experience of Taiwan is not fleeting. It is an example of the dangers of having such an unrealistic rosy attitude like Janet has, which some people idolize for some bizarre reason. Hi Man on the Couch,Thanks for your interesting comments. Answer that one!The truth is, outside the USA in most foreign countries, women are pretty open, relaxed, down to earth and fairly easy to start a conversation with. That fact is as obvious as 2+2=4. Looking for something to watch? I'm more impressed by people who think outside the box. Official YouTube channel of Janet Hsieh, host of Discovery TLC's Fun Taiwan and Fun Asia programs. Hi all,This is the owner of this blog. Some people may think it's special, but it's certainly not a rare accomplishment.9) This is just sad, again, really pathetic. In my honest opinion Taiwan is very polluted, not really interesting compared to Japan or Bali but it is more livable than Cambodia or Thailand. It's awkward.I am a New Age type attuned to a different state of consciousness, and very sensitive to energy, so stuff like this affects me more than it would the typical left brained conformist person.Please factor all this in.Thanks. As to who I am, I prefer to remain anonymous.Ok, so Janet speaks more languages and has been to more countries than Winston Wu. Think about it.) And who da hell wd call himself WuMaster lol! Orientals are closed, inhibited, repressed, and very stiff. There are two sides to every story after all. Simple as that. Or maybe she is a deep person but can't show it cause the masses are dumb and she has to come down to their level?But look at my writings in comparison: my writings, you will see that I think in terms of great truths and insights that are totally outside the box. Janet Hsieh: Taiwan's Fakest Celebrity And What's Wrong With Her, - Our best articles delivered straight to your inbox. But that's not my fault, so why attack the messenger?I didn't make Taiwan that way. Would you turn down a lifetime opportunity to host a TV show which requires you to travel and explore new places as well as meeting new people? Smile and say hello. Has she ever said “no, absolutely not” to an adventure? NOTHING intellectual at all. So what? Travel host for Discovery TLC's Fun Taiwan and Fun Asia - the best job in the world! Look at the writing in her blog for instance. “Ian Wright and I wrapped firecrackers around our bodies and had them lit. She is a politically correct hippie traveler who sees the world through rose colored glasses. Debunking the LIE that Taiwan is "friendly". How come I myself, a VERY TAIWAN TAIWANESE, can't agree with any single statement you give to Taiwanese people? Perhaps she gets off a little on the existence of this blog? Are you a dumb hippie who hides from reality?I am not the problem. He WOKE people up to truth outside the matrix. You want a Russian travel show? Since she is treated like a princess in Taiwan, she therefore must revel that to some degree. She has been married to George Young since January 26, 2015. But some will know who Winston Wu was. It might not be as opened as other asian countries, but, from what I've heard from the foreigners who've stayed in taiwan for a certain amount of time, taiwanese are known for their friendliness.I don't care what you think about Janet, but I am sure that beauty is not all she has.

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