Indeed, Aries is associated with the concept of self, so it's no surprise that Uranus's motion through this fiery sign since 2011 has corresponded with the birth of "influencer" culture.

Suggest some new ways to socialize that won’t break your budget. read more about Capricorn Astrological Profile, Those born under the Aquarius sign are generally erratic. As 2020 begins, a massive change in your work life might initially feel like all your security is falling apart. On a macro level, we should expect to see some tension between the people and the establishment — especially on Monday, January 21, when the final eclipse in the Leo-Aquarius series electrifies the sky. Anyway, you are not worried what other people think about you and you go on your own way. You know how the past two years have been, well, bonkers? In this span, you yearn for being respected so that you feel unsettled if someone thinks that you are a fool. You are a powerful, entrepreneurial, innovative leader who is meant to break the mold and pioneer an independent, spirited path in your world. It's a good time to purge or reorganize your living space, RELATED: How To Keep A Libra Madly In Love, According To Astrology. A pile of planets in Capricorn with a Saturn-Pluto conjunction on the 12th in your solar fourth house emphasizes your needs at home.

2020 Starts with the will to act on pressing information and to clearly communicate your intentions. We’re diving in head first with a powerful solar eclipse in Capricorn, a like-minded earth sign.

A significant change in the core of your very being is happening as 2020 begins, Capricorn. January 20 – January 31 Aquarius.

Mars in Sagittarius enters your solar seventh house of relationships on the 3rd, which suggests lots of lively social encounters. The Full Moon is the companion lunar eclipse to last month's solar eclipse.

Since the Leo-Aquarius eclipses began in August 2016, we've seen some radical changes in the "powers that be" (Leo symbolizes the monarchy, while Aquarius represents the subjects). Joy is the theme for you in January, Cancer. Your presence, your power and your intentions can make a difference. Are you tired, Pisces? Keep in mind that astrology isn’t so black and white. In other news, a massive Saturn-Pluto conjunction on January 12 will land in your romance sector. Remember, too, that the changes Saturn and Pluto can create are part of a longer cycle, and so how this story plays out may not be immediately obvious. When it comes to your love life, a Lunar Eclipse in your romance sector on January 10 could bring the fulfillment you've been hoping for. There is light after that long, dark tunnel you've been traveling in.

Aquarius is an air sign, similar to Libra, and so this is a positive placement for the planet of love and property. Does your relationship with money reflect your priorities? And now, you're ready to finally do something about it.

As the month progresses, however, what you'll actually realize is that you have been blocking your success by holding yourself back from your true potential. In rare cases, a deal with creditors or even bankruptcy might be your only option. Happy New Year, Aries! Venus in your friendship sector from January 13 until February 7 can also turn a friend into a lover. However, you won’t let those love affairs go to your head because your personal freedom is more important to you. Either way, a new start in finances is possible after the New Moon on January 24, while a wakeup call will occur in your heart on January 10 thanks to Uranus turning direct in your romance sector. read more about Capricorn Astrological Profile, read more about Aquarius Astrological Profile. Step into the Sun.

This is a good time to reflect on your goals for the coming year and anything involving friends and group activities. You also have 20/20 vision about things.

Your so insightful, you’ve probably already made your own 2020 forecast. Embrace it. After all, while revolution might not be televised, it may be Instagrammed. Delete any old posts that no longer reflect the way you want to be seen and heard.

See what is the zodiac sign for each day of January. A new astrological season begins on Sunday, January 20, when the sun glides into Aquarius. However, there are other astrological changes taking place during the month of January that set the stage for the entire 2020 year. While in Sagittarius it takes on broader themes such as learning and travel. Your energy can get you anything you long for. January starts off as a massive reset button for your mental and physical health, giving you an opportunity to create new routines and unravel yourself from any habits that are keeping you from feeling at your peak. You are definitely certain about that. That's not to minimize any discomfort you may experience along with way. Set a bed time for yourself and stick to it. June 21-July 22. Mercury turns retrograde in February while in the sign of Pisces.

As January kicks off, you will get a glimpse of where all of your hard work is taking you so far. For you, New Year’s resolutions might include more time to create, explore your spirituality and to connect to your true desires. On Sunday, January 6, Uranus (the planet of innovation) concludes its retrograde cycle. Libra's keywords for January: career milestone, career change, career fulfillment, family distress, home structures, structural repairs family repair, relocation, Message for Libra:Get personalized advice that will help you change YOUR life in the year ahead ». Happy New Year, Sagittarius! It's time, Cancer.

Stay focused and commit to the path you really want to be on. Take a deep breath, Aries: A seismic shift is about to occur in your career, and it might initially feel destabilizing. The Moon in Scorpio mid-month should give your confidence a real boost. Cancer's keywords for January: relationship death, partnership break, sensitive, emotional, health drain, letting go, work conflict, Message for Cancer:Get personalized advice that will help you change YOUR life in the year ahead ». Venus can bring a new acquaintance into the lives of especially Virgos or Sagittariuses. A Lunar Eclipse in your 8th House of Debt and Taxes on January 10 might bring you to a situation where you need to go into a payment plan with the IRS in order to address any taxes owed. A book proposal, freelance pitch or other brilliant idea is waiting to come to life for you in 2020. What do you want to make happen in the New Year? It sure feels like it. Mars moves into your sign on January 3 and remains here through February 16. Expect a Happy 2020, Libra! If this happens, know that you're meant to consider innovative job opportunities to help you develop talents that will keep you in business for the long haul. They are quick to adopt good ideas and can make all the necessary adjustments to make them perfect for the given situation. And finally, a lot of it depends on what you decide to bring to the table. You will look very friendly and sympathetic in this period. Let it go -- you will soon learn that you had to in order to build the foundation that serves you best. Lucky you! 2020 might feel a lot like 2019 at the start. Some people around you may seem fun at first but will end up causing more drama than they’re worth, and you’ll be left drained from the experience. You might feel like you've lost something -- or someone -- you rely on as a safety net. January 12 Birthday Horoscope. If you do one thing this month: Make meditation part of your regular routine to keep your mind clear and focused.

Aries is your opposite sign, so with this heavy-hitting celestial body cruising across your partnership zone, you’ll be reconsidering your bonds.
You already know what this breakdown is about, so if one does occur in your life, it was a long time coming. Not with Uranus in your sign, about to turn direct on January 10. Or adopt a dog.

January’s Saturn-Pluto conjunction mark an important generational turning point—a changing of the guard, if you will, between Gen X and millennials.

Reconnect to yourself, Scorpio. Happy 2019, cosmic warriors! You really like learning about new stuff so there’s no wonder you are attracted to people with the same intention.

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The pressure is on to look after your health and well-being. Per numerology, 22 is the Master Teacher, and this singular event can bring up some intense energy for all zodiac signs with personal planets in Capricorn, Cancer, Libra or Aries. Creative impulses should come to the fore. The past couple years have been priming you for a big change. The gaggle of planets in Capricorn can only strengthen your resolve. In other news, Mars enters your 6th House of Work and Health on January 3 and remains here through February 16. For you, this lunation is major, so don’t be surprised if you discover shocking news about a close partner at the beginning of the year. This lunation will highlight your financial sectors and invite you to take a good, hard look at your money situation. For example: Instead of splurging on dinner and drinks at that new restaurant down the street, why not plan to catch up over tea on a quiet Sunday afternoon?

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