(refer the below image). A Jira dashboard consists of gadgets, which give you quick access to dynamic content from across your instance and which can be displayed in whatever layout you like. A Jira Dashboard. Dashboard page with all key reports about the specific business area can provide a quick overview of the current business status and key performance indicators. To edit your Jira system dashboard, go to the cog symbol, then System, then User Interface, and then System Dashboard, where you can select it to make changes. Your Jira Dashboard should operate as a heads-up-view of what’s important for you, which will likely be an overview of everything you’re working on. (Refer the following image for example). Have you ever had an important project get killed? makes it easy to build Custom Charts for your Jira Dashboards in seconds. From here you can choose who it gets shared with, and start adding gadgets! If you’re not sure about it now, you can edit it whenever you want. Choosing Atlassian products. For example, if you have the wrong filters in place, then archived and test projects might swamp the feed. Then enter the name of the dashboard [1], add reports you would like to include [2] and save changes [3]. Otherwise, it won’t function correctly. Don’t worry, you can edit them at any time. Deploy. If forms aren’t your thing, you can always call us (+1-855-721-7223). A shared dashboard is a dashboard whose creator has shared that dashboard with other users. Keep in mind that less is more, though, and setting up more than you need is likely to waste your time or provide clutter. From the name itself, the purpose of the dashboard should be easily identifiable. You can share a dashboard with: Group —A group of Jira users. Actually, it’s the homepage which by default contains something to simplify your job keeping all the important things in one place. However, gadgets that users don't have permissions to see won't be shown to them. Once a user logs into the Jira software, the dashboard is the first thing which can be seen. A board, on the other hand, is for reviewing and manipulating individual issues and passing them from one stage to another. You can share the dashboard with the other team members, it’s sharable by the Group, by the Project, by any logged-in user or you can even make it public so everyone could see the details of your work. Find Timesheet Reports and Gadgets in the Atlassian marketplace. Now the new dashboard will be displayed under the ‘Dashboards’ menu. These cookies are used to collect information about how you interact with our website and allow us to remember you. And if you can not find anything relevant for your project, you can always find something in the Atlassian Marketplace.

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