PADMOUNT EQUIPMENT INSTALLED AT INTERSECTIONS. Help make your design planning a little easier with these specifications for three-phase, pad-mounted transformers. �dw���`�L�H6m0�H�?#����Hh'����߁�� eJC endstream endobj 48 0 obj <>/Metadata 15 0 R/Outlines 28 0 R/Pages 45 0 R/StructTreeRoot 36 0 R/Type/Catalog/ViewerPreferences<>>> endobj 49 0 obj <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]>>/Rotate 270/StructParents 0/Tabs/S/Type/Page>> endobj 50 0 obj <>stream This document is not intended as a design specification or an instruction manual. It facilitates uniform and compatible equipment specifications, design, engineering, installationand operating practices to promote the safety and reliability of service. pad mount transformer maximum dimensions. … no. 1.1. 100.01.05 . The Duke Energy Generation Portfolio. 0 %PDF-1.6 %���� The Duke Energy Progress Distribution Construction Standards consist of the following documents available on the My Duke Energy Contractor Portal: DEP OH Sections 1-4 Distribution Standards DEP OH Sections 5-13 Distribution Standards DEP UG Distribution Standards These documents contain over 1,600 pages of standards, not all of which are applicable at utility scale solar farms. clearance from curb to transformer pad of eight (8) feet, to accommodate (clear) the rear overhang of a truck trailer. Our service area covers approximately 104,000 square miles in the Midwest and Southeast. 100.01.04 . outside the "clear line of sight triangle". Uniform enforcement of these standards throughout the Company will expedite service connections and treat each of our customers equally and fairly. 47 0 obj <> endobj CUSTOMER-OWNED ... Energy Standard for Electric Installation and Use” contains the requirements and uniform standards necessary to achieve this policy. Duke Energy offers electric services to 7.2 million customers in the Carolinas, Florida, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky, including retail natural gas service to over 500,000 customers in Ohio and Kentucky. To avoid further complications, be sure to confirm the pad location with your local power company engineer prior to construction. CT Enclosure (also known as CT Can) See instrument transformer enclosure. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. 2. CT Socket. Transformer Pad Specifications. cd.005.01 sht. endstream endobj startxref A meter socket used only with external instrument transformers. This document addresses the technical requirements for connecting new facilities to the Duke Energy Midwest transmission … Scope . h�bbd```b``�"�I/��D*��HyM)w�V�������"�$��]�y commercial prep "i i date i by i customer design approved design no. POINT OF DELIVERY.....33 4.9. NOTES: 1. H��W˪$��߯��!K�~��B6^ha{)���0����U���Y�Q��f���ݕ��y��7�ׯ���˷�~���q��w�}�����|��[JJ��Ktu ~�ǿ�,���?�����KX~Z�K���\��Oo{��J^cա��F8|���`9���Ƥ��bת�o��VtɄ��߸z9�ݯ����۰6�瀎p˶�|�x-�����hҁ�����X��e��%)B��E���S0N�?^��4���RF.��E]3��I�˽��Ş*���4�7�:F�~�6��]yG�t�n=�Xx.������)�� ��~��9R���>��ޅH�;S͝�fo,�6k哘���p;�n�Q,�. All padmount equipment shall be placed in the P.U.E. %%EOF 78 0 obj <>stream We also use cookies to assist in our marketing and data analysis. �'.����P6�;��4���a7���ir H�i^�)�>�md���AU��E���BE� �M TRANSFORMER INSTALLATIONS - PAD-MOUNTED.....33 4.8. Current Transformer (CT) A transformer used in metering applicaons which reduces, by a definite rati tio, the value of primary current to a value usable by the meter. 24-Pad and Pull Boxes o 24.01 Transformer Pads o FMO Drawings 24.01-11 Pour in Place Transformer Pads 24.01-12 Pour in Place Transformer Pads 25-Enclosures and Pedestals o 25.01 Primary Enclosures 26-Cable Accessories o 26.00 General o 26.01 Primary Splices o 26.03 T-Bodies/Bolted Elbows 67 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<4002C023DC1E1B42A624F11BB7BE430C><4A3C7E82F4EB004BAAEB3181C959BB25>]/Index[47 33]/Info 46 0 R/Length 109/Prev 174284/Root 48 0 R/Size 80/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream h�b``�b``:����hz�����X�� L:T7d@�@In�I&@Z��A��4Y�ƾ, guide for locating transformer and protecting screen information notes i u.g. 100.01.06 . Customer.

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