This is a computer-based program that supplements regular language arts instruction. Subscribe to our e-mail newsletter. LD OnLine works in association with the National Joint Committee on Learning Disabilities (NJCLD). She received a B.A in English Literature, an NK-6 teaching licensure from Mary Washington, and an M.Ed in Reading Education from the University of Virginia. This program offers an embedded assessment piece. There are several children whose behaviour deteriorated, largely due to frustration and their inability to fully access the curriculum, despite numerous intervention programmes and additional support. Boosting Reading Power (BRP) is a highly successful intervention programme that provides one-to-one additional support for reading for the reader who is under achieving in KS1, KS2, or KS3.
This programme, that has been described as ‘remarkable’ by Professor Greg Brooks in his study*, offers significant gains for pupils with weak comprehension skills. Learn about instructional classroom strategies and resources that support phonemic awareness, phonological awareness, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary. Reading Recovery has an unparalleled track record in achieving success with the very lowest achieving children.

The programme is generally delivered by school support staff, focussed on targeted children who need to develop more effective independent reading strategies and text comprehension. It is a 10 week programme – 15 mins a day, 3 times a week following a common lesson structure. - Katherine Karunaratna, headteacher at The Downs & Northbourne, Deal. Teaching Kids with LD | For Families | Kids' Voices | Expert Advice | LD Resources The number of children achieving Level 4 in KS2 Reading SATs was 84% in 2011. Corrie Kelly has worked as a 3rd grade teacher, a literacy specialist, and a reading intervention specialist. Some of the programs listed use technology as the main source of instruction, while others offer instructional technology as a supplement to the program. Achievement in reading across the school is good because the school has invested in a good quality reading programme and additional adults make time to read with pupils individually and in smaller ability groups.

Multiple research studies have demonstrated that the intervention programs listed below are capable of producing positive academic effects.

integrate 2 Accelerated Reader (AR). Several also appear on statewide recommended intervention lists.

This article is also available as a PDF. - Ofsted Report Minster C of E Primary School Thanet.
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It... 3 PLATO Early Reading Program. Professional Development available: All aspects of good practice in the teaching of reading.

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We are able to support schools in implementing Better Reading Partnerships, Inference Training, Talking Partners and provide professional development on the best practice in teaching reading and writing. 2016. Boosting Reading Power (BRP) is a highly successful intervention programme that provides one-to-one additional support for reading for the reader who is under achieving in KS1, KS2, or KS3. Having sent two members of staff on the one-day training event, we then decided to invite Laura to run a whole staff INSET in order for us to have a whole school approach to teaching comprehension. The step by step structure of the intervention and having all the resources was really useful.

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