That’s what fascinates me about the Pony Express. It is located 15 miles from Elk Horn Station and 10 miles from Bed Tick Station. Located 11 miles from Muddy Station and 12 miles from Bear River Station. It is located 15 miles from Elk Horn Station and 10 miles from  Bed Tick Station. Thomas O. Taking a leap of faith, thousands of Latter Day Saints made their way west in the mid-1800s to get to the heart of their church in Salt Lake City. Locations were governed by necessity, not convenience. The place served as a stop on the short-lived Pony Express route in 1860-1861, and when the Overland Stage changed from its South Pass route in 1862 to use the Bridger’s Pass and Bitter Creek route instead, across what’s now southern Wyoming, the station was renamed South Bend Station. Fish and Wildlife Services, Green River Star, The Radio Network, City of Rock Springs, City of Green River, Sweetwater County Historical Museum, Green River Chamber of Commerce, Rock Springs Chamber of Commerce, and Rock Springs Historical Museum. The site of St. Mary’s Stage Station, also called Rocky Ridge Station because of a cliff near by, is marked with a stone tablet. After the discovery of coal, the place was named Nuttall, from Wm. So, once more Avis took the saddle, returning to Horseshoe Station, without a rest he had covered 220 dangerous and bone-weary miles. Guinard’s post became an Overland Stage Company stage stop from 1859-1862, a Pony Express relay station in 1860-1861, and home to a telegraph line in October 1861, when the Pacific Telegraph Company added an office to the site. For a time, the names Fort William and Fort John were used interchangeably for the post; then, it is said, a shipping clerk by mistake marked a box ‘Fort Laramie’ instead of ‘Fort John on the Laramie.’ Robert Campbell thought the new name a good one and adopted it immediately. Mary’s Stage Station (N42 28 41.0 W108 21 41.0). Located 13 miles from Little Sandy Station and 15 miles from Big Timber Station at west edge of the town of Farson and east of Big Sandy Creek. It was later owned by M. Bordeaux, who was Station Tender in 1860. Willow Springs Pony Express Station was established April 3, 1860 on the route of the Pony Express between St. Joseph, Missouri and Sacramento, California. Easily one of the most famous pioneer trails in the United States, the Oregon Trail was a major thoroughfare that guided about 400,000 people across the vast expanse of the west from 1846 to 1869. With a wide variety of groceries, and snacks to get anyone on the road Photo by Bureau of Land Management. The station was owned and operated by an Indian Trader by the name of Bisonette, who was Station Keeper for a while. Today, the site is located within the city of Glenrock, Wyoming. The first division ran from St. Joseph, Missouri to Fort Kearny, Nebraska; the second division from Fort Kearny to Horseshoe Station (above Fort Laramie ), Wyoming; the third from Horseshoe Station to Salt Lake City, Utah; the fourth from Salt Lake City to Roberts Creek, Nevada; and the fifth division, from Roberts Creek to Sacramento, … Believed that Sweetwater and Plant’s Stations were abandoned and that two Station Tenders with the same name was further evidence of the abandonment of Plant’s Station. The stop once consisted of a crude structure without a corral. Located 8 miles from Bed Tick Station and 10 miles from Box Elder Station on the south side of La Prele Creek and just north of the old Emigrant Road. The station was located about ten miles southwest of present-day Casper, Wyoming. Elk Horn Station – Several historians list Elk Horn as the first station west of Horseshoe Creek. On the South Pass is the Whitman Monument and a roadside pull-out pointing out and describing historical and geographical features of the South Pass Area. How to Access It: Point of Rocks and Granger along I-80. The terrain determined the number and the distance between home stations and relay stations. It is said the scheme worked. This site is nine miles west of Fort Laramie. Pacific Springs Station (N42 20 13.0 W108 56 18.0). A remarkable feat of courage by pony rider Henry Avis took place here, resulting in the Pony Express Company paying him a bonus of $300 for exceptional bravery. It cost $5 per half-ounce for mail (about $85 dollars in today’s money). As the main source of information from coast to coast, riders accessed a series of relay stations along a central trail in the area. According to one early telegraph operator, “Deer Creek was 100 miles west of Fort Laramie, and 28 miles east of where Casper was later situated. In 1860, riding for the Pony Express was difficult work – riders had to be tough and lightweight. How to Access It: Fort Bridger State Historic Park, Pilot Buttes Trail Site or South Pass State Historic Site. Roy Bennett, beloved husband, father, grandfather, and pony express rider of … Read More…….. Discover why South Pass was crucial to the early pioneers and re-live a bit of the Old West during this two-day event. Later it ran a second weekly trip, delivering mail in 10 days or fewer between St. Joseph and San Francisco. “XVIII. When I am out exploring the trails of Wind River Country, I immediately think of the pioneers headed to Oregon and California. Located 15 miles from Big Sandy Station and 15 miles from Green River Station probably on north bank of Big Sandy Creek. King was a rider here. As you read the interpretive signs along the ruts of the trails here including the Oregon Trail, Mormon Trail, Pony Express Route and the California National Historic Trail, it’s not hard to imagine caravans of wagons passing by. Bridger Station Post Office was established on July 15, 1869 in Carter County.

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