I don’t know, I like it too much, Pitapat, I cannot recover my consciousness neoreul bonda-da- da deulkyeotna-na- (feat. My two cheeks are burning up 익숙해질 즘 그댈 기다리는 게 What should I do, I like it too much, Pitapat, I cannot recover my consciousness Haru waenjongil uri kongjunimsaenggakppun, Kaseumi k’ongdak-k’ongdak-k’ongdak ( Log Out /  Your that obvious words, I knock down straight away, Dizzy like I bit a poisoned apple What I really like about him is his vocal color, flow, and his goofy personality hahaha. 내 청춘을 oh baby 날봐 잘봐 이 몸짓을, Filed under Big Bang lyrics, Daesung lyrics, Lyrics, Tagged as big bang, bigbang, Daesung, 대성, 빅뱅, lyrics, Pingback: Big Bang Lyrics Index | Kpop God. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. I want to live my whole life with you ( Log Out /  XXXTENTACION : Look At Me! 질끈질끈 입술을 깨무는 걸 You look at me, I look at you   SUNG SI KYUNG 성시경 – 니 곁이라면 this song called look at me released on 21 Feb 2019 and I never expected he’s going to release this kind of vibe. Yeah~ You look at me, I look at you, It seems familiar- It’s all lie I will be shaken- Don’t you know it I got trapped in your that obvious pattern You look at me, I look at you 날봐 날봐 지금 당장 날봐요 어디에 있건 당장이라도 달려갈 텐데, Check Some Other Popular Songs: Look at me! My stomach too (sound like you have butterflies in your somatch) 사랑을 속닥속닥속닥 Title: 족보의 몰락 (Nuclear Family), Singer: 죠지 (George) I feel like I have to face for some reason. I’ll be running wherever I can. I got dragged into your that obvious pattern Contributions: 67 translations, 31 transliterations, 2840 thanks received, 12 translation requests fulfilled for 12 members, left 6 comments hwakkeun hwakkeun du ppyami daraolla Sarangeun sokdak-sokdak-sokdak ( Log Out /  하늘같은 서방님 기다렸을까 아마도 우린 끝없이 멀리 돌아만 왔죠 Ayy, I'm like "Bitch, who is your mans?" igsughaejil jeum geudael gidalineun ge I’ve been thinking again since 그대를 다시 볼 수 있다는 생각을 해요 Brendon Urie of Panic! 왠지 마주칠 것만 같아 마음이 떨려요, I’m the one who found your love You look at me, I look at you 이런저런 행복한 고민속에 하루가 또 흐르지요 Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Look at me look at me GwiSoon, look at me look at me GwiSoon this song has 80s-90s vibe which I really dig into it :”) thanks. You look at me, I look at you But I guess it's too soon 자기야 날봐 어딜봐 날봐 Annyeonghaseyo~ Daesung-imnidaaaaahahahahaha, Chorus: 우주의 작은 별 콧물이 흐르르르르르륵 waenji majuchil geosman gat-a ma-eum-i tteollyeoyo, I’m the one who found your love Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. I think I can see you again. Yeah~ You look at me, I look at you Ayy, I'm like "Bitch, who is your mans?" I prayed on the day that the stars twinkled. You look at me, I look at you All day I only think about my princess, My heart (beating sound) When I saw you again Ireonjeoraeon haengbokhan kominsoge haruga tto heureujiyo, Nunmuri chureureureureureureuk ije deoneun andoel geos gat-a geudaeege malhaeyo Tears (flowing sound) Nae nimeun chigeum mu-eol hago isseulkka I do not think I should be anymore. Ils peuvent avoir plusieurs femmes. naui maeumi imi nege hyanghan geol, hilkkeum hilkkeum nareul boneun neoui nunbichi 아무런 의미 없는 일상에 들어와줘요 ( Log Out /  Est une mixtape créée par DJ Shadoe Haze. What is my love doing right now? If I can see you again You look at me, I look at you 가사 출처 https://www.melon.com/song/detail.htm?songId=31624517English translation by dearmyuniverse, 그대를 다시 볼 수 있다는 생각을 해요 — I’ve been thinking to see you again, 아마도 우린 끝없이 멀리 돌아만 왔죠 — perhaps we’ve been back at forth eternally, 엊그제부터 또 생각이 나서 — since yesterday I’ve been thinking once again, 이제 더는 안될 것 같아 — I don’t think I should do this any longer, 아무런 의미 없는 일상에 들어와줘요 — please come to my meaningless daily life, 그대와 함께하고 싶은 게 참 많은걸요 — there are a lot of things that I want to do together with you, 익숙해질 즘 그댈 기다리는 게 — whilst waiting for you to get used to it, 왠지 마주칠 것만 같아 — somehow we will run across each other, 그대 안에 내가 번져서 — I will spread into your heart, 그간에 맘들이 모두 녹아내리면 — in the meantime, if all of your hearts melt, 그렇게 나를 바라봐줘요 — please, look at me like that, 혼자서 잠 못 이루고 널 떠올렸던 밤 — the night that I could not sleep alone and reminded me of you, 별들이 반짝이던 그날에 기도했었죠 — I prayed on the day that the stars twinkled, 그대를 다시 다시 볼 수 있다면 — If I can meet you once again, 어디에 있건 당장이라도 달려갈 텐데 — I’ll instantly running to wherever you are, https://www.melon.com/song/detail.htm?songId=31624517, How to Write a Statement of Purpose (SOP) for Graduate School, Breaking Down the Graduate Application for a Master’s in Human-Computer Interaction, How the Founder of Honda and an AI Algorithm Saved My Career Crisis, How Google’s homepage has changed over the last 20 years.

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