From Philadelphia,spicy salmon,& rainbow maki. We also invite you to enjoy our new wine - Cupcake Moscato. One piece each of salmon,tuna fish,red snapper,& tuna fish in red wine sauce,California roll & dynamite roll. Spicy tuna fish,New Mexico,& rainbow maki. (VERY SPICY! Original price $17.98, Batter, avocado, cream cheese, spicy white tuna & wrapped w/ smoked salmon. Home; Menu; Online Order; Gallery; Contact Us; Menu. Batter,salmon & spicy mayo.Original price $8.98, Batter,crab meat, cream cheese, & avocado,wrapped w/ red & green flying fish roe. Come visit us and see why we are a local favorite. Enjoy these delicious,deep-fried sesame balls. Vegetarian roll,sweet yam,crispy spicy avocado,avocado & mango rolls. Original Price $12.98, Batter, tuna & spicy mayo. Lunch; Appetizers & Salads; Sushi & Sashimi; Rolls; Entrees; Korean Menu; Party Platters; ... Spicy California Roll & Love Sushi Handroll - 6.95; 4pc Heart Attack Roll & Love Sushi Handroll - 7.50; California Roll & one choice below - 7.99. Three pieces each of salmon,tuna fish, red snapper,surf clam,octopus,crab meat ,squid,mackerel,& shrimp. Special Maki Land   90.00 8 Rolls, Party 7. There is something for everyone at Keeping with the octopus theme, we have a new Octopus Roll. Original price $6.98, Batter, cucumer, tempura shrimp, wrapped w/ avocado, B.B.Q eel, & topped w/ eel sauce. An assorted mix of vegetables,coated in tempura. Choose from a large selecfion of rice and noodle dishes. We specialize in Japanese cuisine – but we offer some Korean tastes as well!. Chicken Teriyaki Roll; Beef Teriyaki Roll; Mexican Roll; Original price is $8.98. Entrees and more. Fresh steamed buns,loaded with egg custard. Original price $7.98, Batter,cucumber,tempura shrimp,avocado,eel sauce,& flying fish roe. Menu . Cucumber & avocado roll,dynamite roll,rainbow roll,crispy avocado roll&Hawaii roll. An assortment of meats with ramen noodles. Original price $18.98, Crab meat, cheddar cheese, avocado, egg, spicy sauce, eel sauce, & flying fish roe. Contact Us. Rice, Beef, Egg, Veggies, Seaweed served in a hot stone bowl, Korean Hot Sauce (on the side), side of Kimchi, & side of Omelet. There is something for everyone at Love Sushi… (DEEP FRIED) Go For Sushi Roll (6 pcs), R30. Batter, cream cheese,BBQ eel.Lettuce and dried Pork Floss with Tempura Shrimp on top,dressed with eel sauce &Hachi spicy sauce. Same day orders are subject to 15% surcharge. (VERY SPICY!) Original price is $18.98. Whether you stay in and eat, or take our food to go to eat in the Sweet deep-fried chicken on fluffy white rice. Our party platters are perfect for: office parties, luncheons, seminars, weddings, meetings, conferences, or any other special events, parties, and celebrations. 7pcs & California Roll - 12.95 C. 7pcs, Spicy Tuna & California Roll - 15.95, Sashimi A. Visit our Columbia location as well. Contact. Try our Takoyaki! Deep fried soft-shell crab, Avocado, Cucumber, and Crab meat with flying fish roe on top and eel sauce. 5 pcs & California Roll - 10.50 B. Thick udon noodles with savoury beef brisket. Sticky Rice with Treasures in Lotus Leaf, R28. order & pay first Cheddar Cheese,egg,bacon,avocado with green onion on top,dressed with spicy sauce. Savoury broth loaded with noodles & wontons. Vigi Land   80.00 7 Rolls + 9 Sushi, Party 6. Original price $14.98. Enjoy Hachi Sushi"s delicious specialty dish! Click here to contact I Love Sushi Clovis. Our commitment to our customers can be felt the moment you walk through our doors. patio. Original price $12.98, Salmon, crab meat, avocado, white tuna & eel sauce. Maguro Katsu - 10.95. Coke,Diet Coke,Sprite,Giner Ale,Ice Tea,Root Beer. Three pieces each of salmon,tuna fish, red snapper,surf clam,octopus,crab meat,squid,mackerel,& smoked salmon. (VERY SPICY!) through different ways! Original price is $14.28. Delivery . MIXED VEGETABLESESAME CHICKENEGG ROLLS (2)FRIED RICE, DEEP FRIED SHRIMP (4)SESAMED CHICKENMIXED VEGETABLECHOW MEIN, CRISPY GINGER BEEFMIXED VEGETABLESESAME CHICKENEGG ROLLS (3)FRIED RICE, DEEP FRIED SHRIMP (6)CRISPY GINGER BEEFMIXED VEGETABLESESAME CHICKENCHOW MEIN, DEEP FRIED CHICKEN WINGS(8)CRISPY GINGER BEEFMIXED VEGETABLESESAME CHICKENEGG ROLLS (4)FRIED RICE, DEEP FRIED CHICKEN WINGS(8)DEEP FRIED SHRIMP (8)CRISPY GINGER BEEFMIXED VEGETABLESESAME CHICKENCHOW MEIN, DEEP FRIED CHICKEN WINGS(8)GENRAL TAO’S CHICKENCRISPY GINGER BEEFMIXED VEGETABLESESAME CHICKENEGG ROLLS (5)FRIED RICE, DEEP FRIED CHICKEN WINGS(8)DEEP FRIED SHRIMP (10)GENRAL TAO’S CHICKENCRISPY GINGER BEEFMIXED VEGETABLESESAME CHICKENCHOW MEIN, Copyright © All Rights Reserved | Powered by chinesemenu.comLogin, D17 Stir-Fried Wu dong Noodle with Chicken (NEW), D17 Stir-Fried Wu Dong Noodle with Beef (NEW), D17 Stir-Fried Wu Dong Noodle with Seafood (NEW), D18 Stir-Fried Mixed Vegetables with Chicken (NEW), D18 Stir-Fried Mixed Vegetables with Beef (NEW), D19 Spare Ribs with Black Bean Sauce (NEW), K2. Original price $7.98, Batter, cucumber, tempura shrimp, avocado, wrapped w/ salmon & topped with eel sauce. Delivery is now available. Ninja Roll - 12.95. At the time (and for a number of years following), we were the only restaurant of its kind, providing delicious, eclectic eats in a lively Asian atmosphere. Love Sushi…, Love sushi Not just in a restaurant but an institution. Tako Wasabi - 4.99 . full service. comfort of your own home, you will see why we are so proud of our sushi.…, Appetizers, Salads, Dessert,Drinks, Nigiri and sashimi Three pieces each of salmon,tuna fish,red snapper, surf clam, tuna in red wine ,& octopus. Enjoy good food – and good company! Original price $7.98, Cucumber, avocado, sushi shrimp, crab meat, & mayo. Green beans,sprinkled with pepper and salt. Cucumber, Cream Cheese and Sweet Yam Tempura. or Credit Cards around. * At least 24 hours notice preferred. eat our sushi. I Love Sushi 620 W.Covell Blvd #B, Davis, CA 95646 Get directions. Two pieces each of red snapper,tamago,tuna in red wine sauce,salmon rose,& seaweed salad sushi,thirty pieces of maki rolls features rainbow,sweet yam,California,spicy salmon,&crispy spicy avocado roll. Love Sushi Special 1   124.65 1 Roll + 30 Sushi, Love Sushi Special 2   124.85 2 Rolls + 27 Sushi, Love Sushi Special 3   83.64 3 Rolls + 18 Sushi, Party 5. Deep-fried chicken coated in a sweet sauce. We served Mocha, Mango and Respberry flavor. Prices are subject to change without notice and do not include tax. Special Menu. Original price $16.98, Batter, yam, avocado, B.B.Q eel sauce, spicy mayo, wrapped w/ deep-fried B.B.Q eel. Roll spicy scallop, shrimp tempura, cucumber & avocado on top 11.95, Albacore Roll crab meat, cucumber, avocado, albacore, red onion 10.95, Crunch Roll shrimp tempura, avocado, crab meat, cucumber, battered tempura mix on top 10.95, Doo Be Doo Roll fired calamari, crab meat, cucumber, avocado; (out) big eye tuna 10.95, Dynamite Roll crab meat, cucumber, avocado, mushroom, scallop, smelt egg, green onion 10.95, Eskimo Roll spicy salmon, cream cheese, asparagus, cucumber; (out) salmon 10.95, Fire Cracker Roll spicy scallop, cucumber, tuna on top 10.95, Hot Night Roll cucumber, avocado, shrimp tempura, crab meat, spicy tuna 10.95, Rainbow Roll assorted fish & avocado on top of California roll 10.95, Red Dragon Roll crab meat, cucumber, avocado, tuna, salmon 10.95, Stuntman Roll crab meat, smelt egg, cucumber, spicy tuna; (out) salmon 10.95, Tarantula Roll crab meat, cucumber, soft shell crab; (out) avocado 10.95, Hawaiian Roll crab meat, cucumber, avocado, spicy tuna, green onion, masago 9.95, Spicy Tuna Tempura Roll spicy tuna, avocado, deep fried; green onion smelt egg 9.95, Spider Roll soft shell crab, cucumber, avocado & crab meat, smelt egg 9.50, Three Times Lady Roll tuna, salmon, albacore, avocado, cucumber 8.95, Crazy Roll deep fried California roll, green onion, smelt egg 7.50, Jefferson Roll chopped yellowtail, avocado, green onion, deep fried; smelt egg 7.50, Vegetable Tempura Roll vegetable tempura 7.50, Salmon Tempura Roll crab, avocado, salmon tempura, cucumber 5.95, Sushi Combination A. See Our Menu. We want you to have a pleasurable and memorable dining experience every time you *Choices: Tempura or 2pc Sushi or 3pc Sashimi(Sushi & Sashimi prepared with choices of Tuna (white), Salmon, or Albacore), Chicken Teriyaki PlatePork Katsu PlateChicken Katsu Plate, Arigato Roll soft shell crab, fried shrimp, cucumber; (out) yellowtail, salmon & tuna 14.95, I Love Tuna Roll (in) spicy tuna, cucumber & fried shrimp; (out) tuna & avocado on top of spicy tuna 13.95, Baby Lobster Roll california roll over lobster 12.95, Lobster Roll lobster, cucumber, 4 kinds of veggies 12.50, Love Sushi Special Roll (in) soft shell crab, cucumber & crab meat; (out) fresh water eel & avocado 12.50, Baked Salmon Roll crab meat, avocado, fresh salmon, smelt egg, green onion 11.95, B.Y.E.

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