As a result, I’m not going to severely “knock” down the DSL 201’s overall rating because of that as it would be unfair. The DSL 201 also has a single input and a standby and illuminated power switch. item 3 Marshall JCM 2000 Duel Super Lead DSL Guitar Amp ad 1997 advertisement print - Marshall JCM 2000 Duel Super Lead DSL Guitar Amp ad 1997 advertisement ... Black Vinyl Cover w/Piping Option (mars037) $59.95 +$10.95 shipping. The DSL 201 marks a vast improvement in tonal versatility over both its JCM 900 and JCM 800 predecessors. Turning up the gain control on the clean channel and increasing the mids provided some nice bluesy tones. Realistically though, we need to understand that to hand wire components and chassis-mount all the volume and tone pots will result in a higher cost and that musicians themselves will ultimately have to absorb the difference. Save when ordering this complete packet of grill cloth samples. There is no additional switch available to turn reverb on or off however and this would have been a nice touch. Hot Mod V2 Now Available for Marshall Studio Series Heads! Marshall’s JCM 2000 Dual Super Lead series of amps are designed for musicians that require two independent channels of pure tube Marshall tone at a reasonable price. Position pieces carefully prior to bringing surfaces together as bond is made instantly. 202 results for marshall jcm 2000 amp cover Save marshall jcm 2000 amp cover to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. All vinyl colors have a generous, bonded felt backing to provide protection against bumps and scratches. To those same people, those particular periods of history were also the times when amplifiers were made the best. The reverb effect is quite nice, though it does not offer as dramatic a sound as many other reverbs in other amplifiers. The bottom line is that for the majority of players out there, the construction of the DSL 201 is certainly fair. And while it’s not a tone that makes me overly excited to play to make it a “must have” amplifier, I think this has more to do with the fact that I’ve perhaps played through too many great tube amps over the years and perhaps am a little spoiled. With that in mind, LegendaryTones gives it a rating of 8 out of 10. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Grill Cloth - Beige / Brown, Gold Stripe, 59" Wide, Tolex Glue - Brush-on adhesive for applying tolex, Grill Cloth - Oxblood, Gold Stripe, 59" Wide, Grill Cloth - Black / White / Silver, 59" Wide, Grill Cloth - Tan / Brown Wheat, 34" Wide, Tolex - Heavy Weight Black Bronco, 54" Wide, Piping - clear with metal Tinsel, with lip, Grill Cloth - Samples of all Guitar Grill Cloths, Grill Cloth / Tolex - Sample, Approximately 2" x 2", Tolex - Tweed, 64" Wide, Replacement for Fender®, Grill Cloth - Black, basket weave, 34" Wide, Grill Cloth - Marshall, Black Somweave, 32" Wide, Tolex - Medium Weight Black Bronco, 54" Wide, Tolex - Samples of all Tolex / Cabinet Covering, Tolex - Ivory / off-white Bronco, 54" Wide, Tolex - Black Panama, Vox / Hiwatt Style, 54" Wide, Tolex - British Emerald Green Bronco / Levant, 54" Wide, Grill Cloth - Ampeg, Black / Silver, 34" Wide, Grill Cloth - White, warp weave, 34" Wide. All in all, Marshall should be applauded for producing a great little tone box in the DSL 201. So with that realistic thought in mind, let’s now talk about the construction quality of the DSL 201. Black piping, sold per foot. Only time will tell how long amplifiers that are built in this fashion will last before parts such as the plastic pots fail. For my money, if an amp resembles the JCM era, it should have white piping. Add the part number of the sample you're requesting. use temp: 45°F Freezes at 32°F and lower Shelf Life: 6 Months Directions: Surfaces to be bonded must be clean. As a practice amp, or as a club or gigging amp, the DSL 201 offers a wide range of tonal options. I couldn’t help but think that this little amp could do so much more if it only had a presence control like most other Marshalls. You can use this part to request a sample of any of our Tolex or Grill Cloth offerings - simply enter the part number of the sample you'd like. Attached pockets are available for most models to conveniently store cords and cables. Refund requests must be made within 14 days after receipt of the order and covers must be returned within 14 days of the approved request. Features. Given all of the pluses and minuses, the Marshall DSL 201 does offer a good value and a nice tube sound. Its decay is smooth thankfully and for those that like a moderate amount of reverb in the mix, I’m sure that the DSL 201’s will be more than just satisfactory. For a reasonably priced tube combo amp, the DSL 201 has a nice range of tones. It is no secret that most musicians are sensitive to prices and so companies need to market and produce its products with those things in mind. Tolex - British Emerald Green Bronco / Levant, 54" Wide. Gone are the days of the “hand-wired” boards from the classic amplifiers produced in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Covered in heavy elephant grain vinyl with protective plastic corners, and using sonically transparent black grill cloth trimmed with white vinyl piping, the DSL 201 is both rugged and handsome. out jack, FX Loop, loudspeaker output jack, AC 120V input receptacle, and two fuses. This time can be shortened with forced air and/or heat. Introduced in 1997, it was hailed as the next step to Marshall's famed JCM 800 and JCM 900 series. Apply a very thin coat to both surfaces. Treated with care and with a little luck, the amplifier should provide many years of trouble-free operation. This product hasn't received any reviews yet. The Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 100 is a 100 Watt, EL34 based tube amp head with two channels and a comfortable variety of tones and features. ROCK IT! Allow to 'flash off' for 20-30 minutes.

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