"They probably should have been out eight or 10 years ago because they should have been convicted of first-degree manslaughter, which is a different punishment than first-degree murder.". I believe that very strongly," said Vander Molen. The killer—Ramón Mercader—was a Spanish communist and probable agent of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin. "I know that they would never, ever have done what they did unless they felt that they had no choice — that it was either them or their parents. Blood Brothers becomes even worse when older son Lyle Menendez (Nico Tortorella) reveals he was also abused as a child. There was no time frame established for the alleged sexual abuse by Kitty Menendez, so the jury was free to speculate it could have been the day before the killings. Brian Andersen, Kitty Menendez’s brother, claimed to ABC News that the sexual abuse allegations were false. At age 13, Erik Menendez confided that his father was molesting him, a cousin testified Tuesday. In this file photo, Lyle Menendez looks back at the spectators in the courtroom during final arguments in the second murder trial of Lyle and his brother Erik in the Van Nuys section of Los Angeles, Feb. 22, 1996. Politics had long been the Harrison family business. 1 day ago. After spending over 20 years separated behind bars, brothers Lyle and Erik Menendez, convicted of killing their parents after notorious trials in the 1990s, are finally being housed at the same prison -- and their reunion was an emotional one. In 1975, a ...read more, On the night of August 20, 1968, approximately 200,000 Warsaw Pact troops and 5,000 tanks invade Czechoslovakia to crush the “Prague Spring”—a brief period of liberalization in the communist country. The fact that Lyle wasn’t allowed to present corroborating evidence of sexual abuse was mainly due to his failure to take the witness stand. At trial, prosecutors alleged that the brothers, who lived a life of privilege, murdered their parents out of greed, hoping to get their hands on the family fortune. "In hindsight, I wish that I would have been stronger about what Lyle was telling me so I could have done something to help them," she said. The new Law & Order series, True Crime, is focusing on the infamous trial of brothers Erik and Lyle Menendez, who fired 15 shotgun rounds into their parents in 1989 in Beverly Hills. Rand said the last few years Lyle told him that he "missed his brother so much. Both involve young adults killing a parent or parents after years of alleged abuse – both physical and emotional – committed by a loved parent or parents. ", 24/7 coverage of breaking news and live events. They can now see each other every day at meals and in the exercise yard, Rand said. by Grayson Gilcrease The Menendez brothers, who were convicted of killing their parents in their Beverly Hills mansion nearly three decades ago, have been reunited in the Southern California prison San Diego's R.J. Donovan Correctional Facility. 8 hours ago, by Brea Cubit An undated image from Google Maps shows the San Diego's R.J. Donovan Correctional Facility. As for the NBC show, the producers make no bones about who they believe. Authorities arrested the brothers in 1990 after their psychologist’s girlfriend went to police claiming Erik had confessed the murders to the psychologist during a session and Lyle had threatened the doctor’s life, thus voiding doctor-patient privilege. California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation via AP, FILE. Their mother, Kitty Menendez, was shot several times in her torso and face. In March 1996, both Lyle and Erik were convicted and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. The big obstacle Abramson faced was that there was no history of abuse that could be demonstrated in court, i.e. talking to a psychologist about the abuse, photographs of injuries, or medical charts recording the abuse. So Abramson enlisted Paul Mones, a children's rights advocate who authored the book When a Child Kills: Abused Children Who Kill Their Parents. On August 20, 1619, “20 and odd” Angolans, kidnapped by the Portuguese, arrive in the British colony of Virginia and are then bought by English colonists. READ MORE: Why the Menendez Brothers Killed Their Parents—a Look Inside Their Murder Case. They then drove up to Mulholland Drive, where they dumped their shotguns before continuing to a local movie theater to buy tickets as an alibi. He and his brother Lyle are being retried for the 1989 murder of their parents in Beverly Hills, Calif. Erik, left, and Lyle Menendez are seen here as a young men in this undated family photo. At the retrial, which began in October 1995, the judge was much more restrictive in allowing the defense attorneys to focus on the alleged sexual abuse. ☝️, Awesome, You’re All Set! When the pair returned home, Lyle called 911 and cried, “Somebody killed my parents!” The Menendez murders became a national sensation when the new television network, Court TV, broadcast the trial in 1993. There was also a damaging confession tape where Lyle can be heard discussing murdering his parents as if it was no big deal, while Erik cried in the background. Czechoslovakians protested the invasion with public demonstrations and other ...read more, On August 20, 1911, a dispatcher in the New York Times office sends the first telegram around the world via commercial service. According to Barbara Walters’ report, Could the menendez Brothers get a Retrial?, in the second trial: Erik and Lyle Menendez were convicted of killing their parents in their Beverly Hills home in 1989. Lyle and Erik Menendez's cousin who testified about their sexual abuse speaks out for 1st time, What it was like to cover the Menendez murder trial: Reporter's notebook, Lyle Menendez on prison life, separation from his brother Erik Menendez. ", "It's absolutely horrible, but when you see the information, I think people are going to realize well, yeah, they did it, but it wasn't first-degree murder with no possibility of parole," said Wolf. When the trial began in the summer of 1993, the Menendez brothers put on a spirited defense. Lewis and Clark left St. Louis the previous May, heading up the Missouri River with a party of 35 men, ...read more, On August 20, 1918, Jacqueline Susann, the author of Valley of the Dolls, the 1966 mega-hit novel about the showbiz lives of three women (reportedly modeled in part after Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly), is born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While in separate prisons, they couldn't talk on the phone, but they did write letters to each other and would play chess by sending moves to each other through snail mail, Rand said. Until this week, the last time Lyle and Erik Menendez saw each other was Sept. 10, 1996, said Robert Rand, a journalist who has covered the case since 1989 and was a consultant for NBC's 2017 TV series on the brothers. And Erik had also talked about how much he missed Lyle. At the time of his birth, Harrison’s father was serving Ohio in the United States House of Representatives, while his grandfather, William Henry ...read more, Sergeant Charles Floyd dies three months into the voyage of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, becoming the only member of the Corps of Discovery to die during the journey. On April 4, Eric was transferred to Lyle's housing facility within that prison, and in that facility, all the inmates have the ability to interact with one another, she said. All Rights Reserved. 5 hours ago, by Monica Sisavat The meeting led to the creation of the American Professional Football ...read more, Future President Benjamin Harrison is born in North Bend, Ohio on August 20, 1833. Jose and Kitty Menendez are seen here in this undated family photo. There is no reference to any sexual abuse on the tape. Erik had been at this San Diego facility since July 2013, she said. An Oct. 31, 2016 photo provided by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation shows Erik Menendez (L) and a Feb. 22, 2018 photo provided by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation shows Lyle Menendez. The defense argued the brothers’ acted in self-defense after years enduring their parents’ abuse. But when Lyle was transferred in February, they were housed in different sections so they could not interact, Thornton said. In addition to their cousin, both boys took the stand to detail the years of alleged abuse. For the next three years, a legal battle was fought over the admissibility of Dr. Oziel’s tapes. "use strict";(function(){var insertion=document.getElementById("citation-access-date");var date=new Date().toLocaleDateString(undefined,{month:"long",day:"numeric",year:"numeric"});insertion.parentElement.replaceChild(document.createTextNode(date),insertion)})(); FACT CHECK: We strive for accuracy and fairness. Speaking with critics at the 2017 TCA summer press tour, executive producer Dick Wolf stated outright that this show "has an agenda. Their reunion began when Lyle was transferred from Northern California's Mule Creek State Prison to San Diego's R.J. Donovan Correctional Facility in February 2018, corrections department spokeswoman Terry Thornton told ABC News. Sign up for our Celebrity & Entertainment newsletter. Born in ...read more, Viking 1, an unmanned U.S. planetary probe, is launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, on a mission to Mars. Get the daily inside scoop right in your inbox. Abramson also said the mother was an unstable alcoholic who turned a blind eye to the abuses and even sometimes committed abuse of her own. The Menendez brothers murder their parents, https://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/the-menendez-brothers-murder-their-parents. Although the Menendez brothers were not immediately suspected, Erik couldn’t take the guilt and confessed his involvement to his psychotherapist, Dr. L. Jerome Oziel.

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