Berlin was hit with a nuclear bomb. Among the various members of Section 9, Kusanagi is usually the one Chief Aramaki singles out to accompany him on official and off the record business. Blessed are those that have voice. Kusanagi's various incarnations in the manga, movies, and TV series all portray her differently. I read someone saying how she is 15 in Arise??? Therefore the anime, manga and movies, are three separate alternate universes. She's very curious about the programs, since she's from a canon point where she's fixated on AI almost to the exclusion of anything else. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Almost nothing is known about her, her origins, birthdate, etc. She is voiced by Atsuko Tanaka in the movies and the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex series. She goes scuba diving for relaxation, although she is so heavy that she would sink like an anchor if any malfunction in her buoyancy devices were to occur. She may well qualify as the best cybershell operator. The boy had lost the use of much of his body except for his left hand, which he used to make origami cranes non-stop in order to make a wish for the unconscious Motoko to wake up. As Batou and Kusanagi attempt to leave the city, Umibozu commandos ambush and subsequently arrest Batou, and supposedly assassinate Kusanagi. Since each of these has an independent storyline, Kusanagi's physical and mental characteristics have been modified in different ways to reflect the focus of each respective story. I can tell you that Togusa is 24 in ARISE. I must look up the others to see how far off I was with my assumptions. Motoko was already a Major during WWIV. During Section 9’s transportation of the plutonium to the SPring-8 synchrotron radiation facility for analysis, the Japanese Self Defense Army and Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force are officially ordered to mobilize and head for Dejima Island, where the refugees have declared their independence. In the dark future of Ghost in the Shell, there is only war. In the sequel Ghost in the Shell 2: Man/Machine Interface, a person known as Motoko Aramaki appears. Stole Batou's car keys without him noticing. These nerves render her e-sex acts especially pleasurable; therefore, she makes a good profit from these activities. The Major retains much of her personality from the manga in the anime series Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and its followup Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. She's not trying to antagonize (except when she is), she's just no good at the parts of life that don't involve hurting people. Motoko is a commanding presence when on assignment, but also trades insults with her troops. She gets away with it because she's damn good at what she does, and she attracts subordinates of an equal caliber. Her fatalistic attitude towards her diving thoroughly confounds Batou. The Major could best be described as a loner, relying very little on outside help to accomplish her goals. That day, he relented and underwent cyberization, later becoming Hideo Kuze. She also uses herself as a honeypot on several occasions, distracting a male police officer and at one point posing as a sex doll. With the aid of the Tachikomas in their new net agent forms, the Major gains access to the central CIS database and learns that the CIS is behind a recent series of terrorist events in Japan, and also confirms that Section 9 is being manipulated in an effort to sway public opinion against the growing refugee population in Japan. At around age six, Motoko needed to convert into a full prosthetic body with only her brain and part of her spinal cord remaining organic, the rest of her body was entirely artificial and she spent years getting accustomed to using it, upgrading from one model to another as she aged. As a result, she underwent full cyberization at the age of nine with the only organic part of her remaining being a portion of her brain. As Section 9 regroups from the Dejima operation, Kusanagi and Batou receive word that Gouda intends to defect to the American Empire. Motoko Kusanagi's character is distinctly different in the movies because Ghost in the Shell and Ghost in the Shell: Innocence both follow one continuous time-line that is separate from the anime series as well as the original manga from which it is derived. Using a satellite transmission, she attempts to download her ghost into one of the Hadaly gynoid production models - however, due to the insufficient memory of the gynoid's e-brain, she is only able to download a fraction of her full ghost into the doll. Section 9 operates in Niihama-Shi (New Port City) but its exact headquaters are top secret. Upon arriving in Dejima, the Major and her teammates become separated after a JMSDF helicopter attack, leaving Kusanagi to pursue Kuze by herself. Some of this ambiguity may also be attributed to mistranslations of the anime and manga series into English prior to distribution in North America and other English speaking countries. age: I dunno. Her sub-brain can access any kind of … In rare cases, Motoko will adopt other styles of dress appropriate to her surroundings, such as a London police officer and a garbage lady. Ishikawa and Batou (with whom she would seem to develop mutual feelings of attraction) may have served with her in the past during their tour of duty in the military. After Section 9's fall, Togusa sets out to assassinate the man responsible for its dissolution when he is intercepted by Batou, who brings him back to the team's new headquarters. An overhead view of Kusanagi in her Tan Military Officers Uniform. Ghost in the Shell is a futuristic, police/noir thriller, set around the mid-21st Century, dealing with the reality of corporate power structures, and cyber terrorism, against a backdrop of technological advancement, and transhumanist cyberisation, in a Neo-Japanese state. In the English dubbing of the original film, she is voiced by Mimi Woods. Varies via hacking | Unknown, Durability: At least Wall level (Her cybernetic body is complete with a titanium skeleton and is essentially immune to most small arms fire, got slammed into the ground by a mech and then stomped on hard enough to have cratered the ground beneath her[1]), higher with think tanks. Motoko was unable to do so because she had not yet mastered such minute motor control, and the boy rejected the cyberization because he wanted to continue to make paper cranes for Motoko, whom he thought had died. As Batou and Kusanagi attempt to leave the city, Umibozu commandos ambush and subsequently arrest Batou, and supposedly assassinate Kusanagi. Articles containing Japanese-language text, Articles with invalid date parameter in template, Anime and manga characters with superhuman strength, Fictional characters who can turn invisible, Ghost in the Shell 2: Man/Machine Interface, File:Ghost in the Shell - Major Kusanagi.png, Ghost in the Shell 1.5: Human-Error Processor, Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C.

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