(source: punkrocktheory.com), (…) unrelenting  “Error”  reflect a longing for both passion and freedom. give readers a perfect insight on the song's meaning. The chorus is saying that we’re going to remain here together and nothing’s going to change that.”, He continued: “It’s a dichotomy of reflecting on negative things, but coming out of it optimistic.”. (source: xsnoize.com), The skittish strobing rush of ‘Radiant City’… (source: noizze.co.uk), ‘Radiant City’ has a very old-school Deftones vibe that at first feels a little out of place on this album before growing on you. “Urantia”: It’s also a Deftones song. And you know, we obviously have a nice rapport, a nice working relationship together and so there’s definitely trust. We’ve never just been a metal band, we’ve never just been an alternative band, we’ve always just been us. It's just always going to be a song I love. He came out to the studio and we’re talking about things and he was trying to get some ideas of what’s happening so he can go off into his hole and come up with some stuff. Not a single song is misplaced or deserves just a glance. After two and a half decades, Deftones are still finding new ways to energize, enrage, and inspire themselves – and with Ohms… Don't write just "I love this song." Check. THEPRP.

appealing. So yeah it was just one of those things but then all these people started lay that picture over these eyes of Chi and it really matches up crazy…”.

artist: "Deftones", Pompeji Add links, pictures and videos to make your explanation more If he felt slightly removed on 2016’s, (…) both Stephen Carpenter and Abe Cunningham have their roles brought closer to the fore, the former in scathing guitar lines like on, As we hit the mid-way mark, ‘The Spell of Mathematics‘ opens with a low-end rambunctious intro, before Chino sings and screams a dreamy, melancholic melody that at times, echos the tone and delivery of one Robert Smith [The Cure]. When asked about whether or not he has a favorite song at the moment from the as-yet unreleased new effort, he replied: “I like it all obviously because it’s new and we haven’t played it 17 million times, all these songs, it’s always nice to have new stuff. And if you are looking for some ethereal brooding, they have you covered.

(source: ghostcultmag.com). I am baffled.

Rhythms that shapeshift from hip hop to hardcore? “Ohms” briskly launches into expectedly joyous melodies with mesmerizing riffs and cathartic grooves, concluding the album on a much-needed, energetic high note. This kind of music was boring 20 years ago. Usually culprits for slick and sexy metal, this record seems to go into more mysterious and eery territory. }; Deftones drummer Abe Cunningham recently chatted with 105.7 The Point about the band’s forthcoming new album “Ohms” and more.When asked about whether or not he has a favorite song at the moment from the as-yet unreleased new effort, he replied: “I like it all obviously because it’s new and we haven’t played it 17 million times, all these songs, it’s always nice to have new stuff.
What's this? Ohms breaks that trend, with more focused songs, and a renewed love of hard-rocking guitar riffs that may rekindle the band’s relationship with fans that jumped ship after White Pony.

The band are experienced when it comes to delivering album openers as mission statements, and kick things off with aplomb, the song’s explosive ending crashing into ‘Ceremony’ with not a second to spare. “Jesus Christ, you gave your life, but we die in vain,” he sings over guitars corroded and rusted like a prolific backwoods murderer’s trophy-taker.

Before you get started, be sure to check out these explanations created And that’s my one right now, it changes every few days, but I’ve had time to live with the record too…. ‘Ohms’ is launched with the release of the title track along with a dramatic accompanying video by director Rafatoon. It soars and then pummels you into the asphalt.

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