Dinner experiences are typically capped off by a tea ceremony in the space’s adjacent tatami room. In a traditional omakase experience, the chef will observe the diner’s reaction to each course and use it to guide the subsequent choice of dishes. We were late on our reservation” more, “Been to many great sushi restaurants in Toronto, I think this one was just okay. Just really great! This tiny eight-seater restaurant (or, more accurately, eight-stander) is tucked behind a folding wooden door in Assembly Chef’s Hall, managing to feel completely removed from the hustle and bustle. It's not trust if you peek. (Just be sure to eat quickly!) I will have to come back and try the omakase in person whenever this pandemic ends!” more, “Came by to try this sushi place on a recommendation from a friend who loved her sushi experience. Located in the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, the restaurant is helmed by Masaki Hashimoto, who studied kaiseki cuisine for 10 years before moving to Canada and setting up this tiny, three-table restaurant. There's a variety of options here, from solely sushi to just sashimi, plus a pricier mix of both with apps and homemade dessert too. You'll have to order your omakase meal in advance, and a reservation is highly suggested, but the wait is worth it for a meal at this cozy little restaurant right in Toronto's burgeoning Little Tokyo 'hood. Even the decor is rare, with the sushi bar crafted from a hinoki cypress tree, which is typically only used to construct shrines and temples in Japan. @Kenny L: I think you mean they are Sushi Restaurants serving Omakase. This omakase offers a chef's choice option of affordable classic sushi for lunch and at night, blowtorched selections instead. The epitome of an upscale omakase, this sleek midtown restaurant run by chef-owner Jackie Lin requires guests to ditch the shoes and opt for slippers instead. Load Reasonable price and super fresh inventory that makes their sushi so fresh. Aburi Restaurants Canada, the restaurant group behind Miku Toronto and Tora, brings Kyoto’s elegant kyō-kaiseki style of dining to Yorkville. And the dining slots allowed diners to only have 1 hour at the sushi bar. If you've never been to Japan's famous Tsujiki Market, not to worry. “ or standing around from any of the cooks. Much of the Skippa’s fish is sourced from the Fukuoka Fish Market, and the produce comes from small Ontario farms. This high-end Harbord Village restaurant may be itty bitty, but that's part of what makes it the quintessential omakase experience. It, too, is often unpredictable, with the courses changing regularly (often daily) based on what ingredients are fresh and seasonal. Might as well save up for an omakase experience instead for the price” more, “So expensive but delivery was delicious. We were greeted to our seats, and everything was ready and perfect. Skippa feels a bit more casual than your usual omakase, and Chef Ian Robinson—who trained under Chef Mitsuhiro Kaji—offers an affordable omakase based on market fish prices. Fresh fish and generous cuts in the maki. The omakase menu covers five seasonal dishes, six nigiri, one hand roll and a dessert. Location is further west in the City nestled among trendy shops and restaurants on St. Clair West. Please check your email for further instructions. Between buzzed-about recent openings such as Sushi Masaki Saito and Hana Yorkville and long-running favourites that have been pleasing our palates for years, Toronto can’t seem to get enough of Japan’s surprise-me styles of dining. When my waiter asked what I wanted to drink, I asked about the sake fleet. Known for their flame-seared sushi, Miku offers two options of kaiseki dinners with multiple chef-selected courses. Diners have a strict 30-minute time limit to enjoy the 11 nigiri and one hand roll that are presented to them. But we still love the connection with their chefs in this…” more, “I'd give them 5 stars only for the green tea opera cake. I would recommend” more, “ preorder the omakase. The sushi rolls were okayish and honestly we expected better for the premium price they charge. The fish featured on Shoushin’s menu is wild caught, with about 70 per cent sourced from Japan, and is prepared in the traditional edomae style (see Sushi Masaki Saito above). Our main ingredients are seafood primarily imported from Japan, specifically for each reservation and party of guests.

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