Sabich is already conflicted, given his personal relationship, and it develops greater intensity as he is charged with the murder.

A motion picture adaptation starring Harrison Ford was released in 1990. 4★.

Wish I’d known before I got.

For whatever reason, he reached for her and she soon became his mistress. A motion picture adaptation starring Harrison Ford was released in 1990.[3]. (I'm sure Turow would say it's the character speaking and not. "[5], Before the original novel was released in August 1987, director Sydney Pollack bought the film rights for $1 million.
Ultimately the story is Rusty's trial, with the inimitable Sandy Stern for the defence, and Rusty's wife Barbara as supporting pillar.

[4] Kevin J. Hamilton of The Seattle Times called its story "clever, chilling and wildly unpredictable.

The novel was adapted for the movie by American writer Frank Pierson and film-maker Alan J. Pakula, who also directed the movie. I totally was in awe of it.

My (ex) husband read the book first and kept saying how good it was. There's an excellent 1990 Harrison Ford movie version but read the book first! Not a book I hate but a book that I couldn't get into. I remember thinking that the book spent more time on legal technicalities than the other thrillers that I'd read. When the trial begins the prosecution announces that the glass is missing.

Chief Prosecutor Rusty Sabich tells of being accused and put on trial for the murder of his ex-lover Carolyn Polhemus. Scott Turow is the author of ten bestselling works of fiction, including IDENTICAL, INNOCENT, PRESUMED INNOCENT, and THE BURDEN OF PROOF, and two nonfiction books, including ONE L, about his experience as a law student. It is told in the first person by the accused, Rožat "Rusty" Sabich.

An ingenius solution to the mystery too. I think we need to recognize when murders are beyond the normal, run-of-the-mill rage/vengeance boundaries, and I think Barbara went WAY into mean girl, maybe even a touch psychopathic, territory! Scott Turow falls squarely in the latter category. Refresh and try again.

There were a couple of issues that made me cringe and wish I had fast-forwarded, [ the little boy abused by his mother and the CPA who went to prison, Some lawyers should become writers, others should not. GREAT book! It was a shocker to me.
I was so caught up in the circumstances of the man who DIDN'T kill her.... so yes, it had the intended effect. During the investigation, Rusty learns Horgan also had a brief relationship with Carolyn. I know i can't possibly expect the entire series to be this extraordinary but I'm still super excited that there's more.

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