TTY users call Maryland Relay 711. Terms of Use/Disclaimer. A person who dies is known legally as a “decedent.” When a decedent owned property that does not otherwise pass to a beneficiary as a result of operation of law such as jointly owned property or property held in trust (such assets are sometimes referred to as “probate” assets), an estate must be opened. Orphans’ Court judges are responsible for approving administration accounts, making sure that only appropriate payments are made from estate assets and that distributions are made to the proper beneficiaries or heirs. The Orphans’ Court is Maryland’s probate court and presides over the administration of estates. Wendy A. Cartwright; Athena Malloy Groves; Vicky L. Ivory-Orem; See also. They are provided free of charge. The forms are in "PDF" format, thereby requiring Adobe The Orphans' Court handles all matters involving estates and wills as the probate court in Maryland, and also some guardianship matters of minors. In such cases the guardian is under the supervision of the Orphans’ Court and where the assets due to the minor are $10,000 or more, the guardian must file annual reports with the Orphans’ Court. Examples of reasons for formal hearings include when the Orphans’ Court has to determine: the validity of a particular Will or Codicil (which is an amendment to the original Will); proper beneficiaries or heirs and/or amounts to be distributed to them; who should be appointed personal representative; whether to remove a personal representative who has not properly carried out his or her duties; or what claims (and amounts) may be paid from the estate. This inventory is a list that includes the nature and value of the probate assets. Upper Marlboro, MD 20772. Whether or not there is a Will, when there are probate assets (assets in the decedent’s sole name), a person – referred to as a personal representative – must be appointed to administer the estate. The Orphans’ Court is Maryland’s probate court and presides over the administration of estates. When a person dies with a Last Will and Testament, that Will must be filed with the Register of Wills’ office in the jurisdiction where the decedent lived. Forms with electronic signatures will not be accepted. The forms are revised as required by changes to Maryland Law. 14735 Main Street. Outdated forms may not be accepted.  Maryland Courts, "About the Orphans' Court" Maryland Courts, "Welcome to the Maryland Orphans' Court" To complete a form directly in your web-browser, click the 'FORM DESCRIPTION' to load it, then "Tab" Forms that have been translated into a language other than English can not be accepted. They are available for you to download for your own use. The personal representative is responsible for identifying the decedent’s assets, ensuring that any final debts are valid, paying administration expenses and taxes from the estate, and distributing remaining assets to the proper beneficiaries if there is a Will, or to legal heirs if there is no Will. Before using any of the forms, please read the disclaimer below. Courts in Maryland; Maryland Orphans' Court; Maryland counties; External links. You may not publish them or sell them for profit. Sometimes there are disputes concerning payments to be made to the personal representative or estate attorney. It can be done administratively in the Register of Wills Office or judicially by the Orphans' Court when necessary. Use Microsoft Internet Explorer browser (type, Using the Microsoft Edge browser, open a form and then click the Menu button (three dots in upper right corner). Some estates proceed smoothly, and, other than seeing the Orphans’ Court judge’s signature on various estate documents, a personal representative and/or beneficiaries or heirs may have no direct contact with the Orphans’ Court judges. Link: Orphans' Court Page. After that, an administration account must be filed every six months until the estate is closed. Physical Address: 14735 Main Street. In simpler terms, the main job of the Orphans’ Court is to supervise the management of estates of people who have died – with or without a Will – while owning property in their sole name. In formal hearings, the Orphans’ Court judges – like any other trial court judges – must consider the evidence submitted (including testimony) and apply the appropriate Maryland laws in order to resolve the dispute. These forms may be downloaded or … All rights reserved. Some estates may qualify for a streamlined procedure called “modified estate administration,” in which the personal representative may make final distribution to the heirs and legatees within twelve months from the time he was appointed. Generally, unless there is litigation involved or real estate needs to be sold, most estates are able to be wrapped up within nine to eighteen months of the decedent’s death.Orphans’ Court Judges General Information 301-952-3318. Courthouse 14735 Main Street Upper Marlboro, MD 20772 Phone: 301-952-3655 Prince George's County Portal Functionality may be limited with older versions. If you are using the Microsoft Edge browser that is standard with Windows 10, the fill-in capabilities of the forms may not be available. Copyright © 2020 Maryland Judiciary. In all other estate proceedings (“regular estates”), a personal representative must file an inventory with the Register of Wills. Version 11, or higher, of Adobe Reader is recommended. Orphans’ Court judges run for general election every four years. Generally, payment of attorney’s fees or personal representative’s commissions made from estate assets must be approved by the Orphans’ Court. They may not be altered in any way. Upper Marlboro, MD 20772. The estate might consist for example of a car, boat, jewelry/heirlooms, cash, bank accounts, stocks, bonds, real estate or various types of business interests. Judges The 3 judges of the Orphans' Court for Prince George’s County must be attorneys, licensed to practice law in the State of Maryland. Judges. If the decedent dies without a Will, that is, “intestate,” Maryland laws provide who has the highest priority to be appointed to administer the estate and who is entitled to inherit in what amounts. These forms may be downloaded or completed online and The Prince George's County Orphans Court is an orphan's court in Prince George's County, Maryland. Reader software to be installed on your computer. Within nine months of his or her appointment, the personal representative must file an administration account to show what the decedent owned at death, what was received since death, what payments were made from the estate, and what distributions are expected to be made to the beneficiaries or legal heirs. In simpler terms, the main job of the Orphans’ Court is to supervise the management of estates of people who have died – with or without a Will – while owning property in their sole name.

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