This book reminds us to embrace who we really are, even when that seems different from everyone else. Suddenly the world is over. This book teaches children how to focus on their breath while letting thoughts, feelings, and worries pop away like bubbles. The materials provided include, a 3-step lesson plan, read aloud comprehension questions, two student activities and a student journal. This quirky and funny book explains just does what happen when we all put on a happy face, and teaches children that it’s okay to feel their feelings. by Gabi Garcia. Rather than telling everyone how to pronounce her name, she asks her classmates to make a name up for her. She lost her mother when she was young, and because of the tensions between the two new countries, she is now a refugee. It happens to all of us, and the best of us. It’s hard to sift through them. Our kids literally cannot control their emotions—because their brains aren’t fully developed. This resource is for classroom teachers, school counselors, or other school staff looking to integrate social emotional learning into the classroom. The Feeling Flower follows a flower named Zippy and her feelings throughout the day. They soon become famous for their hunting prowess. How are they supposed to express the hard ones like grief, anger, or sadness without the language to describe them? Here are some of the best children’s books about emotions, for kids and parents alike. Calm Corner Printables for the Classroom or Home, Feelings Check-In and Feelings Posters for Counseling and SEL, Feelings Posters with Printable and Digital Activities for Distance Learning, Printable Yoga Cards and Posters: Yoga Poses with Simple Sequences. Billy and his dogs, Old Dan and Lil’ Ann, are inseparable. It’s a fun book to play in the mirror and practice noticing yours and others’ emotions. Oh, the tamper tantrums that come with toddlers and preschoolers. It teaches children to sit down and name their feelings. Bombaloo comes with a bang, and when he goes, Katie’s mother understands and helps her to make amends to her little brother. Why is it here? Watch your favorite TV streaming live or on demand. Your email address will not be published. In this short, bright story, a little boy who feels sad decorates a hat with things he likes, until he rediscovers his happiness. Forward. This helps build their capacity to be mindful, to self regulate, and to develop their emotional resilience. Stuck in that transition between being a kid and not being a kid anymore, it can be a heavy time for both kids and parents. It teaches children about thankfulness and being aware of what they consume—as we all live in this world together. For Kids is an entertaining story that sees Felix losing and gaining drops from his bucket during a typical day at school. The Colour Monster Pop Up is a fantastic, interactive book with bright pop-ups that associates familiar emotions with coloured monsters that leap from each page. This book helps kids realize that sometimes sadness doesn’t go away so quickly, but instead of being afraid of this feeling, they find that they can learn from it. The Lemonade Hurricane – A Story of Mindfulness and Meditation –,,, Shouting at the Rain shows us the journey of Ronan and Delsie. The concluding pages of this book see the little girl telling readers that moods are just something that happens each day and its okay to feel them all. Jess is left to deal with his grief, his loss, his confusion. Weird. Number 95 is the very dark color of her skin—always commented on by strangers and family. What is lovely about this book is that the monster starts off being a mix of colours, and children help sort his mixed emotions into their primary jars. affiliate links can be found on this blog at no cost to you. Interactive read alouds are a perfect way to address social emotional learning in the classroom. Together they can weather any storm. Learning to mindfully take a breath when our thoughts and emotions are out of control is a core self-regulation strategy. Felix is mean to his little sister one morning, and his grandfather explains about buckets. Emotions can be difficult. Genesis has 96 things she hates about herself. It’s a great book for kids who are feeling lost. However, rather than packing up his belongings and ignoring what is happening in his life, Alexander learns to cope with his emotions. Grumpy bird will especially appeal to little readers, who may laugh at the surprising ending, as well as of course the very grumpy expression of the story’s protagonist. This is a great book for those of us who struggle with forgetting that we’re raising people who will one day in the future be adults, but not yet. I will say this is an older book, so I don’t know what didn’t age well here, but if you want a book about a deep sense of love and loss for your middle schooler, this is a good one. Wilma Jean’s teacher suggests that she itemise her worries into the worries she can control, and those she can’t.

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