Choosing the wrong type of redirect might adversely impact your SEO, so be careful which you pick. The OpenJS Foundation has registered trademarks and uses trademarks. This may require updating the site's privacy policy or getting user consent for GDPR compliance. I don't know much about coding or WordPress development. With normal ones, you specify a single source URL and a destination URL. thanks for posting. Set up redirects. When AMP first came out, I was optimistic. Detlef, Hi there! The redirect manager supports 301, 302, 307, 410 and 451 redirects, all in an easy to manage workflow. Use a 301 to redirect pages showing 404 errors to a relevant page, or the homepage. Today’s Ask an SEO question is one that you’ll find on any SEO forum, private group, or in-person meetup (remember those?). Most of the creative uses I see for canonical tags are in cases where they’re literally being used as a type of band-aid. The AMP runtime will use action-xhr to make the request and will ignore action and target. If you want to maintain your site faultlessly, you need to know your HTTP status codes, and you can read up on them in more detail here: HTTP status codes and what they mean for SEO. The redirect manager in Yoast SEO Premium helps you set the correct one, and whenever you delete or move a page, Yoast SEO will ask you how to treat it: should it have a 301 or a 410? Trademarks and logos not indicated on the list of OpenJS Foundation trademarks are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. 302s are often used to create temporary redirects, but, with the advent of HTTP 1.1, 307 has replaced it as a valid temporary redirect. As an SEO or website owner, sooner or later you are bound to run into redirects. This code tells search engine robots that the page in question is no longer available at this location and that it should not be indexed anymore. From a user perspective, they type in one URL and magically get a different one. And don’t 302 your entire site when you’re moving to a new domain because you’ll cause serious problems down the line. If you can’t prevent the URL from being crawled or seen, and it’s super similar to another URL, the canonical tag is your savior. Not sure when to use a 301 redirect vs. a canonical tag? Cookies help us provide, protect and improve our products and services. AMP.setState only updated page state and did not reevaluate bindings due to lack of recent user interaction. The canonical tag has been around for a long time. Mobile Redirect allows you to automatically redirect mobile device visitors to a mobile-optimized website or subdomain home page. Thanks for taking time and sharing it. Out-of-date pages you do not wish to update (update them first). The services available at are provided by Google and the respective privacy policy applies. Most ways of doing this introduce a small delay in load times, but with CDNs and caching and modern technology, it really isn’t something we need to worry about. This malicious PHP code is known to perform dangerous … (bool) Feel free to Delete AMP plugin; Setup wildcard redirect from AMP to NON-AMP pages to prevent 404. Now I know how to handle the errors that I’ve been getting…, Thanks for the awesome content! Situations where a parameter is added to the URL but the content itself is not changed: A lot of SEO professionals say to use the canonical tag for similar products but say, different colors. This article has covered the different options for redirecting pages and shown you how and when to use them. The AMP pages have always received lower engagement and I knew I wanted to ditch AMP, but I didn’t feel confident setting up a redirect catchall until I read this. Discover what they are and how to best use each method when managing duplicate content. 404 errors often occur when the requested page or post has been deleted from the site and the URL has not been redirected. For a list of trademarks of the OpenJS Foundation, please see our Trademark Policy and Trademark List. Whether JS redirection should be used to take mobile visitors to the AMP version. Whether JS redirection should be used to take mobile visitors to the AMP version. Of course, this site is using this official AMP for WordPress plugin in Standard mode. Canonical tags in the body of a webpage won’t be respected (if they were we could have a lot of black hat fun). I’m going to just say redirects in this section so it can cover 302 and the ever-elusive 307. The sole purpose of this page is to redirect the reader to the AMP version of the link. I greatly appreciate your valuable time. Should you ever be unlucky enough to be ordered by a judge to delete a page or if you get a notice and takedown request, give the deleted page a 451 header. Redirecting URLs is part of your regular website maintenance. Think about what you want to accomplish, and then pick the most appropriate method. There are a couple of redirects that you’ll run into on a daily basis, so it’s a good idea to remember them: These aren’t really redirects, but still useful: The 301 is one of the most common redirects, and you should use this if you permanently want to redirect a deleted or moved page, or if you’ve changed something in your permalink structure. I think this page can help you with your question: These codes may include 200, 301, 404 and 503, for example, and each code serves a particular purpose. 404 error pages are one of the biggest problems on websites, and if you look at your readouts in Google Search Console, you are bound to find a few. To assist with this, you may need to hook into the amp_pre_is_mobile filter. Keep the web decentralized and say “No!” to search engines that want to take control over the web. The AMP runtime might also fall back to using action and target in cases where the amp-form extension fails to load. Before joining Yoast, he spent years honing his skill at The Netherlands’ leading web design magazine. Fake favicon.ico files. … Filters whether mobile redirection should be done client-side (via JavaScript). I disabled amp on my WordPress website. All rights reserved. While a redirect is a directive (it literally directs you to another page) a canonical tag is only a hint to search engines. Please note that this does not apply when in the Customizer preview or when in AMP Dev Mode (and thus possible Paired Browsing), since server-side redirects would not be able to be prevented as required. The redirect manager supports 301, 302, 307, 410 and 451 redirects, all in an easy to manage workflow. If you modify a state variable in a variable-sized container before a user interaction, amp-script will not upate the DOM to avoid undesirable content layout shift. Read more: How to properly delete a page from your site », Thanks Edwin for sharing, this sure simplifies things and was very informative. This tells search engines that there was a post here and that you wanted to fulfill this request, but you can’t for legal reasons. How to Seamlessly Collaborate with a Successful Remote SEO Provider, Convert SEO From a Cost Center Into a Measurable Revenue Generator. A redirect tells search engine robots to go somewhere else, either temporarily or permanently, to access a particular page. Before we dive in, we need to understand the differences between a 301 and a canonical tag. With REGEX – regular expressions – redirects, you can, for instance, create a single one to move entire groups of URLs that include a keyword to a new location. That’s why Yoast SEO Premium offers the redirect manager. When action-xhr is not provided, AMP makes a GET request to the action endpoint and uses target to open a new window (if _blank). What Is Better for Product Pages & SEO: Content or Backlinks? But be careful when choosing! Changing URLs is really important for your SEO, but can be quite daunting. Some examples might be stainless steel appliances or a red Swingline stapler – things people specifically search for by color. A 404, for instance, indicates that a page has not been found. Using a redirect may also slow down how often search engines crawl that old URL – which isn’t a problem if you planned on moving it to the new one but could be a problem if you plan on undoing it. Using a canonical can stop those pesky marketing URL strings from showing up in search results. These URLs are very similar except for the extension. It's important to verify that server-side redirection does not conflict with a site's page caching logic. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them. Use this redirect if you’re sure the move is temporary and you’ll still need the original URL later on. Of course you can fix your redirects on the server or use other tools, but, as a user of Yoast SEO Premium, you have the best possible tool to work with redirects at your disposal. By using our website, you agree to our use of cookies (Privacy policy). You can even use a scripting language to do a redirect in code, although I would prefer to do it at the .htaccess level if possible. Sometimes, however, you might prefer another method: telling search engines – and users – this page has been deleted with a 410 redirect. Since this is a temporary redirect, Google expects something to return later. But for some products the color might be important enough to garner significant search volume, and you might want a different page for it. Instances when the user does something that alters the layout or presentation of the content, but not the actual content. To assist with this, you may need to hook into the amp_pre_is_mobile filter. I’ve seen some websites put the canonical attribute inside meta tags or other tags. While a 302 is a little vague, a 307 states precisely that the requested URL has been moved to a temporary location and will be back in a while. These backlinks will link to the new page that you redirected your link to. But be careful when choosing! A page that has moved to a different URL. If you can get to a product via multiple categories on the site, you might want to canonical all of them to one version of the product page – especially if the product page is the same for every category it shows up in. If you do want to use the URL again, you need a temporary redirect instead. Helpful and informative article. If you don’t set a redirect correctly, the chances are your visitors – and crawl bots – will see 404 error messages – and that’s not something you want to happen. This post explains the different types of redirects and when you should use them. “When should I use a canonical tag instead of a 301 redirect?”. The code means that the requested content has been found, but it lives in a different location. I tried a few ways, but none of them worked as my amp URLs end with ?amp and not /amp/.. Automatically redirects any Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) pages to their regular HTML equivalent. Products that live in multiple categories. When you see an AMP page, you’re likely seeing a page served directly by Bing or Google who can suck in information about what you do on that page. Quite simply, when you have two equal (or very similar) pages and you don’t need both pages live for some other business reason, you should use a redirect. There’s a ton of different ways to implement a 301 redirect. These must be fixed because no-one likes these errors: Google sees them as a sign of bad maintenance, and visitors are confused by them. If a URL redirects to another valid AMP URL, the Google AMP Cache returns and caches the content of the resolved redirect. Find out how and why to make a 451 header, should you ever find yourself in that situation. Beware that disabling this will result in a cookie being set when the user decides to leave the mobile version. Do they disappear or get lost? In general, if the content on the page is near identical to another page, and you don’t want both showing up in search results, use a canonical. Facets and sorting of pages (e.g., a URL that shows the same products but sorted by price high to low). The wp_posts and wp_options tables are the most targeted tables in a WordPress database. WordPress Database. That’s a key difference that explains when to use one vs. the other.

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