The drying lines for his newly minted prints are still there, and tables for mixing expensive pigments. It is 350 years since Rembrandt died at the age of 63, destitute, his decline as dramatic as his rise. Après la mort de sa sœur Antje, Saskia s'était mise au service de cet autre beau-frère, le professeur polonais Johannes Maccovius (en), qui enseignait la théologie à Franeker. Rombertus was a founder of the nearby University of Franeker, and a friend of the stadtholder (the provincial noble) whose spectacularly beautiful house is now a hotel where modern couples can get married. The next two babies, both daughters, lived only a few days. The painter is actually living and working on the premises. Rembrandt was 28 when he married Saskia in 1634; 36 when she died, leaving him with a baby son and a sorrow so destructive he gave up painting in oils for several years. Rembrandt van Rijn et Saskia Uylenburgh forment le fil rouge de cette exposition qui met en lumière la réalité des grands mariages au XVIIe siècle. Geertje part et essaie de vendre les bijoux ; Rembrandt s'adresse au tribunal et fait enfermer Geertje dans un asile à Gouda. But still she did not just accept the first proposal from some wily old Frieslander offering protection in exchange for her money. There is a portrait of Saskia, probably by Govert Flinck, one of the painters who accompanied her to Amsterdam, in which she appears pasty, plump and auburn, though the lovely mouth with its slightly protuberant lower lip is instantly recognisable. His affair with Geertje lasted six years, until she was supplanted by a young maid called Hendrickje Stoffels. Trois des enfants du couple meurent peu après la naissance. For full listings of Rembrandt exhibitions in the Netherlands in 2019, go to, In 2019, exhibitions across the Netherlands will mark the 350th anniversary of Rembrandt’s death. The studio is nothing like the lonely garret of romantic tradition, but an enormous room warmed by a pair of towering stoves. Le couple se marie le 22 juin 1634[1] à Het Bildt, où Saskia a été élevée par sa sœur Hiskje et son beau-frère Gerard van Loo. Courtesy of The Bridgeman Art Library/Alamy, embrandt drew Saskia van Uylenburgh for the first time three days after their engagement, in the summer of 1633. There he will draw and paint Saskia over and over again, in the agonisingly brief span of their marriage. La maison se trouve à proximité de la galerie du cousin de Saskia dans le quartier juif, devenue aujourd'hui le Rembrandthuis museum. L’exposition éclaire tous les aspects de l’amour, des différentes façons de faire la cour et des repas de noces les plus somptueux aux dures réalités matrimoniales comme la mortalité infantile et l’adultère. Rembrandt et Saskia donnent naissance à quatre enfants. Le couple annonce rapidement ses fiançailles et en 1634, ils se marient dans le village de Sint Annaparochie en Frise. In one sheet of studies, she appears five times – young and fair in the middle, with light eyelashes; more careworn and heavy-nosed below. Saskia’s family became alarmed when he bought their expensive new home in Amsterdam; he even had to sign some legal promises to keep the van Uylenburghs happy. In a portrait of Saskia got up as Flora, painted the year of their wedding, she appears with an armful of flowers in an abundant gleaming dress. It is still standing, four floors of high, shuttered windows, and from its front door you can walk in one minute to all the places Saskia went: over the bridge to the lace shops, the bustling dairy market, the weighing station where heavy spherical cheeses were measured before their slow voyage by barge out across Europe. Flora ou Saskia en Flora est une peinture de Rembrandt de 1634, montrant sa femme Saskia van Uylenburgh en déesse Flore. Several of his early masterpieces have already been painted in this grand four-storey building on the Amstel canal, including the shattering The Anatomy Lesson of Dr Tulp, with its gathering of medics in white ruffs leaning carelessly over the poor dead body, only half aware of their own mortality. Could this have been how she looked on their wedding day? Le tableau est conservé à la Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister de Cassel. And what is so revelatory about the depictions of her, seen together, is that he accords the same grace to Saskia. After her death, Rembrandt added an elegant ostrich feather to her hat and put a sprig of rosemary in her hand. The Mauritshuis in The Hague will be showing another 18 canvases, including Dr Tulp. Présentée jusqu’au 17 mars 2019 au Fries Museum à Leeuwarden, l’exposition Rembrandt & Saskia: l’art d’aimer au Siècle d’or réunit pas moins de 23 œuvres du maître. The centre of Titus’s face often received so much painterly attention – loving, questioning, revising – that you could, as a contemporary once commented, pick these portraits up by the nose. A canal-ringed oval, it looks very much as it did in the 17th century – bright, cobbled streets of thriving shops and Dutch gable houses. Half-length Figure of Saskia in a Red Hat. Développée sur six salles, l’exposition conçue par Peter de Kimpe et Rolf Toxopeus plonge le visiteur au cœur de la Hollande du Siècle d’or. His young wife never looks the same from day to day. These paintings give a true sense of inner mutability, of a personality – and appearance – that is ever-changing and never fixed; the qualities that make Rembrandt so human, so proverbially Shakespearean. His debts mounted. She looks pregnant; and she was, with their first child, Rombertus, named after her father. On the floor above, Rembrandt’s proteges worked in the kind of cubicles you see in art colleges even now. The Jewish Bride – that portrait of two long-dead Netherlanders, his hand on her breast, hers gently covering his, in a gesture of such mutual adoration – will star in All the Rembrandts, which opens at the Rijksmuseum in February with 22 paintings and all of the etchings. We know Titus from Rembrandt’s penetrating portraits of his son, handsome but always anxious. He was rich; the family house is a veritable mansion. Soon she will marry this prodigy, who is sitting so close to her on the other side of the table – the most famous artist in Amsterdam. How delicate she now looks, with her glowing skin, the lower lip much more subtle and sensuous, the face full of shrewd and steady intelligence. EIle est actuellement exposée dans les locaux de l'Ermitage Amsterdam, prêtée par le Musée de l'Ermitage de Saint-Pétersbourg à qui elle appartient. The painter met her in 1633 while she was visiting her cousin Hendrick Uylenburgh in Amsterdam. Saskia van Uylenburgh (2 août 1612 - 14 juin 1642) est la femme du peintre hollandais Rembrandt. And so many of his paintings, prints and drawings will appear in so many different cities, that anyone with the slightest interest in the greatest of Dutch painters, so inexhaustibly profound, so magnificently original, might try to get to the Netherlands in the coming year. Saskia having her hair combed, in bed, asleep or looking enticingly back at her husband; Saskia seen from the inner courtyard, beaming from a casement window. Here, Rembrandt is a lone soul in the forests of the night, eyes blacker than the darkness around him. The dazzle is in the staging, and yet the staging is all concealment. Almost a third of his 300 or so paintings will be on show in the Netherlands through 2019. Saskia was born here in 1612, youngest child of Rombertus van Uylenburgh, a leading lawyer who was also mayor of the city – in those days the capital of Friesland. He was forced to sell the house and most of his collection of art and artefacts for a pittance to avoid bankruptcy in the late 1650s, and moved with Titus to rented lodgings on the poorer side of town. Rembrandt earned much, and he lost much. But for me, the first of these commemorative shows is by far the most surprising. If there was no solace for Saskia’s loss, Rembrandt at least managed to hire a nurse called Geertje Dircx to look after Titus. Time runs back to the start, and there is her neat little mouth, the sense of her small pearly teeth, the slight double chin, the red-gold hair. He kept her likeness with him, among his close possessions, until financial troubles forced him to sell his own works, as well those in his collection. In Leeuwarden these three are reunited for the first time since Rembrandt’s death in an extraordinarily moving trio of portraits. He had already painted the showstopping Self-Portrait With Dishevelled Hair now in the Rijksmuseum, and which she would have known, since he kept it among his studio works. Plus de 70 prêts provenant de toute l’Europe font le voyage jusqu’à Leeuwarden. Elle lui a souvent servi de modèle dans ses peintures et ses dessins. He died at birth. The document is in the Fries Museum, signed X with her mark. But in the paintings, this hair may be long and fair, or strawberry blond, or even quite red. This first huge commission had already brought its maker wealth and renown; and once married, Rembrandt and Saskia will not stay with cousin Hendrick for too much longer. Titus grew up with this painting of his mother: this is how he knew her, how he saw Saskia in their house every day, through his father’s art. Outre les portraits de couples très en vue, le musée présente également des cadeaux de mariage tels que des alliances magnifiquement ouvragées, de chics coffrets à bijoux et de l'argenterie précieuse. Accueil Collection Autoportraits Rembrandt et Saskia. Quand Rembrandt rencontre Saskia en 1633, il est déjà un peintre célèbre. She looks alert and flirtatious in an early drawing; stouter and more beady in the famous etching where they are both reflected in the same mirror together; he confidently looking up to get his image, she sitting just behind him at the table, watchful in velvet. Around 1750, the portrait passed to the Elector of Hesse-Kassel, and it has been in Kassel ever since, until now. And along with his several hundred etchings, surely the greatest in the history of art, they will all be on view in 2019 – the Year of Rembrandt. Rembrandt painted all three generations of his family so continuously that their faces are indelibly familiar: his mother, bony, much-creased, so often the model for old women in the Bible and classical myth; himself, his wife and their son as all sorts of characters, but also as themselves. Rembrandt … Saske, her Frisian baptismal name, was born in Leeuwarden and grew up there as the daughter of a wealthy upper middle-class family of landowners. Dans les milieux aristocratiques et la haute bourgeoisie, les noces pouvaient parfois s’étaler sur des semaines et s’accompagner de festivités et de banquets les plus exubérants. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Saskia has come home to Leeuwarden especially for this exhibition. What did she actually look like? L’année suivante, en 1642, soit huit ans après leur mariage, elle meurt à l'âge de 29 ans. Saskia died at the age of 29, only a few months after the birth of Titus, probably of consumption or plague; it seems a miracle that the child survived. Quand Rembrandt rencontre Saskia en 1633, il est déjà un peintre célèbre. Rembrandt vit dans une certaine aisance grâce à la reconnaissance de son talent et, en 1639, Saskia et lui s'établissent dans une élégante maison dans la Jodenbreestraat. Le Fries Museum présente Rembrandt & Saskia: l’art d’aimer au Siècle d’or. In the autumn, the Rijksmuseum will pair Rembrandt with Velázquez, his contemporary and peer; and towards the year’s end, the Lakenhal Museum in Leiden will return to the very beginning with masterpieces from Rembrandt’s early career.

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