But, it was fun. And that helps the relationship with the central character, Charlotte, played by Rose [Williams]. If you’ve seen Sanditon, you’ll know that Theo James doesn’t remain fully clothed throughout, something which it shares in common with the 2015 film The Benefactor. Theo James discusses playing Sidney Parker in PBS and Andrew Davies' Jane Austen adaptation Sanditon alongside co-star Rose Williams. Nothing is over- said or over-done, which is great for an actor. Arguably Theo James’ biggest role to date came in the film adaptation of the Divergent novels, a trilogy similar to that of The Hunger Games. She was a more experienced and wiser writer, but we don’t know where she would have gone with this. That’s how I would describe him. He's a great writer because he is able to interpret text in a way that is dramatic and interesting, but also true to the original material. It has never been topped. The first episode has a lot of dancing in it, and you’re dancing while having to deliver dialogue, which seems like it would be its own unique challenge. What has it been like acting with Kris Marshall, who plays Sidney's brother, Tom? And you’d be wearing 50 layers and dripping with sweat. If you want to see Theo James ditch the period costumes for a suit and tie then this will be right up your street. Williams says they both got emotional over the dance. Is aware that he’s like that? I'd never done a TV show shot out of sequence before. But he abhors the slave trade and as a result feels dirty and guilty. Good Bones fans pay tribute to Mina Starsiak Hawk's sister-in-law, {{#media.media_details}} Theo James takes on one of the leading roles in Sanditon alongside the show’s main character Charlotte Heywood (Rose Williams), who is a new addition to the titular town of Sanditon. While we’ve been forced to wait for the Downton Abbey film, which is heading our way on September 13th, ITV’s Sanditon has been a brilliant period drama to get our teeth stuck into in the meantime. Tom represents the growth of capitalism and the idea that you can create something out of nothing. A more recent role for Theo James saw the Wycombe-born actor star in the film Backstabbing for Beginners where he appears alongside acting legend Ben Kingsley. It's very much a Jane Austen period drama, but it still has some grit to it. It is his personality. JAMES: I don’t know. He asks the question to bait her into a trap, essentially. Click the button below and wait for a message from our Facebook bot in Messenger! Written only months before Jane Austen’s death in 1817, Sanditon, which has been beautifully turned into an eight-part series for ITV and Masterpiece on PBS by screenwriter Andrew Davies, tells the story of Charlotte Heywood (Rose Williams), a spirited and impulsive young woman who finds herself at the would-be coastal resort of Sanditon, where she meets the charming but distant Sidney Parker (Theo James). If it had been a talented up-and-coming writer, I don't think I would have done it. Sanditon’s Theo James has certainly been catching the eye of some viewers. JAMES: Yeah, exactly. He doesn't lean into satire, but he is able to embrace the joy and extremity that exists in some of Austen's characters. Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. It's a really interesting mix of social classes and backgrounds. So often dialogue is just exposition, but Andrew is the opposite of that. She realizes that actually he cares a lot for people and his family, and everyone. Nick Frost on ‘Truth Seekers’, ‘Spaced’, ‘Hot Fuzz’, and How He Became Friends with Simon Pegg, Luke Bracey on 'Holidate' and the Surrealism of Celebrating Every Holiday in a Row, Betsy Brandt Calls This ‘Breaking Bad’ Scene One of the Best She’s Ever Shot in Her Life, 'The Witches': Anne Hathaway Reveals the Surprising Origin of Her Grand High Witch Accent, Jonathan Tucker on ‘Monsterland’ and His Hopes for a 'Kingdom' Revival. She has been wonderful to collaborate with. I think that’s what he learns not to do. Those aspects to him are the things that you can explore deeper in a TV series because you have so many more hours than you would with a film. It's different from the traditional white starched shirts that we’re used to seeing. BBC is a trademark of the British Broadcasting Corporation. ... How have you found it working with Rose? Sanditon is an acquired taste. I loved Andrew’s version of Pride and Prejudice. He left home to find and make a man of himself. He lost a love when he was very young, and that defined him. He’s done it for many other non-Jane Austen stories, so that was a big pull for me. And you’re in a room, which is filled with candlelight, for the beautiful natural light that it is, and a hundred people, so it was fucking boiling. With Andrew Davies, the writer, there’s a mischief to his writing, and that’s what I loved about his style. It had all of the great mischief and complexity that she has in her writing, but he also added his own flavor to it. When it came your way, did you feel like this could be a fun project to sign on for? But he soon realises she's very intelligent, beautiful and complex. The great thing about TV is that you can really play that, over eight hours of television, where someone who seems very guarded and is quite judgmental, changes and evolves, and you get to see a different person. It was fairly off-putting. So he combines really solid emotional drama with other characters that are quite heightened. When it’s more of a romantic character, it tends to feel like there should be trumpets playing because everything is so nice and romantic. I love the complexity of the character. How does the relationship between Sidney and Charlotte develop? JAMES: I think that that ball was four or five days, I can’t remember. Austen was writing at the end of her life. Collider: This seems like it would’ve been so much fun to do. From the first episode, I understood what Andrew was going for, with this very mean, dangerous person, but at the end, of the day, his, he’s grounded by the fact that he clearly loves his family. Because of problems that he’s faced in the past, not that that’s an excuse necessarily, he’s a difficult dude. He begins to be changed by Charlotte, this strange woman that he overlooks at first. What was it like to shoot all of that? My first scene was the last scene of the third episode. They were restricted in how they could live, but Austen was able to transgress that with her writing. Sanditon star Rose Williams shares what it was like filming her Sanditon kiss with Theo James. She realizes that all of that is a mask for his own hurt, essentially. ITV drama strays from original Jane Austen locations. No, I'm not worried about the purists. But it's like peanut butter: as soon as you have tasted it, you want more. An Ongoing Investigation, ‘Freaky’ Review: Vince Vaughn and Kathryn Newton Are Outstanding In This Bloody, Body-Swapping Blast, 13 Great Horror Movies to Watch on Halloween That Aren’t ‘Halloween’, The 85 Best Movies on Netflix Right Now (October 2020). {{#media.focal_point}}. In keeping with the seemingly running theme of attractive men emerging from water in Jane Austen stories, as also seen with Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice, Sanditon features a completely clothless Theo James making use of the seaside town’s swimming facilities in the second episode and it’s safe to say that at least 50% of viewers were impressed with what they saw. Because this is a bit more of a mysterious character, in the beginning, did you have questions about who he would become? The concept of what love is and how love comes to grow – that’s timeless. He never overplays his hand. That was a big draw for me. JAMES: It was quite technical, and I’m a terrible dancer, which didn’t help. During this 1-on-1 interview with Collider, British actor Theo James talked about why he found Sanditon appealing, playing a character and complex and burdened as Sidney Parker, how much he knew about his character’s backstory, the complicated relationship between Sidney and Charlotte, and the challenge of shooting the dance scenes. How is this piece different from more conventional period dramas? What was interesting, which I didn’t know, was his backstory, which we dived into, after I came on board. She has big, wide eyes, which are really expressive. BY THE SEASIDE: Where was Sanditon filmed? JAMES: Yeah, exactly. Rose brings a very fresh and open quality to the character which is very important. Sanditon may only be three episodes in, at the time of writing, but Theo has already won over audiences, not only for his acting but also his dashing good looks which make him the perfect fit for a Jane Austen story. It's rocky to begin with, full of ups and downs. He is interested in her, but also irritated that she is constantly pulling him up on things. His dialogue can be played with very few words and looks. What elements of Sanditon will strike a universal chord? The dialogue can be sparse. I think that’s really fun and rich to play because there’s a whole gamut of emotions that they go through, before they even start to like each, let alone love each other. He was able to capture the mood of that story so well. You can see that, through the course of it, he’s gonna warm and thought. While Charlotte is on her own path of self-discovery, she also finds herself on a journey to love. Why is Andrew the best person to be developing this unfinished novel? That led to capitalism and the dominant system in the world now - the American dream that anyone can make money. The series offers up plenty of drama, romance and, of course, Theo James in the role of Sidney Parker and his appearance in the series is certainly one that’s gone down well with a large section of the show’s viewership. JAMES: He’s a little bit manipulative. He’s not the nicest guy, all the time, which I really liked and relished. She writes very strong female characters, as well as complex male characters. What Andrew also does very well is understand the fun of the material. It is Jane Austen mixed with a dusting of Regency Western – that's what I’d like people to see. For me, that’s really satisfying. It's been great. Here’s hoping we’ll see more of Theo James. pic.twitter.com/qczCQ5B7iN. How much were you told about him, and how much were you given to read, ahead of time? But she isn't scared of him and doesn't rely on status. That moment on the beach – oh my rather nice view #feelingnaughty pic.twitter.com/mc6mgbldNw, Theo James just stood up in the water, and now I can’t really focus on anything else.#Sanditon #mighthavepeeked, Looking forward to #Sanditon tonight. ... Interview with Rose Williams 14.10.2019 < Back to Blog More Articles Next article > Interview with David Tennant. [James] Gandolfini evolves and changes you, you love him and hate him, he’s a narcissist and a psychopath, and he’s everything. Charlotte Heywood and Sidney Parker kiss on the cliff in Episode 8. Particularly, for me, the touchstone was the ‘90s Pride and Prejudice, which is probably quite dated now, but at the time, was a really fresh way to adapt Jane Austen. They represent the kind of moral ambiguity that exists in this world. At that time, you were either born into money or into slavery, but there was a burgeoning idea that you could create something out of nothing, like the people who were going to the Americas. He has reluctantly come back to the town he sees as parochial and not reflective of his status. That complexity, you can’t usually tell with film. It's also shot in a very different way from more orthodox period dramas. He's a lovely guy. The marquee TV series, for me, is The Sopranos. He has an ability to bring depth and pathos, but then, at the same time, with a twinkle in the eye, which he’s done so well with many other shows that he’s written. She has been wonderful to collaborate with. I haven’t done TV for a long time, and that’s when TV is at its most powerful. How would you describe the town of Sanditon? We film a cricket match which could have been chocolate boxy, but is actually rough around the edges. Sean Connery Remembered by Daniel Craig & the James Bond Team, Were Those ‘Mandalorian’ Season 2 Casting Rumors True?

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