Obviously the main choices are: Can anyone point me towards a demonstrable advantage to one of these choices? Would that be running badblocks for 41 days straight? Western Digital has been attempting to merge both the Green and Blue range of hard drives into a single Blue range of hard drives. Affiliate Disclosure: Faceofit.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. The choice is going to be simple for you, if your application is on the smaller scale, you can go either for Red or Ironwolf pro, as both of them offer small units including 1 TB, 2 TB, 3 TB, 4 TB, etc. The same thing has happened with WD Reds. The WD RED also comes with the support for RAID systems. That was all we have concerning the comparison between the WD Red and WD Blue hard drives and their specific application areas. The Seagate drives have not been on the market as long. Before we dig into a WD Red vs Seagate Ironwolf product comparison, we will discuss some of its use cases. A NAS server experiences sporadic and random performances concerning reads and writes of applications. This will translate into lesser power draw and less heat. It can be one of the best options for the non-mission critical PC functions. WD RED is specifically designed hard drive option for the NAS server applications. Both use sub-branding for their product offerings, and they are as follows: To make things easier for our readers, we will begin with a side by side comparison, and then discuss what the various advantages (or disadvantages) of these drives are. In the case of these products, WD comes with three years of limited warranty. They are designed to withstand the challenges posed by the NAS environments that need you to have an always-on functionality. It's going to be your basic SMB / FTP / Plex setup. At this stage, there just is not enough long-term experience across enough sample size to say if they are better/worse/same as WD Reds re reliability... but what you can say is that WD Reds are. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I recently had a 4TB IronWolf totally die within a few weeks of commisioning, and it was replaced by the store. Since you are not in a hurry, keep an eye open for sales. The reality is, other than certain specific models with widespread known issues, You get drives that fail and drives that last until you retire them from all brands. Thus, Seagate is a winner once again here. Once I have redundant local storage setup, my next project will be tape backup or maybe something like AWS S3 Glacier. I have a wd red I got a year and a half ago and it is CMR. Ideally, they are the best options for the primary drive applications and essential gaming performances. Till then, see you in the next one! WD Red drives are one of the best options for all your specific requirements concerning high-end applications. Since Seagate is more performance and speeds intensive, its temperature varies between 41F to 158F while in operation. IronWolf drives >= 8TB are 7200rpm. Affordability is one of the areas that has made it a preferred alternative among a host of other service providers. Help. These drives come with 3D Active Balance Plus which lets you use up to eight WD Red drives in a NAS enabled system. While Seagate Ironwolf Pro is already in the lead, it comes with free data recovery software, giving it even further edge. Here is how: WD Red has the spindle speed of 5400 RPM where Ironwolf pro has the spindle speed of 7200 RPM. Consistently quieter in operation and affordable at best, they are an excellent option for your home based low level needs like basic browsing and similar other options. One of the most cost-effective and budget drives coming from WD, the drive suits all your basic requirements. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. You will also find that they are the most affordable options for your requirement. Turns out shucking WD branded external drives was the most cost effective way to get high-capacity NAS drives. I also ordered 32GB RAM, and a 1TB SSD for the cache drive. Check the product nu.bers against the list of smr drives they posted. Based on 41,562 user benchmarks for the Seagate IronWolf (2016) and the WD Red (2012), we rank them both on effective speed and value for money against the best 1,015 HDDs. Also: 5200RPM vs 7200RPM does it matter for this basic use case? I have 2 WD Red 4TB, and now I am worried. The hard drives have been made specifically for this purpose. One of the most popular options among the products from the WD rainbow, the WD RED can be the best option if you are opting for the NAS server. The price/performance seem to be nearly on par across the board. FreeNAS 11.1-U7 | 2 CPU cores | 16GB RAM | Motherboard NIC for connectivity | 10GB Provisioned boot drive (on SSD) | Four HGST 4TB drives (RAIDZ2) via IOCREST cards, ESXi 7.0 (updates applied) | Supermicro A1SAM-F | 16GB RAM | 128GB SSD Boot Drive and datastore | Two 500GB Laptop Hard Drives. Sound emission for WD Red is 23 dBA. The hard drive offers you both low-level usage and long life functionality. The larger the buffer cache your drive has, the faster it will perform. There really isn't a reason to pick one over the others. The difference is clear, isn’t it? The more MTBF, the better it is. Let us check out which purposes do the WD RED, and WD Blue hard drives serve? Because of this you will find that many FreeNAS users are using WD Reds. That adds up. Copyright FaceofIT.com All rights reserved, Best NAS Storage Drive: WD Red vs Seagate Ironwolf Spec Comparison, on Best NAS Storage Drive: WD Red vs Seagate Ironwolf Spec Comparison, WD SE vs WD Red Pro Specifications Comparison, WD Red vs WD Gold vs WD SE Enterprise NAS Storage, List of the Best Budget Laptops with Intel Core™ i5-10210U Processor, Xiaomi Amazfit T Rex vs GTR vs Stratos 3 – Specs Comparison, Budget LGA 1200 Motherboards – Intel Z490 for Core i5 10600K 10500K, Fix and Resolve Error Band is paired by other person Ask them to unpair it and try again, How to Connect Pair and Reset MI Band 2 In Android, How to Connect Your Jiofi Device To PC Using Through USB Tethering, How to Configure Yahoo Mail in Microsoft Outlook 2016, Best Budget B550 Motherboards For Ryzen 2 CPUs – 3600XT 3800XT, 3 years of limited warranty from the manufacturer, 6.4/5.2 (8TB), 5.3/3.4 (6TB, 5TB), 4.5/3.3 (4TB), 4.1/2.7 (3TB, 2TB), 3.3/2.3 (1TB), 1.4/0.6 (1TB 2.5”, 750GB 2.5”), 5.3/3.4 (6TB, 5TB, 4TB), 4.1/3.0 (3TB, 2TB), 3.3/2.5 (1TB @5400RPM), 6.8/6.1 (, Designed for use in a NAS system supporting up to 8 bays/storage drives at once, 24×7 availability, NAS firmware compatibility, ideal for 24×7 working environments, Does not need / ships with mounting hardware, if the NAS system requires a mounting device, they are available for purchase separately, Delivers fantastic compatibility and performance with NAS-ware 3.0, Remains cool in most of the situations, sturdy build with vibration proof protection, On drive balance with agile array technology, power management with NAS enclosure, error data recovery control, RAID optimization, Compatible with NAS systems with 1 to 16 bays, rotational vibration sensors, consistent performance in multi-bay NAS systems with mitigating vibration, Up to 12 TB of storage with 300 TB / year workload capacity, ideal for multi-user access/environment, 2 million hours MTBF. In sharp contrast, the quieter workstation requirements will need you to go with the WD Red as a preferred option. Even the author describes the variations described in his Annualized Failure Rate chart as a "... trivial increase .. well within a normal variation.". Network attached storage or NAS is a file-level data-storage server. It is obvious, whenever we talk about storage drives, Seagate and Western Digital are the only names that are much likely come up. Just like Skyhawk is meant for surveillance hard drives, these hard-drives are meant for NAS based storage. The exact requirements that you have should dictate the exact choice of the hard drives you will go with. We will compare the two hard drive types based on a few key parameters –. However, if you are looking for outclassing performance and speed and if you are ready to chip out some extra cash, Seagate Ironwolf Pro should be your first option. They have multiple hard drive options aimed at different user groups and equip them with specific features and functionalities. Since you have landed on this page, we assume that you are looking for the best NAS storage solution based on its quality and durability. When you need the massive amount of storage, you can go with Seagate Ironwolf Pro as it has bigger storage capacities up to 12 GB. Go figure. Go figure. Backup, archiving and disaster recovery functions, Compatible with on-premise private cloud and virtual storage. There hasn't really been any differences in performance between the 7200 and 5200 rpm drives because of cache and other limits. This is my plan when my first hard drive fails. I recently had a 4TB IronWolf totally die within a few weeks of commisioning, and it was replaced by the store.

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