Copyright © 2020 Plugged In Golf. This should help you get to more optimal strike every putter stroke. The putter is responsive, but doesn’t have that frustrating click on the heel and toe. We’ve learned over the years that equipment is designed to help average players more than tour players, and the designs today are aimed at helping the mis-hit more than the Sunday punch. Using “Descending Loft Technology” (DLT), SIK has created a four planar putter-face where each plane’s loft descends 1º as you go down the putter face. So think what one might do for you. Will the 2° + ° extra loft compromise the stand alone feature lose its ability to free stand ability to aim accurately. Putters come in a few different head styles, and that head determines the way it hits and the kind of strokes you would use that putter for. This putter is as well crafted as any on the market. The concept behind SIK’s Descending Loft Technology is that the face isn’t flat because golfers make imperfect, inconsistent putting strokes. Sik has Descending Loft Technology or DLT which should help you get better roll on the ball, even if your shaft angle isn't always perfect. Mallet Putters. They have a much larger head size with a deeper back often a half-circle or square. Sik describes the window of loft as much tighter no matter what you do to the face at impact. The SIK Pro is your basic Anser 2 style head shape, and it comes in either a black PVD or satin finish. I ask because I utilize a forearm arm lock technique thus more loft is required because the ball is played from the middle of set up. Better players and even beginners can take advantage of larger shapes and lower lofts that can serve as backup drivers thanks to all that face technology. Sign up for our weekly newsletter and not only will you get the latest reviews, instruction, and more delivered directly to your inbox, you’ll also be entered into regular giveaways for golf clubs, PGA Tour passes, and more. Not easy, but easier. The answer is a without hesitation “yes.” That said, if you bought a new driver or set of irons or wedges or putter last year, it might not be instantly recognizable. I hope they can keep expanding their offerings and styles as they move forward. I mentioned previously that the face milling of the SIK Pro was reminiscent of the old Rife putters, and I found the sound and feel to be very similar as well. Here is a list of the players who are ranked in the top 10 on the OWGR and the putters they are using. Bettinardi 2020 BB45 Putter. These are a much more recent development although they have been around for quite some time now. Thanks Bill. The PVD black finish looks great along with the white paint fill. That might manifest itself in better scores or a lower handicap. Slippery new soles may not make the fat shot less common but they do make it less damaging. However, if you look beyond their simple appearance, SIK offers a range of putters with a design principle that’s actually fairly complex. Fans of mallet putters find them to be more stable and lead to greater consistency. Is 4° the maximum amount of loft on this putter? It looks stunning and putts well with good feel; these is not much else you can ask from a putter. If you haven’t changed your clubs in several years we know the reasons. The top of the face is 4* loft and it works its way down to 1* of loft at the bottom. I would love to try ur Anser style Brendon Todd putter. The slight curve in the face makes it so the golfer will still have as close to an optimal launch angle and roll despite imperfections in their putting stroke. As u know I used an Anser during my prime. If you can roll the ball better repeatedly, it should help you hole more putts or at least avoid the dreaded 3-putt more often. And who doesn’t want that, especially when a case can be made that it’s happening across every section of your bag. A typical putter would have maybe an 8* gap from top to bottom while the Sik putter has only 4*. 50 Words or Less. Sure, your 3-wood could now sport a face that flexes just like a driver’s does, but what’s also true is there will be higher lofts that give you another reason to dump your long irons. I did my best to capture the “curve” in the pictures above. Fact is, seismic shifts in golf equipment are few, the result of the fact that pretty much everything the past few years has been pretty dang excellent. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Close. It’s that question we get every year: Is the new stuff really better than last year’s stuff? The milling on this carbon steel head looks great. I like that it doesn't have a mushy insert or some sort of crazy design, … The belief is that the golfer does not keep the shaft in a consistent position during the stroke and the DLT in the SIK Pro face will allow for solid, “flat” contact no matter the stroke or shaft angle. The Sik putter kept away the 3-putt bug. New Starting at: $299.99. The 3-putt might be the worst thing in golf. So think what one might do for you. There was a consistent roll on the ball stroke after stroke. Message document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a84ab58a099aeb55a87643d5016aead8" );document.getElementById("bc09f2d6ac").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. By day, Bill is a technology manager living in the Chicago suburbs with his wife and kids. At first glance, SIK‘s putter line looks like another range of familiar head shapes preferred by golf traditionalists. Sik offer armlock and standard style, with various custom lofts available. Bill is a true golf gear nerd by definition who loves making custom club creations in his garage with tools like sledge hammers, blow torches, and his bare hands. Subscribe; ... 2020 Best Mallet Putters. Bettinardi 2020 BB1 Putter. In a day where technology is king and scientific designs are a must, success on the golf course ultimately comes down to how well you use the tools. Designed by WPZOOM. They are deflating and round wrecking. Hey Bill SHOP NEW . At impact, the SIK Pro has a nice muted thud with a very subtle hint of “click” to it. The grip and headcover are very nice finishing touches to this well made putter. SHOP NEW . Your email address will not be published. The DLT concept is supposed to protect the golfer from his own inconsistency and create a better roll on the green. ? The putter itself is very clean and basic with minimal branding except for the cavity and the sole of the putter. Again, the feel is soft and muted off of the horizontal face grooves. SHOP USED . You reach the green in regulation only to walk off of it with a bogey. The ball rolls true and the feel was really nice so at the end of the day, the SIK Pro is a perfectly fine putter in my book and a nice alternative if you’re looking to try someone outside of the major brands. This can be pretty significant when trying to get the ball going in the right direction at the right speed. Golf Putters Filters Please filter to see more relevant items. Copyright © 2020 Plugged In Golf. The SIK Pro putter is a simple design with a lot of thought behind it that leads to good rolls with good feel. I've found putters with some sort of forward roll technology have worked well for me and this one is no different. I contacted the guys at SIK to tell them that I couldn’t truly tell if this made the least bit of difference for me, but I did absolutely feel that the ball had a great roll and distances were very easy to control. Basically DLT is designed to created a more consistent loft no matter if you forward press or loft the face at impact. Best Mallet Putters. However if you haven’t upgraded your clubs in four or five years or—heaven help you, longer—the chances of you seeing significant improvement is strong. Since mallet putters come in a variety of sizes, color choices, options, and styles, brand allows for the option of individuals to carefully select their ideal size, color, and everything in between. The soft metal feel is just what you would expect from a head with these specs. SIK makes their putter face go from 4º of loft at the top down to 1º loft at the bottom of the face. Your email address will not be published. The following two tabs change content below. To get the ball rolling more loft is needed because the putter bottoming out sooner. Or it might come from a less-skilled player getting more enjoyment from the game because they are finally getting the ball in the air and moving it down the fairway. The SIK Pro is well balanced, has a good weight to it (360 grams to be precise), and a very solid feel at impact. Please let me know if I can get one. © 2020 DISCOVERY GOLF, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, USE OF AND/OR REGISTRATION ON ANY PORTION OF THIS SITE CONSTITUTES ACCEPTANCE OF OUR. New Starting at: $299.99. Consistency is going to be a big key to eliminating 3-putts. Calc. Six of the top-10 players in the world use a mallet. Hot List 2020. At first glance, SIK‘s putter line looks like another range of familiar head shapes preferred by golf traditionalists. Learn more. I went with the Pro head because I like the plumbers neck/anser style. The SIK Pro putter is a simple design with a lot of thought behind it that leads to good rolls with good feel.. Introduction. Six of the top-10 players in the world use a mallet. The fact is, golfers are getting better and equipment technology is the reason.

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