47- Use of sprung floors exploded with the opening of large public dance halls between 1920 and 1945. The Vomero, once merely a scattered village, is now an important suburb, and a large workmen's quarter has sprung up beyond the railway station to house the populace which was turned out from the centre of the town when the works of the risanamento were undertaken. 43- 453985Last week’s ruling on stinky weed sprung from an appeal Lang filed on the graffiti charges. Similar words: spruce up, prudent, imprudent, spry, sung, young, lung, run. Tighe had sprung his trap. 2. In the different states, conferences, composed likewise of representatives of the several churches and their pastors, have sprung up. His host belonged to the Collegiants or Rhijnsburgers, a religious society which had sprung up among the proscribed Arminians of Holland. Basketball players often grow into their length, tend to look slightly etiolated in their youth, green and lately sprung. Their quarrel sprung from misunderstanding. The Bryophyta and Pteridophyta have sprung from the higher Thallophyta, and together form the larger group Archegoniatae, so-called from the form of the organ (archegonium) in which the egg-cell is developed. Mitglieder herum und verfolgte in atemloser Spannung Sprung auf Sprung. The finest of its squares are the market-place and the so-called Sand. Athena, reputed to be Zeus's favorite child, sprung full-grown from his forehead. Now that his diet had begun, wouldn't you know, Paul Dawkins had sprung for a case. Katie looked at the tree in uneasy mistrust. The algal fungi, Phycomycetes, are obviously derived from the Green Algae, while the remaining Fungi, the Eumycetes, appear to have sprung from the same stock as the Rhodophyceae. Tears sprung to my eyes. But there can be no doubt that a considerable import and export trade with the continent had sprung up quite early. Of all the guitar tablature sites that have sprung up over the years, Guitar Tabs Universe was certainly one of the most popular. Many of these grants embodied some scheme which was intended to serve the interests of the public, and many actions which appear startling to us were covered by the extreme protectionist theories then in vogue. Scott Maciver sprung the offside trap with a well-timed run in behind. Sprung floors ensure a safe learning experience. Sprung definition: Sprung is the past participle of → spring . 48- Dương Tam Kha’s reign was unpopular and many revolts and rebellions sprung up across the country. She touched her palm to the activation key, and the ground battle hologram sprung up before her. 92 My cricket bat has sprung. desperate to get things under way, he hastily sprung the starting tape. When in use, it is held at right angles to the periscope above the upper window by a bayonet catch; when not in use, it is lowered and sprung round the body of the periscope just below the upper prism box. It was as tho a bag full of water had sprung a leak. 98. With the advent of digital scrapbooking, printable paper sites have sprung up all over the web. More than 50% of its working population are engaged in industry, which embraces almost all branches, of which new ones have lately sprung into existence, whilst most of the older have taken a new lease of life. The common Sun Rose (H. vulgare) is variable in color, and from it have sprung the many varieties. It was named Fort Schuyler, in honour of Colonel Peter Schuyler, an uncle of General Philip Schuyler. A good many factories have sprung up also in Warsaw and at Sosnowice and Bendzin in the extreme S. In the society of the members he assumed the name of "Isaac Bickerstaff," and later of "Gawin Douglas," the latter partly in memory of his maternal grandfather Douglas of Muthill (Perthshire), and partly to give point to his boast that he was a "poet sprung from a Douglas loin.". Both have Victorian brass and cast iron bedsteads, with interior sprung mattresses, made up with crisp white cotton bedding. There is evidence, however, that so early as loon B.C. ), are now considered upon internal evidence not to be by Abelard himself, but only to have sprung out of his school. But all over the savage world, especially in Africa, spirit worship has sprung up and choked the All-Father, who, however, in most savage regions, abides as a name, receiving no sacrifice, and, save among the Masai, seldom being addressed in prayer. Besides the Academy of Science, the Moscow Society of Naturalists, the Mineralogical Society, the Geographical Society, with its Caucasian and Siberian branches, the archaeological societies and the scientific societies of the Baltic provinces, all of which are of old and recognized standing, there have lately sprung up a series of new societies in connexion with each university, and their serials are yearly growing in importance, as, too, are those of the Moscow Society of Friends of Natural Science, the Chemico-Physical Society, and various medical, educational and other associations. 8. 17), Attis was a beautiful youth born of the daughter of the river Sangarius, who was descended from the hermaphroditic Agdistis, a monster sprung from the earth by the seed of Zeus. 560, a new nation had sprung up in the East, the Turks. 93 The lock has not been sprung. I had sprung to my feet. 40. Many of them were punished, some sent to Siberia, many died of cold and hunger on the road, many returned of their own accord, and the movement died down of itself just as it had sprung up, without apparent reason. The tiger sprung from its hiding place to ambush its prey in the jungle. Much grain is exported; timber is brought from the upper Volga, and manufactured wares from Nizhniy Novgorod. These last are of special importance, and the best kind, the Chinese banana, is said to have sprung from a plant given to the missionary John Williams, and cultivated in Samoa. 38- New Mafia bosses sprung up, while imprisoned ones were released. 36- The Mark I sprung rear hub was introduced in late 1947. yet all have certainly sprung from a common progenitor. Eugen, as if stung by some tormenting thought, Thus it was that an intimacy, a sort of comradeship, had, They had the same traditions in common with the Shemitic and Hamitic families from which they, A very promising colony of them seems to have, A light, stellular in the gloom that hung about the lower levels, suddenly, They were a species new to me that seemed to have, One very remarkable minor feature was the appearance of couch-grass and horehound, which had, We have created a Caesarean environment and a host of little Caesars has, The men began to show uneasiness, too, and presently they came flying to me with ashy faces, saying she had, At 10 A.M. after a deal of rain a light air, Then he went and wakened the sailors, and bade them hoist the sails, for a breeze had, If she had had her way, she would have walked very fast down the Tottenham Court Road, and then, Under the warming, germinating sunlight, the verdure, If they had been two little street boys they would have, The next moment he had traced the original source of the scent into the limousine and, There's nothing better to give you that Chistmas feeling than one of the outdoor ice rinks that have, And then, minutes or hours later, close to here, the sea devil had, Touched by my Wife's distress, I would have, While this is probably the most accepted cause of spring fever, there are a few simpler explanations as to why spring gets us so, The beast, with lashing tail, stood over an Indian upon whom it seemed to have, Did you not tell me, Wychecombe, that the Druid had, From these reptilian ancestors birds and mammals have, I'd like to know about this swindle that's going to be, The evil of these departed years would naturally have, He was busy with a copy of verses, and East and Tom were chatting together in whispers by the light of the fire, and splicing a favourite old fives bat which had, He had scarcely finished, when D'Artagnan made such a furious lunge at him that if he had not, Machesney made many excellent saves, but the timeliest one came with two minutes left in the third period when Oskar Osala was, She never created a friend, but seemed always to be sowing broadcast the dragon's teeth, whence.

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