This is a great low intensity exercise to build your thigh, glutes (backside), hamstring and core muscles. For example, if you do bicep curls, you also do dips or tricep extensions to hit the muscles on the back of the arm. Push your elbows back. It’s no secret that I am not a fan of resistance machines. The next day, you focus on the upper body to let the legs rest. "You'll still feel it!". You’ll need: A stability ball or chair and a pair of 3- to 5-pound dumbbells. Alternating back extensions: Lift your legs off the floor. Instead of taking drastic approaches to improve your appearance and health, making a few simple changes to your lifestyle without too much effort can keep you feeling well until your time is up. Why you should: "The single-arm dumbbell row is a great compound upper-body movement targeting your upper back, lats, and traps while your biceps and shoulders assist throughout," says Freeman. "Basic strength training is key to develop a strong muscular foundation," says Joel Freeman, Beachbody Super Trainer and creator of the LIIFT4 program. Hold the position for 30 seconds by engaging your abdominal muscles. Some examples of push/pull complimentary movements: Another common breakdown for workouts are upper body and lower body days. How to do it: Stand with legs hip-width apart. says Freeman. Build a strong foundation with these basic strength training moves that help you learn functional weight lifting movements like hip hinging and squatting. Mamalifts is a resource for athletes interested in weightlifting and getting the most out of their workouts while juggling careers, kids, and other realities of life. $('#spanCopyright').text(theDate.getFullYear()) Why not utilise this time to start your strength-building journey with these four exercises that recruit all the major muscle groups and are not too difficult to perform at any age? This works great if you for sure have four or five days to devote to the gym. There’s no better way to do it than with a few simple strength-training moves. Focus on full range of motion, which means chest to the floor or to the wall or railing. Lie on your back with your knees bent to a 90° angle, with your feet flat on the floor. "Stop at the top before your elbows move away from your sides—meaning if the weights touch your shoulders you've gone too far." Check out this post on how to get started with the big four lifts. Lower until thighs are parallel to the floor, if possible. }) (Here are more tips to master the biceps curl.). Why are they the best ROI? To avoid this, try placing your fingertips right behind your temples and keep your elbows open, instead of closing them in towards your head." Just focus on squeezing your booty as you lift, and you'll also be engaging the lower-back muscles. When lifting your chest off the floor, you really don't have to lift very high. ), Why you should: "Your chest is one of your largest upper-body muscles, and when it comes to chest training, the chest press reigns supreme," says Freeman. 2 sets of 10 reps: goblet squats. Strength Training: At Home Exercises for Beginners. 2 sets of 10 reps: bodyweight squats. 2 sets of 10 reps: pushups. Keep back flat and stand with a 45-degree bend at the hips. If you're newer or returning to exercise, it's often best to start with bodyweight only and focus completely on flexibility and proper form.

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