“Add in a dose of theft from your clothesline, break-and-enters and all-round petty crime, and there’s almost no reason to choose here to live.”. Historic manor-style homes with their own lifts/elevators, multiple separate entrances to the property, and streetside gates to help keep the riff-raff out are how the high-end residents of Kensington roll. The Sacred Heart Monastery which sits atop the hill and dates back to the late 1800’s is the primary attraction, but its collection of churches and colleges surrounding round out the cool historic aspect here. I’ve lived in shalvey for yrs and yes it can be a tuff place to live at time but no matter where u live it is wat u make it if u won’t trouble u will get it whether it’s shalvey or Vaucluse I’ve never had my car stolen house broken into al my kids go to school and 2 older one are excelling in there jobs myself have worked since I was 16 as to many of other ppl in the area there are a lot of hard workers and good ppl out here maybe the author should come out and have a bbq with us al one day to get to no some. This article reads like a pretentious old white man! There’s also an increasing number of empty storefronts and neglected facades, which makes it feel a little more rundown than you’d expect given all the recent modern construction. “Unlike most of the other suburbs on this list, Fairfield’s crime doesn’t just originate from inherent social problems or lack of employment opportunities.”. I don’t think so! Drop us a line at info@sydneysuburbreviews.com . It also helped tidy up some road issues with the confusing Nine Ways roundabout being removed, clearing up the situation for drivers a little. It’s become massively popular with international students as a result, with not only the uni but other education offerings such as various research institutes and the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) all centralised here. Your standard, run-of-the-mill “complex of townhouses”, this is not. Where exactly is this outrage occuring and pls be specific, Minto As with Bankstown, Liverpool also nowadays suffers from high property prices that are not justified by the quality of living the suburb offers. For those looking for a freestanding home, Kensington is highly pricey. Sure, there’s potentially good value for money in terms of the property market considering Blacktown’s nice mix of facilities – but when prices are relatively low in Sydney despite this, it’s a sign something’s up. Contact Agent. Buy Rent Sold Agents Reviews Questions. It’s a large area in total and quite diverse from one part of the suburb to the other, with again a large multicultural community that offers good dining options that’s mostly offset by its generally dirty and hostile atmosphere. Kensington physically sits in a spot in which the east, west, south, and city itself are all within a reasonable proximity, while a number of massive and significant public amenities also lie right nearby. Despite the strong university demographic, Kensington doesn’t have too much in the way of entertainment or nightlife within its own borders – it’s more of a launchpad for going out in the city or Eastern Suburbs of an evening. Full credit goes to any and all social workers who put their time and safety on the line to aid such places, but there’s a generally depressing aspect to such situations as a whole. Many of its problems can be traced back to its use as a location for the concentrated resettlement of refugees and other immigrants without proper planning or giving them much to look forward to – as a result, it’s been the site of some high-profile gang wars over the years. Ambarvale The relationship between these and not only crime, but homelessness, mental health issues and drug addiction unfortunately continue to play out in full force here. A mate walks in and says “thats not real, that doesnt happen,where does that really happen?” I replied Doonside. There are far more deadlier places than Tregear , the people that live in Tregear are usually poor , but they are humble and often keep to themselves and dont cause trouble. I thought Lane Cove was full of upscale mums sipping a nice red while watching Tarquin play junior soccer and Myfanwy have a jolly good time playing hockey? It’s off you think the north shore is synonymous with pymble, chatswood and killara.

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