Instead, Besson pulls off a master stroke, showing us how human beings can fail to connect with each other, and how even great loves are doomed to flicker out in the face of other, greater obsessions. Besson's film is exactly like his hero: very pretty but very silly. Amorgos is the island where they made the movie. The film is also quite long (in the aptly named "version longue") at about 2 hours and 40 minutes. Going through her usual kooky routine, Arquette plays a New York insurance agent who encounters Barr in Peru, and is captivated by his wide-eyed innocence (which others might describe as bovine stupidity). I'm always pickled with the eye candy of the incredible film location with majestic capture of the lens. Ever since he was a small boy and his own father drowned, Jacques' life has been an obsessive quest to in some way master the sea, master diving, and somehow cheat the death his father had, almost in revenge for it. This film, like the sea which is its subject, hypnotizes you, seduces you, rocks you into a state of oneness with the lush scenery. The final scene was very impressive. As with a lot of Luc Besson films, it is a joy to watch and has real depth (pun not intended) to the overall aesthetic. Really is just an enjoyable movie. It was this final image that haunted me for days and drove me to write this review. Between Leon and this I think Jean Reno is one of my favourite actors. Enjoy the amazing experience of the. The two main characters, Jacques Maillol and Enzo Molinari are fascinated by the sea but for different reasons. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Both of them share an almost spiritual affinity with the sea, especially Mayol who lost his father. The same wish and the same beauty of feeling about it.'' What was potentially a fascinating exploration of the human soul filmed in the wondrous depths of the ocean was mired quite significantly by an atrociously written female lead character, and romantic plot that dragged a fair bit of the movie down. © 2020 METACRITIC, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. His sensitive portrayal captures one's heart and mind and locks you in for the duration. The story continues as Jacques struggles with problems in his past, present and future. A character as "pure", as driven by passion as he is cannot compromise. A key-movie that divided the French public between the ones who saw on it, only a tedious documentary about the ocean and the others who acclaimed this passionating movie. Congratulations to all involved. The characters are all formed perfectly, almost exaggerated but not, Jean Reno is his usual astounding self, and Jean-Marc Barr really out does himself, with Rosanna Arquette in a superb supporting roll. If you want to get lost in a movie and fall desperately in love with a man, watch this movie and he shall set the standards for all future men who shall enter your life. Blue color is peaceful and watching the endless expanse of the Mediterranean is enjoyable. The first half-hour is the best part of the movie. In the story we also have Enzo (Jean Reno), Jacque's lifelong friend and nemesis who motivates him to free dive in competition (so he has some competition) and also gets him work in other areas of diving. A curious look into rivalry, friendship and love. We see the signs at various points in the film, especially during the truly unnerving scene in which he abandons her when she's trying to talk to him, by doing one of his virtuoso dives. He leaves Rosanna Arquette to become some kind of half-man half-dolphin at the bottom of the ocean? Please enter your birth date to watch this video: You are not allowed to view this material at this time. I have seen this film at least five times and every time it's fresh. Two young men who are deep-sea divers and long-time rivals come together again in competition with one having an advantage with his unusual trait (something to do with dolphins). The Big Blue has some really funny and witty dialogue and moments and some other pretty spectacular cinematography. I found this movie haunting, to say the least. The best special effect of " Big Blue " is its freedom. Very unfortunate because this could have. I love adventure movies and this one really is just nice and fun to watch. When i lived in France in 1989..everybody was talking about Le Grand Bleu...I still have the music.. And a poster on the toilet.. A captivating film that appears almost magical. One of my favourites! Even the news that he is going to be a father cannot alter his decision. Luc Besson, Robert Garland, Marilyn Goldin, Jacques Mayol, Marc Perrier. Well backed up by Arquette and Reno with perhaps too much taken out for the US release. His love for his sport, however, is put on hold when he meets Joanna (Rosanna Arquette). At it's peak The Big Blue reached the 96th highest rated movie on IMDb, and that is no small feat. Luc Besson clearly demonstrated the art in film. THE movie that made Besson go down in history. Thanks for subscribing! Of course, there isn't almost any plot, dialogs are short and rare but pictures are gorgeous enough to create an entrancing climate supported by Eric Serra's mesmerizing music. Besides, the movie enabled to discover two outstanding actors: Jean-Marc Barr and Jean Reno but oddly if Reno became one of the most popular French actors, it wasn't the case with Barr. The first appearance of the young Enzo, the first appearance of the older Jacques, Enzo's car and flamboyance, the tide of water flowing downward from the ceiling, and the very last scene, all these bold images were fantastic. It doesn't happen - it's just a visual metaphor. Jean-Marc, wherever you are, in whatever film you are doing now, I know that the essence and beauty you brought to this part, is still with you and those around you will only benefit from it. Even if the movie is from is still one of a kind!!! Jacques Yves Cousteau must surely have had enjoyed this film. Everyone seems to think the story is a romance (the love triangle) or a sports flick (the free diving), and that Jacques obsession with the sea is a mere subplot, but that's completely backwards. Le Grand Bleu is the true story of famous French diver Jacques Mayol who challenged death.Jacques and Enzo were always passionate about sea and this passion gave rise to their spirited rivalry.Enzo will never give up as he doesn't want to be beaten at all by anyone.They approve the widespread notion that one who goes for a thing will get it not the one who saw the thing.Mayol's character portrayed by Jean Marc Barr reminds one of celebrated Jacques Yves Cousteau who advocated the philosophy of profundity by making underwater his home.Le Grand Bleu's strength lies in its wonderfully shot visuals as well as catchy musical score by Eric Serra.Even,Jacques Mayol offered his indispensable contribution as a technical consultant on this film.The film was a massive hit among youngsters throughout Europe attracting nine million viewers in France.Luc Besson created one of the best films of his career featuring impressive underwater images.The film's success proved that the aesthetic quality can only save the cinema which is facing tough competition from television. We pick out the 10 most notable movies heading to theaters in July,... Get a list of the best movie and TV titles recently added (and coming... We rank the 25 best-reviewed horror films of the 2010s. Throughout the film I encounter wonderful scenes. Such bathos reeks of cod-Camus. This movie is about a myth and the main character is a god that accidental crossed our world and has to come back into his. Try another? I'm still a bit perplexed, because 'free diving' looked like anything but. Unforgettable imagery, interesting premise, good chemistry between Arquette and Barr, and Reno is a joy to watch. The results are predictably lachrymose, especially with the reinstated "unhappy" ending from the original French version. What the heck is THAT about?" Rosanna Arquette is beautiful and sexy in an uncharacteristically understated way. The score compliments the film perfectly, Eric Serra has done a wonderfully emotive score that almost interacts with the scenes along the way. Big Blue, The Two childhood friends, Enzo and Jacques, long since grown apart but still sharing their passion for free-diving, will reunite at a championship in Italy. A movie that "gets" the intensity and camaraderie of competition. A flawed fable but an intriguing one nonetheless. Déjà vu! By entering your email address you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and consent to receive emails from Time Out about news, events, offers and partner promotions.

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