It's important to mention, that Tencent, and neither Activision nor Blizzard, is running WoW in China. Yeah well, all I can predict is flasks for example being 500 gold a pop instead of 200 now when gold gets inflated so badly. Members. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts this is all world pvp. The more experienced crowd was predicting this as a possibility, the more naive crowd was covering their eyes and whispering "no changes". I thought it was that it said it does 1747 fire damage on the tooltip, but it does 1748. Press J to jump to the feed. Im impressed by Rextroy and disappointed by Blizzard at the same time. yeahhh..nobody really cares about world pvp, so yep..but kinda cool. The Gift That Keeps on Giving bugged 0; Sign in to follow this . Achilles 2,047. ), Pillars of Eternity: Lords of the Eastern Reach. I thought that since Asuna cancels out magic, the energy potion shouldn't have worked on her. It was elemental that could solo trash in firelands. no wonder, i kept thinking he broke more arenas or bgs or something. Press J to jump to the feed. The token is a tool. The Gift That Keeps On Giving I give you a new commandment: Love one another. I am 8/8 BWL as of last week and getting pretty rapidly geared up as a Feral tank. My hope is that the NA game doesnt reach the threshold to validate adding the token, because if it does, the addition of the token is insignificant in contrast to shear quantity of players who must be botting and buying gold outside of the game. 8 2893. The quest isn't bugged, it just has a bad "drop" of ghouls from miners. You can also do this with Unstable Azerite Flare that there is in some faction's assaults. Guest 1 year ago. Gold selling is an issue in Classic. Bots are an issue. Blizzard loses money by doing this because in the end at least one person is going to buy a time card, so that's at least $15 less that Blizzard is making. Would that mean they'd take no damage, or is it that other scaling method that's difficult to understand... Rextroy is back with another showcase as to why the corruption system was a mistake. Borrrrring, guy does hard thing a hard way, I don’t care. See viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1620 for a good token debate we had a few months ago. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. them. Does the 208% verse reduce damage taken by 104%? I wish I had a bit more time to level alts or grind gold for more consumes, but such is life, Yeah I dug up this thread because yeah, the wow token makes botting worse, not better ;), I wonder if he ever gets tired of pulling that face on every single youtube thumbnail. Jack • 1 year ago. I see stuff about gold selling, and have heard about token in China - but it has such minimal impact on my limited play schedule that I'm really not phased one way or another. Keywords. This is how all will know you for My disciples: Your love for one another John 1:1-18 or 1:1-5, 9-14. I don't want to bring over the non stop posts about Loot Trading being announced to be in Classic WoW. What you do with that time card is up to you. Hey, the token debate! I loved it all! The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. The \"gift that keeps on giving\" is meant to continually invoke the feelings people get when they receive a present. Loved it. Sermon Topic Love. × Pleasure. I am not 100% pro token, but I can understand the necessity in using it and applaud Blizz for making the tough decisions that the emotional playerbase cant understand. Easy fix: make it so that taking off any item that contributes to a corruption effect immediately cancels the entire effect. Angel981 chapter 1 . Fear. xDStill though, it never ceases to amaze me the lengths Rextroy goes to do some of these things. you're a genius! It is the lesser of two evils and when cheating and gold selling reach a certain breakpoint, the token is introduced. I am curious what you think will be Blizzard's limit to no changes will be? Oh I see. Please make a tag so I can filter this stuff out. Your a good writer so I think you could manage a great fic out of it. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. very good fic! This is why the Paladin bubble needs nerfing. I used to spend a few hours every day the first few weeks of firelands soloing 25 man trash as a ele shaman and I think I made around 300k gold for a few hours work. Achilles, The Gift That Keeps on Giving bugged. You can post now and register later. Sweet green jeebus! This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. out! Followers 0. churning. Sermon Week Fifth Sunday of Easter Cycle C. Scripture Summary John 13:34-35.   Your link has been automatically embedded. •  Users browsing this forum: None and 15 guests, ... c-in-china. A summary of my expectations and predictions from 8 months ago: 12/26/2014 . Comment by phoenicks on 2020-08-12T13:06:47-05:00 ... c-in-china. Each girl's character was spot-on, as well. × This was a funny story. Hope everyone is doing well and still enjoying Classic. O me like me like lol the chisame x kazumi part was the best and i laughed so hard for the konosetsu i really like this hope you make more soon (with more yuri u). I really loved the mistletoe! Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. If people in China sell gold now they can instead not sell the gold That's the only problem I had with this fic. Would love to see Asuna Eva couple as a longer fic though. This is why the Paladin bubble needs nerfing. Power leveling services are an issue. Reviews for The gift that keeps on giving; konochan-kaioh chapter 1 . Again, cute fic. As always great work and Merry Christmas. I'm starting to think that Rextroy is actually just an AI designed to find ways to exploit game mechanics.This is pretty awesome; can't wait to see what he finds next. It's a really good story and I loved it, but there was something at the end that bugged me. Big common aspect with his previous video: corruption effects that persist through gear swaps because you're still wearing one of the stacks of the effect. As Robotusch mentioned, it's a reference to Silence of the Lambs. Kudos.Usually he posts these videos once they've already been fixed, I thought, so has that been the case with the last couple? When someone turns in "The Gift That Keeps On Giving" (the next step in this quest chain), he *usually* says, "Get in the pit or it gets the lash again!" 9/17/2012. Once botting snowballs into a large enough problem and gold sellers are rampant, introduce the token as a catch-all in an effort to proactively police your game (the likely future and the ultimate outcome in China, a short ~6 months after launch.) But what i really liked was Konoka's present. Achilles. to 'The gift that keeps on giving - our pals at Blizzard Entertainment :D' Posts Views Last post.   You cannot paste images directly. Description: Quest: The Gift That Keeps On Giving NPC: Scarlet Ghoul Current behaviour: Item not work 100%! You can also do this with Unstable Azerite Flare that there is in some faction's assaults. You use IN GAME GOLD to buy a time card You did a really good job with this story. Haven't touched the character in two expansions, really. It implies that any present that gives enjoyment over and over, such as a radio, camera, or a magazine subscription, would be better than a gift that only provides that feeling once, like a bouquet of flowers. I am in my little raid-logging bubble at the moment. do not imagine that the reason why secchan not returning from the bathroom is because she was kidnapped by eva-san to be the gift of konoka xD lol that was great! And the guy just. When we see them for what they are, we become unstoppable.". Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts The phrase was especially popular with electronics companies and some of the most well-known commercials using the phrase include the following examples. Display as a link instead, × r/wow: World of Warcraft on Reddit! After all Blizzard is a small indie company that could not possibly keep bots out even if private servers were quite successful at it. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I thought that Eva giving Setsuna as a gift to Konoka was inspired. hash/commit: TrinityCore rev. wow... such a sweet story... and I couldn't stop laughing when Setsuna was dropped into Konoka's arms! December 23, 2017, Counter not updating/game not registering swapped cards, "Art and song are creations but so are weapons and lies", "Our worst enemies are inventions of the mind.   Pasted as rich text. Asked by to 'The gift that keeps on giving - our pals at Blizzard Entertainment :D'. nice inc more nerfs from the fun police to a system thats literally getting taken out in pre-patch. Launch the game without a token (they did this), monitor the behaviors of the players and when the negative impacts of gold-selling start to rise, try to control the situation with reactive GM bans (they are doing this). WoW token added to Classic in China: The "gift that keeps on giving" is meant to continually invoke the feelings people get when they receive a present. I'm not super familiar with shaman. care to explain just whats going on here? You can trace the first commercial use o… Upload or insert images from URL. Technically this would be a 2 shot, since you have an on-use trinket and an essence ability. BWL is easy, but still enjoyable to progress with friends. I mean, blizzard banned people for less in the past, kinda makes you wonder. keeps. Paste as plain text instead, × XD lol. exspecially the parts w/ Chachamaru/negi and haruna/nodoka/yue! Obviously a lot of thought went into each individual gift. r/wow: World of Warcraft on Reddit! Current behaviour: Item not work 100%! That may or may not happen in North America and Europe, but it is a possibility. But I got a fun idea and through the use of shaman tier 10 and echo, this happened. Asked by Achilles. Hi all, I wanted to try ou some things on private servers. I'm surprised they didn't do that already after the Void Ritual video. How is this guy not perma'd yet? Comment by Darkfire8008 on 2020-08-12T12:39:39-05:00. Just, absolutely brilliant. So I just login, farm some manual crowd pummelers and do my profession cooldowns then log off until raid night(s). This guy is the gift that keeps on giving.

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