Stream Star Wars shows with a FREE TRIAL of Disney+, right here! However, the streamlined, action-packed episode drags, in part because it all seems repetitive and familiar. In episode 2, he’s out for blood. You can read my review of the season premiere here. Along the way he’s ambushed by more of the aliens he fought last week, but he dispatches them fairly quickly. Pedro Pascal displays that particular Star Wars magic that makes acting in a mask alongside a puppet-like alien look easy. I can’t handle how adorable this little guy is. The Mandalorian: The Best Aliens, Weapons and Tech62 IMAGES. But watching the Mandalorian attempting to protect this strange, vulnerable child is also designed to disarm us. (Although if those aspects of the Star Wars mythos drive you crazy, it’s entirely possible The Mandalorian has just lost all of your goodwill. The Mandalorian showed some moral ambiguity in the first episode: fond of children and unwilling to kill the baby, he blows a hole in the head of his ally-of-convenience, IG-11. Characterization for the Mandalorian himself is sparce. He and Kuiil spend the night putting his ship back together and then say their farewells. The alien rhino is fast and strong and Mando’s rifle jams up. This was another terrific episode. In any case, Mando blasts a few of the little buggers, but they escape into their massive sandcrawler and he’s forced to pursue on foot. The Force theme is used sparingly but effectively. Check out our theory on how the "Baby Yoda" reveal could tie into Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: Where the premiere laid its groundwork methodically, episode 2 of The Mandalorian comes out guns blazing - giving us a clearer sense of both the titular character’s identity and the show’s as a whole. Den of Geek It shakes the toy chest to see what will come out: there’s an Attack of the Clones-inspired reek-like creature called a “mud horn,” for example. By Chris E. Hayner on November 20, 2019 at 6:46PM PST Megan Crouse writes for Star Wars Insider and Star and is a co-host on Den of Geek's Star Wars podcast, Blaster Canon. Maybe if Mando gets the egg the Jawas crave so much, they’ll trade him for the contents of his ship. The Mandalorian finds its groove with a constantly surprising second episode that ramps up the action and emotion. The final battle achieves showrunner Jon Favreau’s vision of the show feeling like a high-budget version of playing in a toy chest. But the odd-couple pairing also has echoes of classic Westerns like The Searchers and True Grit (or, for a deeper cut, John Ford’s 3 Godfathers), juxtaposing our impassive hero with a more innocent character who’s designed to slip under his guard. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. We’ve seen some of this exact choreography in Attack of the Clones — Mando being dragged by the mud horn evokes memories of Obi-Wan battling the reek. This time, baby Yoda raises his hand and uses the Force to stop the beast in its tracks before lifting him up into the air. See all the content available right now on Disney+ here. Warrior Season 2 Episode 5 Review: Not for a Drink, a F*ck, or a G*damn Prayer, Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 1 Review – The Marshal, Supernatural Season 15 Episode 17 Review: Unity, Star Wars: The Mandalorian Release Date, Episodes, Trailers, Cast, and News, Star Wars: The Mandalorian Episode 8 Review - Redemption, Star Wars: The Mandalorian Episode 3 Review - The Sin, Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 2 Taps Robert Rodriguez and Peyton Reed to Direct, How Hunt A Killer Expands the Blair Witch Universe with New Horror Game, Horror Movie Origin Stories: Directors, Actors, and Writers on How They Fell in Love With the Genre, The Most Terrifying Magic: The Gathering Cards, Best Horror Movies on Netflix: Scariest Films to Stream, Star Wars: The Mandalorian Episode 2 Review – The Child.

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