Our team of experts will get back to you at the earliest. “IT HAPPENED TODAY” REMIX PROJECT CONTINUES. I would like to receive mail from Future partners. You never got to wrap up that project — was that unfinished business the main impetus for wanting to work with Terry again? But it wasn’t because we didn’t want him to be part of it. [laughs] If there’s no one else there to guide or say, “Hey guys, stop right there. He came in the studio with me last summer [to producer Terry Date’s Seattle studio] because at that point we’d finished recording all the musical tracks. “I felt like that was definitely missing from the Gore record — not completely, but not as represented as I would like to be,” Moreno says. Can I do this song?” The record is sequenced exactly like White Pony, so it kind of takes you on a journey in the same way but completely flipped upside-down. Sergio has a great sense of melody, and I like to shoot things off people.

Did that get you into a better place creatively? But I remember when we first put it out, some people didn’t get it right way, like, “What is this? “But I shouldn’t be because the quality is too bad.

But we’ve always had great experiences working with him. Then at some point, I’m sure Stephen was like, “Fuck you, motherfucker!” [laughs] Or he just retreated in a sly way. P.S. Tickets for the concert are on sale now and can be purchased by calling Carnegie Charge at 212.247.7800, or in person at the Carnegie Hall Box Office (57th Street and Seventh Avenue). I live in Oregon; Abe lives in Sacramento, and Steph was in L.A., so Abe and I went down to L.A. to this little boxed-out rehearsal spot that we usually work at. It was more about getting in the room together and just hanging out.”. Will you give us money for him to make a brand new record?” They said yes, and Nick spearheaded that whole thing. The event is scheduled for Monday night, March 7th, at the 40 Watt Club in Athens. Unfortunately we can’t speed up time, but we can highlight some of the R.E.M. In recent interviews, you’ve talked about working with him directly in the writing process for Ohms. But it wasn’t even about that. There’s a lot of kind of soundscape-y stuff, and there’s a heaviness — all those trigger points that Deftones are known for. The first time we got together, it was just Abe, Stephen and myself. The band vibe wasn’t 100 percent right for Gore, and it seems you’re in a much better, more collaborative place now. Weeks before Ohms enters the world, the West Coast is ravaged by wildfires that have polluted the air to dangerous levels. “We were also thinking about [Andy] Warhol and [Jean-Luc] Godard with the color field effects and [David] Bowie’s album cover for Lodger at the end where Michael ends up in essentially the exact same position.” Read Dominic’s thoughts on some of the other elements that inspired the making of the video as well as what it was like to film during a 100-plus degree heat wave in Berlin while rolling Michael up the stairs here.

It’s an intriguing concept — experimenting with the album 20 years later. A lot of times when we’re writing, we’ll play something, and like 20 minutes later we’re on a whole different planet. After sharing five songs from the new record over the past few weeks, we’re ready for the world to hear the full record. I didn’t bring a guitar — I just had my mic. With the release of COLLAPSE INTO NOW just two weeks away in some countries, excitement in the R.E.M. Michael will perform at the 21st Annual Tibet House Benefit Concert at Carnegie Hall on Thursday, March 3rd along with Philip Glass, Angelique Kidjo, James McCartney, The Roots, Patti Smith (with Jesse Smith) and Michael Campbell. Now that you have a board, you can add any models you find to it. It’s 11 a.m., and it’s really dark right now.”. Maybe it would be good, but I don’t know. Where are the Deftones at?” Obviously, there are parts that jump out at you, but overall I think it’s a headphone record — kind of a slow-burner.
BIG STAR TRIBUTE SET FOR NEW YORK IN MARCH. We eventually worked with Nick Raskulinecz after the Eros record [on 2010’s Diamond Eyes] — Nick sort of approached us, and we had the opportunity to pretty much start a whole other record. Terry is good at that too, but it’s always great to have someone in the band. Tickets for the COLLAPSE INTO NOW pre-listening party are available at athensmusic.net and, according to event-coordinator Jeff Montgomery, sales have been brisk. The CalDigit TS3 Plus is our top pick thanks to plenty of ports and solid construction, but there are a bunch of other options that might better suit your needs. Click the Upload button.

And then all of a sudden, it’s like, “OK, we’re not gonna put this out. It could have been a little self-indulgent — it’s a record based off another record that’s people already like, so it would easy to fuck up. I think it’s one of our best-produced records — it’s some of Terry’s finest work. For more information, please go here. On one hand, [sometimes] something is better than nothing. [For Ohms, it was important] having someone there that we all trust, who can help us make sense of what we’re doing. Here's how to get the most out this awesome community!

But I realized that his guitar playing with Abe’s drums is a huge part of what Deftones do. Our initial idea was to have DJ Shadow remix the whole record. I wanted us all to have fun. —– By default, I’m kind of dictating what we’re doing. This is a whole different element of songwriting that I haven’t expressed too much. I love to play guitar, and a lot of times I bring a guitar in and start playing; Abe will start playing with me, and then all of a sudden we’re creating a song, and Stephen’s kind of left finding his place in something [Abe] and I made.

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