The supercharger is slightly offset to the rear to provide an even distribution of air. [25], McClurg, Bob. Pruett was racing as Leah Pritchett while she was married to Gary Pritchett, a tuner for the current Top Fuel championship driver, Steve Torrence. Both have a thing for outright speed, though Pruett's career-best mark is 334.15 mph while Stewart's is... slower. As the increased engine speed builds up pump pressure, the mixture is made leaner to maintain a predetermined ratio that is based on many factors, especially race track surface friction. This means that a "fueler" engine will provide power over a very broad range from very lean to very rich mixtures. Securing the heads to the block is done with aircraft-rated steel studs and stud nuts. They have three rings and aluminum buttons retain the 1.156 in × 3.300 in (29.4 mm × 83.8 mm) steel wrist pin. The third ring is an oil scraper ring whose function is to scrape the majority of the oil film off of the cylinder wall as the piston descends, to prevent oil being exposed to combustion heat and contaminating the upcoming round of fuel/air. The engine is cooled by the incoming air/fuel mixture and the lubricating oil. After opening a motorcycle shop, he returned several years later to race motorcycles. [17], They were shortly turning in E.T.s in the low 11s and trap speeds of over 140 mph (230 km/h); at Long Beach on 21 March, an 11.49 pass at 141.66 mph (227.98 km/h) was recorded. Bruce Iversen, who went on to run his own nitro and alcohol Funny Cars, was one of those longtime friends and saw him just days before Kimble died. The connecting rods are of forged aluminum and do provide some shock damping, which is why aluminum is used in place of titanium, because titanium connecting rods transmit too much of the combustion impulse to the big-end rod bearings,[citation needed] endangering the bearings and thus the crankshaft and block. All logos and images are reserved. Since 1955, the association has held regional and national events (typically organized as single elimination tournaments, with the winner of each two car race advancing) and has set rules for safety, with the more powerful cars requiring ever more safety equipment. Of Course Ken Block Can Drift the Seven-Motor Ford Mustang Mach-E 1400. Dragsters are limited to a maximum wheelbase of 300 inches (760 cm). Thanks to the miracle of having access to private jets, Stewart is on hand at Nascar races as much as his love life allows. Measuring the power output of a top fuel engine directly is not always feasible. Crampton was a passenger in the car at the time of the crash, along with engine builder Jacob Sanders. “We wore through the clutch and the motor dropped a few holes in the top end against Steve Torrence in the semis,” she said. The engine is warmed up for about 80 seconds. Air is fed to the compressor from throttle butterflies with a maximum area of 65 sq in (419 cm2). The calculated power output of these engines is most likely somewhere between 8,500 and 10,000 hp (6,340 and 7,460 kW),[7] which is about twice as powerful as the engines installed on some modern diesel locomotives, with a torque output of approximately 7,400 pound force-feet (10,000 N⋅m)[8] and a brake mean effective pressure of 1,160–1,450 psi (8.0–10.0 MPa). He continued to drive trucks until he passed away Monday, Jan. 6, of a heart attack.

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