has completely revolutionized the way I think about the golf swing...The website is David has worked with Trevor Immelman—one of the Tour’s most fitness-dedicated athletes—for quite some time perfecting golf-specific exercises. members to watch this video and 200+ more! Following the RST 5 Step System You have to develop ways to feel the right positions and monitor them. without a doubt the best golf instruction resource anywhere on the internet. Use caution because this exercise is more difficult than it appears. One set 10 full-range crunches at a quick pace. Trevor John Immelman (né le 16 décembre 1979) est un golfeur professionnel sud-africain et vainqueur du Tournoi des Maîtres de 2008. Now if we do that slightly differently now with grip pressure and try this yourself, try hitting a few shots really relaxed like that then try hitting a few shots strangling the golf club as much as I can. I want to make sure I don't grab the grip midswing to manipulate the club in some way.Second, I keep a close eye on ball position. I guarantee your golf swing will improve if you follow my PROVEN 5 Step System! Re-stabilize the core and switch to left leg for a 3- second count. Start with 3 repetitions on each leg, and hold the leg extension for 3 seconds. Any views on Trevor Immelmans (relative) decline this year. Lie on your back and begin in a bridge position with legs straight and heels of your feet placed on top of the stability ball. Immelman was born in Cape Town, South Africa. Trevor Immelman-who is actually a great study of golf-specific fitness himself-used the aid of his sports performance coach, David Herman, to assemble an awesome workout routine that practically anyone can safely do on their own. Then grip the golf club as tightly as you possibly can and squeeze it and number that a 10 out of 10. But rather than signalling the start of a run of Major successes, injury set off a slow, painful decline, as the South African explains here. Build the perfect golf swing following the most advanced online golf swing learning system! You’ll find out: 1) How your right wrist helps keep your club on a good path going back, 2) How your backswing affects getting stuck in the downswing, and 3) How releasing like Immelman will improve your speed and power! Theres a section presented by Trevor Immelman in there on how he says he looks for certain moves and positions in his golf swing to build a swing you can trust. Trevor assured us that “when you play a downhill lie, you will notice a difference in your stability.” David and Trevor wanted a core stabilization program that was consistent with building and maintaining leg, upper body and core strength, all aspects that promote an automatically balanced swing as well as a reduced risk of injury. Already have an account? thanks to you and your system. Exhale while focusing on a strong, stable and centered position. 2020 © rotaryswing.com - all rights reserved. Add the Pilates ring to engage more of the upper body. During this off season, Golf Fitness Magazine met up with Trevor Immelman and his golf performance coach, David Herman, for a few questions about Trevor achieving his boyhood dream of winning the 2008 Masters. It encompasses all of the important aspects of the golf swing for more strength, speed and, most importantly, longevity. As with the entire exercise routine, it is important to keep the core engaged throughout the exercise, particularly with this one. In 2008, Trevor Immelman beat Tiger Woods to win the Masters at Augusta National Golf Club. for U.S. Olympics Committee, -Hub Orr - Happy PREMIUM MEMBER of Sign Up Now! Golf Channel ... Trevor Immelman - Full Swing. Plan to only maximize the weights to a degree where you can continue to focus on keeping your core engaged. La Jolla, CA Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images My golf swing gets a lot quicker, gets a lot shorter, I rush everything. (We respect privacy and keep all emails confidential). By using this website, you consent to the use of cookies on your device. For Level 4 add the medicine ball below your feet. Mark Immelman, the brother of PGA TOUR professional Trevor Immelman, is a well-respected golf instructor and head coach of the Columbus State University (Ga.) golf team. You watch Immelman you watch Els you watch Goosen as they set up to the golf ball, everything just seems to be in slow motion, just super relaxed and then away they go… there doesn’t seem to be any rush in any part of their swing. If I set up to this now I'm going to grab this golf club 10 out of 10 and squeeze it and straight away everything just becomes a lot more tense, right through my fore-arms, right into my shoulders. Place an ankle band around the lower legs, which will help engage the lateral muscles of the upper legs, while also engaging the glutes/buttucks and abdominal muscles. He simply moves his well-organized address position away from the ball.He simply moves his well-organized address position away from the ball. “This program is all about minimizing the risk of injury to your back, both in the gym and on the course,” explained Dave. I watched a great programme last night on Sky about his life from childhood prodigy to Masters champion so I … David has worked with Trevor Immelman—one of the Tour’s most fitness-dedicated athletes—for quite some time perfecting golf-specific exercises. You see, I don’t actually see myself in the golf business at all, I am in the business of caring. You’ll find out: 1) How your right wrist helps keep your club on a good path going back, 2) How your backswing affects getting stuck in the downswing, and 3) How releasing like Immelman will improve your speed and power! Focus on something in front of you and remember to breath as you hold the position. It’s the deep lower abdominal muscle you work if you pull in your belly button toward your stomach while exhaling the air in the diaphragm. Roll the ball toward your buttocks until your feet are flush against the ball, then slowly return to the starting position. As you begin this workout, it is important to understand exactly what core stabilization is (see inset), and to re-emphasize the necessity to keep your center (core) engaged like a vacuum around your spine to keep the pelvis in a neutral and safe position throughout each exercise. ", "I can honestly say that Rotary Swing Make your best effort to hold a plank position and be careful not to let your neck drop down too much. His father, Johan, is the former commissioner of the Sunshine Tour in South Africa, while his older brother Mark is a broadcaster, teaching pro and collegiate golf coach. Now think about holding the golf club like Trevor Immelman, that’s a 4 out of 10. This 40% is for a short time…so MyGolfSpy readers can take advantage of it. Do a 10-20 minute warm up using a treadmill, stationary bike or Article brought to you by: Golf Fitness Magazine, #4: PLANK EXERCISE WITH ENHANCED STABILIZATION, #5: CORE BRIDGE ON BALL WITH LEG EXTENSION, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, 2019 Epic Flash Star Mens Hybrid 4 Hybrid Mens/Right, Wilson Golf- Golf Staff C300 Fairway Wood, Pre-Owned Tour Edge Golf Exotics XJ1 Fairway Wood, (your email address will not be published), Reader to Reader – Bobby Jones Black Lineup Review, Community Review – TaylorMade Spider SI Putter, Cobra BiO Cell Irons – A MyGolfSpy Community Review, Callaway Golf – Names New CEO (Chip Brewer). This place, this site, it’s more than just a business to me, it truly is an expression of who I am and what I believe in, down to my core. Stand with one leg on the floor (or on a yoga brick for added difficulty) and be sure to keep your supporting leg slightly bent. Follow this holding movement with a set of short, rapid repetitions.

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