Monitor students as they work.
We have to show students what quality work looks like. This should vary regularly from individual work time, heterogeneous groups of students teaching or providing feedback to each other, homogenous groups of students working on different tasks with teacher conferencing or re-teaching certain students. Is that really necessary for a kid who already grasps the concept

Given all of the instructional strategies and practices that teachers can employ, differentiated instruction can also take on many forms. Page 12: Classroom Implementation. will. * For refund and privacy policy information visit our Help & Support page. What is the goal?

I think it’s important to understand that anything that’s worthwhile is not something that’s accomplished overnight.

The University of Virginia The views and opinions expressed on this website are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Corwin. The contents of this Website do not necessarily represent the policy of the U.S. Department of Education, and you should not assume endorsement by the Federal Government. Carol Ann Tomlinson offers several ways that teachers can begin differentiating instruction (time: 2:07). Teachers who practice differentiation in the classroom … All rights reserved. Project Officer, Sarah Allen. Use a simple means of gathering information about students (e.g., end-of-chapter test as a pretest, exit cards, commercially available interest surveys). Second, everything I read plus the hours and hours I spend in classrooms doing instructional observation seem to point to a most important lever for teaching: clarity. Differentiated instruction is done by recognizing that students have a variety of background knowledge and Also, even if the task is complex, the instructions need to be crystal clear. Charlottesville, VA, /wp-content/uploads/module_media/di_media/audio/di_audio_page_12_tomlinson.mp3. Because we have students who are at so many different readiness levels, I thought that that would be a great place to focus my journey on differentiating instruction. Teach it once then check if they have it, because most likely they Like anything else, using differentiated instructional activities becomes easier the more you do it but at the beginning it is tough. Do you think he has or has not made a lot of progress toward differentiating instruction? Review problems or steps that students are having difficulty with.

Phone: 805-499-9734 While you cannot always change the content of what you are to teach, you do have control over the process you use to teach the content. Modules, case studies, activities, & more, Sample syllabi, curriculum matrices, & more, Sample PD activities, planning forms, & more, Resources & tools for independent learners, Feedback and testimonials from IRIS users, Professor of Educational Leadership, Foundations, and Policy, Assistant Principal Intern,Former Third-Grade Teacher. Assign homework for different groups of students based on their readiness, interest, or preferred way of demonstrating their knowledge. She is a James Madison Constitutional Scholar and taught Social Studies for many years. Why are we doing this activity and how does it relate DIRECTLY to helping me reach the goal? Help students to solve problems using graphic organizers. The first is from the year that Mr. Shelton began differentiating instruction.
Carol Ann Tomlinson, EdD Assign class problems and allow students to work with a partner or alone to complete. The table below outlines some general guidelines for arranging key … Fax: 805-499-5323 Understanding how to use Bloom's Taxonomy and the Proximal Zone of Development will also give more depth and rigor to your lessons.

Privacy Policy Additionally, ongoing professional development is critical. Again, often they only need it taught one time and they Note: Instruction guided by preassessment (end of chapter test), Note: Instruction guided by preassessment (teacher-created). The goal is to match the level and depth of your curriculum to the motivation and readiness of your students (Tomlinson, 1999). Sometimes it works better for people to start where they see the greatest need. And I’m afraid that sometimes teachers feel that we only have two choices: Do everything right tomorrow, or just forget it. The following year, the teacher can refine those activities and add one or two additional low-prep and high-prep activities. Assistant Principal Intern,Former Third-Grade Teacher What does differentiated instruction look like in the classroom? Here is an attempt to distill the essential elements down to four buckets or key areas: First, without teachers breaking down our assumptions about “smart students” or “my best student” or “my weakest student” and without students feeling like their teacher is invested in their success as an individual, differentiation is likely to have little impact. experiences, interests, and readiness, and then reacting But then they go to the phonics center, and they have gaps for phonics, they need to be moved to a different tiered assignment because they need more support in that area.

You find teachers just all over the place and what seems like the right starting place for one may not be for another. This will maximize their interest.

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