On the Turkmen side, shared taxis run between the border and Dashoguz: 5 manat (1$) is a good price. Beware that it can get very hot there in summer, and the border is a 3km walk out of town on the Tajik side. By public transport: from “Iran khodro taxi stoyanka in Mashad”, a shared taxi to the Artyk border costs 15 manat. There is lots of transport between these 2 cities. I visited this city twice and these were the two places where I stayed. There your passports are checked and you are put on a bus for another 30km to the border (10 manat). If you want to cross from China to Kyrgyzstan through the Irkeshtam pass, your next step will be going to Ulugqat, located 97km from Kashgar and 132km from the border. On the Turkmen side, it should be no problem to find a shared taxi heading to Mary, if you are on a transit visa. This map is schematic and only depicts the main border crossings of Kyrgyzstan. Click here to get your free quote from World Nomads. Open to foreigners according to the UN. Reported closed for tourists by the Brussels embassy in January 2018; we presume due to Taliban activity. Hence, I need to know some info if you know please let me know. At the station, you will have to buy your ticket at the counter. Land Border Crossings Myanmar - Thailand - India - China - Laos. There are direct flights from Zaranj to Kabul. thank you for sharing. Border opens 9-18. From Eritrea to Sudan, Syria, and Pakistan, Joan Torres has been traveling to some of the most off the beaten track destinations on Earth since 2014. A share taxi from the border/Loftabad to the nearest town of Dargaz should cost 80,000 rial. TM -> UZ: From the border, a taxi to Khiva can be had for $10 for the whole car, but you need to patience if you want to drive down the price. Typically, they all charge around $10, including breakfast and, if you are lucky, even dinner. It is a 4-seat taxi and it will leave once it is full. The train is pretty empty so no need to book in advance. Taxi drivers start at 30$ and are tough negotiators. All Inclusive Private Day Tour: Kashgar City Highlights and Animal Bazaar. Somebody lost an iPhone and another team lost $4000 cash. Slow: count 1-3 hours to clear the border. Opens at 8.30 am, closes at 6 pm. Uchkurgan All rights reserved. Re: Uzbelistan to Kyrgyz cross bording,interesting place? The travel forum is a particularly useful way of checking the current status of border crossings. Really this information is very useful and very helpful for those who are planning to have this tour in upcoming days or months. Overlanders can use the below map and list of country guides to decide on their Silk Road itinerary. By the way, the Kyrgyz immigration process is extremely quick . Once across the Afghan side, make sure you have an address ready in Farsi in case your taxi driver doesn’t know the hotel. Connecting Bukhara with Turkmenabat. If you are alone, don’t panic. The best option for mid-range travelers in Kashgar. Once you get your exit stamp, you will have to travel to the actual China-Kyrgyzstan border, which is located 130km from Ulugqat. He is also the author of Against the Compass, an alternative travel blog, quite different from the rest, which aims at HELPING and INSPIRING you to do the same, always in a responsible way, with no rush, showing you the human side of the story and, above all, in a safe manner. Tejen; Chernayevka; Uchkurgan; Dostyk; Konibodom (Patar) Oybek-Buston; Panjakent; Denau-Tursunzoda; Termez-Hairatan; Farap-Alat; Shavat-Dashoguz; Hojayli-Konye … Border crossings on the Silk Road have a tendency to close unexpectedly and be located on some snowy mountain pass. Karkara Valley 5. If not, I did all the journey by myself and I always met local Chinese to share the costs with. Wakhjir pass: At 4,923 m (16,152 ft), the only pass between Afghanistan and China is not an easy one. Take 3,5 hours for 180 km on the Turkmen side. Pakistan has said it wants to build 18 proper border crossings with Afghan­istan to regulate cross-border move­ment. You can buy water and some shitty food at the border. After going through an endless number of Chinese checkpoints, the taxi will drop you in no man’s land, from where you need to walk 500 meters until you see a Kyrgyz check post. Khorog – Shegnan: A bridge connects Tajikistan with Afghanistan here, also known as the Tem – Demogan bridge. I can unsubscribe any time using the unsubscribe link at the end of all emails. Hello! Reports and questions in the Gudurolum forum thread.

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