Hon Hai Precision Industry, znane jako Foxconn, jest największym na świecie producentem urządzeń elektronicznych, który wytwarza m.in. [176], The premier is selected by the president without the need for approval from the legislature, but the legislature can pass laws without regard for the president, as neither he nor the Premier wields veto power. Neighbouring countries include the People's Republic of China (PRC) to the northwest, Japan to the northeast, and the Philippines to the south. [55][56], Han Chinese fishermen began settling in the Penghu islands in the 13th century.

In 2016, Tsai Ing-wen of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) became President of Taiwan. Low income households maintain 100% premium coverage by the BNHI and co-pays are reduced for disabled or certain elderly people. Railways in Taiwan are primarily used for passenger services, with Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) operating a circular route and Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) running high speed services on the west coast. W 2018 emisja dwutlenku węgla pochodzenia kopalnego wyniosła 284,55 Mt, a w przeliczeniu na mieszkańca 12 t i w przeliczeniu na 1 dolar PKB 274 kg.

Although the ROC government continued to claim to be the legitimate representative of China, since 1950 its effective jurisdiction has been limited to Taiwan and numerous smaller islands. In his book he described an invasion by China as "the most difficult and bloody mission facing the Chinese military.". During this time, there were a number of conflicts between different ethnic groups of Han Chinese, Quanzhou Minnanese feuding with Zhangzhou and Hakkas peasants, and major clan fights between Minnans (Hoklos), Hakkas and aborigines too.

This legacy has resulted in executive powers currently being concentrated in the office of the president rather than the premier, even though the constitution does not explicitly state the extent of the president's executive power. Thus, in September 2007, the then ruling Democratic Progressive Party approved a resolution asserting separate identity from China and called for the enactment of a new constitution for a "normal country". [148], The United States remains one of the main allies of Taiwan and, through the Taiwan Relations Act passed in 1979, has continued selling arms and providing military training to the Armed Forces. It was not repealed until 38 years later, in 1987. This rapid economic growth, known as the Taiwan Miracle, was the result of a fiscal regime independent from mainland China and backed up, among others, by the support of US funds and demand for Taiwanese products. O podziale na Republikę Chińską i Chińską Republikę Ludową przeczytaj pod hasłem Chiny. Tę stronę ostatnio edytowano 23 wrz 2020, 09:09. [87], On 7 December 1949, after the loss of four capitals, Chiang evacuated his Nationalist government to Taiwan and made Taipei the temporary capital of the ROC (also called the "wartime capital" by Chiang Kai-shek). W rolnictwie dominuje chów trzody chlewnej, uprawia się też banany. "It will alienate some regional partners and the good will which China has been trying to build over the years will evaporate. "It's extremely unlikely that the invasion could come as a bolt from the blue," Kaushal added.

[102][103][104][105][106] From the late 1970s to the 1990s, however, Taiwan went through reforms and social changes that transformed it from an authoritarian state to a democracy.

Collin Koh Swee Lean, research fellow at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies' Maritime Security Program in Singapore, said there would also be "immense political consequences" from taking over Taiwan, in the event of a successful China invasion. 2020 is year 109 Minguo (民國109年).

There are several peaks over 3,500 m, the highest being Yu Shan at 3,952 m (12,966 ft), making Taiwan the world's fourth-highest island. In addition, the ROC government took to Taipei many national treasures and much of China's gold reserves and foreign currency reserves.[89][90][91].

sieć sklepów typu convenience 7-Eleven. Tour buses that travel around Taiwan have several TV's, equipped not for watching movies, but primarily for singing Karaoke.

[266][255] Taiwan's universities have also been under criticism for not being able to fully meet the requirements and demands of Taiwan's 21st century fast-moving job market citing a skills mismatch among a large number of self-assessed, overeducated university graduates that don't fit the demands of the modern Taiwanese labour market. [169] President Ma Ying-jeou stated that there will be no unification nor declaration of independence during his presidency. [278], 70% of the population belong to the Hoklo ethnic group and speak Hokkien natively in addition to Mandarin. [249], Because of its conservative financial approach and its entrepreneurial strengths, Taiwan suffered little compared with many of its neighbours in the 1997 Asian financial crisis. [189], Pan-Blue members generally support the concept of the One-China policy, which states that there is only one China and that its only government is the ROC. [7], The indigenous Taiwanese aborigines number about 533,600 and are divided into 16 groups. Lee's reforms included printing banknotes from the Central Bank rather than the Provincial Bank of Taiwan, and streamlining the Taiwan Provincial Government with most of its functions transferred to the Executive Yuan. The People's Republic of China (PRC) claims that the Republic of China government is illegitimate, referring to it as the "Taiwan Authority". Uni-President prowadzi na Tajwanie także m.in.
Historycznie istotną religią, w czasach kolonii japońskiej było shintō. [120] She was re-elected in 2020.

Oficjalnie rząd Republiki Chińskiej uznaje, że jest jedyną legalną władzą państwa chińskiego, obejmującego całość obszaru dzisiejszych Chin i Mongolii a także część Rosji (Tuwa) i Indii (Arunachal Pradesh), lecz wskutek zwycięstwa rebelii komunistycznej na kontynentalnej części Chin, musiał przenieść się „tymczasowo” ze swojej konstytucyjnej stolicy Nankin na wyspę Tajwan. [128][129] The ROC has its own currency, widely accepted passport, postage stamps, internet TLD, armed forces and constitution with an independently elected president. [210] A survey conducted in December 2009 showed that 62% of the respondents consider themselves as Taiwanese only, and 22% of the respondents consider themselves as both Taiwanese and Chinese. [177] The ROC remained under martial law from 1948 until 1987 and much of the constitution was not in effect. [131] Another survey, conducted in Taiwan in July 2009, showed that 82.8% of respondents consider the ROC and the PRC as two separate countries with each developing on its own.

[170], The Democratic Progressive Party, the largest Pan-Green party, officially seeks independence, but in practice also supports the status quo because its members and the public would not accept the risk of provoking the PRC. In 2008, Taiwan had 3,262 Churches, an increase of 145. Originally the unicameral National Assembly, as a standing constitutional convention and electoral college, held some parliamentary functions, but the National Assembly was abolished in 2005 with the power of constitutional amendments handed over to the Legislative Yuan and all eligible voters of the Republic via referendums. W 2017 roku kraj ten odwiedziło 10,740 mln turystów (5,3% więcej niż w roku poprzednim), generując dla niego przychody na poziomie 12,333 mld dolarów[10]. Taiwanren) w zależności od kontekstu może oznaczać przedstawiciela grupy Hoklo, benshengrena lub zwolennika niepodległości Tajwanu. Furthermore, cultural and linguistic conflicts between the two groups quickly led to the loss of popular support for the new government, while the mass movement led by the working committee of the Communist Party also aimed to bring down the Kuomintang government. The former favors eventual Chinese unification, while the latter favors Taiwanese independence. Foxconn jest jednym z największych pracodawców na świecie. [308] Taiwanese television shows are popular in Singapore, Malaysia, and other Asian countries. A national language in Taiwan is legally defined as "a natural language used by an original people group of Taiwan and the Taiwan Sign Language".

The Communists captured Hainan in 1950, captured the Dachen Islands and Yijiangshan Islands during the First Taiwan Strait Crisis in 1955 and defeated the ROC revolts in Northwest China in 1958. ", National Flag Anthem of the Republic of China, territories administered by the ROC (Free Area), overthrown and succeeded the Qing in 1911, evacuated his Nationalist government to Taiwan, United Nations General Assembly Resolution 2758, Additional Articles of the Constitution of the Republic of China, Act Governing Relations between the People of the Taiwan Area and the Mainland Area, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, Foreign relations of China § International territorial disputes, first meeting between high-ranking officials, Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Offices, Foreign relations of Taiwan § Relation with International organizations, Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization, Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission, Anti-Secession Law of the People's Republic of China, Australia, New Zealand, United States Security Treaty, Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Programme for International Student Assessment, Taiwan Province, People's Republic of China, "Since the implementation of the Act Governing Principles for Editing Geographical Educational Texts (地理敎科書編審原則) in 1997, the guiding principle for all maps in geographical textbooks was that Taipei was to be marked as the capital with a label stating: "Location of the Central Government, "Interior minister reaffirms Taipei is ROC's capital", "General Statistical analysis report, Population and Housing Census", "World Economic Outlook Database, October 2020", "Percentage share of disposable income by quintile groups of income recipients and measures of income distribution", "China's Next Crisis Brews in Taiwan's Upcoming Election", "IMF Advanced Economies List.

Taiwanese culture has also influenced other cultures. 1 in doubles with her partner Peng Shuai in 2014. One of Taiwan's greatest attractions is the National Palace Museum, which houses more than 650,000 pieces of Chinese bronze, jade, calligraphy, painting, and porcelain and is considered one of the greatest collections of Chinese art and objects in the world. It also called for general use of "Taiwan" as the country's name, without abolishing its formal name, the Republic of China. After suppressing Chinese guerrillas in the first decade of their rule, Japanese authorities engaged in a series of bloody campaigns against the mountain aboriginals, culminating in the Musha Incident of 1930. The government health insurance programme maintains compulsory insurance for citizens who are employed, impoverished, unemployed, or victims of natural disasters with fees that correlate to the individual and/or family income; it also maintains protection for non-citizens working in Taiwan. [324], Yani Tseng is the most famous Taiwanese professional golfer currently playing on the US-based LPGA Tour. [202][203][204] China has been accused of conducting hybrid warfare against Taiwan. upr. Civilian transport in Taiwan is characterised by extensive use of scooters. Troops would then have a long slog over Taiwan's western mudflats and mountains to reach the capital, Taipei. [176], The tension between mainland China and Taiwan shades most of political life since it is the official policy of the PRC to meet any Taiwanese government move towards "Taiwan independence" with a threat of invasion. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the ROC transitioned from a one-party military dictatorship to a multi-party democracy with a semi-presidential system. [67] Several subsequent rebellions against the Japanese (the Beipu uprising of 1907, the Tapani incident of 1915, and the Musha incident of 1930) were all unsuccessful but demonstrated opposition to Japanese colonial rule.

[126], The major seismic faults in Taiwan correspond to the various suture zones between the various terranes. In 1887, the Qing upgraded the island's administration from being the Taiwan Prefecture of Fujian Province to Fujian-Taiwan-Province, the twentieth in the empire, with its capital at Taipei. The tectonic boundary that formed these ranges is still active, and the island experiences many earthquakes, a few of them highly destructive. Estimated religious composition in 2020[281].

[115] Ma took office on 20 May 2008, the same day that President Chen Shui-bian stepped down and was notified by prosecutors of possible corruption charges. Wizy i paszporty są wydawane w Tajpej i są sygnowane jako „Konsul w Tokio II”. There is no trial by jury but the right to a fair public trial is protected by law and respected in practice; many cases are presided over by multiple judges. It isn't clear whether or not such an attack by China would spark an intervention by the United States on Taipei's behalf.

The trade surplus is substantial, and foreign reserves are the world's fifth largest.

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