The TEC Irons also are very light with perfectly place weights to keep the center of gravity more centered on impact for higher club head speeds and higher launch. COBRA’s Forged TEC Black irons deliver the precision of a tour iron and the playability desired by all. TEC is Cobra’s solution to shortening Technology Enhanced Cavity. As the lofts get higher, the difference between the two CG depths gets smaller until you hit the 7-iron, where the CG depths are the same. Designed using Ascending Mass Technology (AMT), each shaft increases by 3g in weight through the set for lighter, higher launching long iron shafts and heavier, short iron shafts that provide more control. Cobra says the Forged TEC Black is aimed at golfers ranging from scratch all the way up to a 15 handicap. Make sure to put the King Cobra Forged Tec on your list of clubs to try. The embedding process can only be done with carbon steel, and it functionally changes the surface hardness. KING Forged TEC Black Irons - Single Irons, Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Copyright 2020. “But there’s never been one that’s durable. Low and mid-range handicap players should really enjoy the controlled distance and forgiveness of the Forged Tec irons. We discussed this in detail in our story on the F8 irons, but the short version is ONE Length long irons are more upright, while the short irons and wedges are flatter. COBRA's adjustable utility iron fuses precision, speed, forgiveness and versatility in a sleek black PVD finish. They look sharp. Both iron sets are commonly being compared amongst buyers. Thank you for not vomiting out garbage every other month like the other brands. And you know how they say black is slimming? The ONE length looks very intriguing. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Hi Tom – thanks for the follow up. Cobra has announced the release of the new King Forged TEC irons in both standard and ONE length variations, promising to equip better players with distance and forgiveness in a classic-shape head. I would like to avoid 8 grams of lead tape which is why the previous generation was a non-starter for me. It helped I was hitting good drives, but based on my ARCCOS data, my iron play improved over this time too. Cobra have tried to offer the best of both world’s with the Forged Tec Black by still providing a crisp sound and feel but also adding a bit more speed and distance. The problem, however, is J15 isn’t compatible with DBM. Due to the adjustments to distance and stronger lofts I would not recommend to a newer player or someone who does not get out a lot. I feel like Cobra respects me as a consumer. Ive beat the breaks off the CB/MB combo set in the black finish over the last year and half. The App lets you know real time data for your game, how far you really hit the shot with the Smart Distance insight, best strategies tee to green and much more. Copyright © 2020 COBRA Golf, Inc. All rights reserved. They are relatively new so only time will tell. Know true distance averages for every club in your bag as well as your strengths and weaknesses so you can hit more greens and lower your scores. The biggest thing that I noticed was the stronger loft. “You’re trying to put a structure in there that dampens the sound and feel without slowing the ball down,” says Olsavsky. They will do well with the “non-traditional” look once more people realize what they are offering is the real deal. First, the ONE Length 3- to 7-iron heads feature a single tungsten weight running from heel to toe, while the same lofted variable length heads use a 4-gram heel weight and a 12-gram toe weight. My only affiliation with cobra is as follows, they took my money and in return delivered a very impressive product. While the cynic may say it’s merely an excuse for Golf Digest to give out more Gold Medals, it is a useful way to look at how different iron sets may fit into what your game needs. “The nice thing about black is it helps them look just a smidge smaller. I play 3-4 times a week and hit the range most the other days. Both irons sets will be in stores April 6th. You cannot believe how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE these irons. Cobra King Forged Tec Black Irons Revealed. SmacWrap technology damps vibrations for improved feel, while a new black ion plated finish delivers a premium look. Bravo!! Will be making a decision soon. This has to be one of the funniest comments I’ve ever read! Love the black finish and the “Cobra Connect” idea. Hit these in a fitting session with Titleist AP3’s and Callaway X Forged. That is a considerable amount a golf and I’d say a fair sample size. That is likely your web browser. It’s always a challenge.”. Low handicappers will appreciate how simple the iron looks while mid-range handicappers should feel confident they can hit the iron.

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